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What does ALICE Receptionist do? Watch these great videos and find out how ALICE is going to revolutionize your front desk or lobby!

Is the person on the ALICE screen a live person?

Yes, but there are also some pre-recorded video clips. For instance, in self-service mode a pre-recorded welcome message initially provides virtual reception to a visitor. After visitors are greeted by ALICE, they can contact a live employee or receptionist using the ALICE touch screen.

Who do visitors speak with?

Currently, the ALICE automated receptionist system is configured to connect visitors with your own employees. That means you can have a designated employee (receptionist) who manages all visitor interactions, or you can have visitors use the employee directory to connect directly with the person they are there to see.

My employees don’t want to show video of themselves, do they have to?

No, for customers who prefer to only have visitors speak with employees and not see employees using the two way video feature, we offer audio only and one way video communications.

Will the system work with my existing phone system?

Yes! ALICE Virtual Receptionist software can be configured to work for on-premises Voice Over IP (VoIP) phone systems, hosted VoIP phone systems and analog phone systems.

I have my own hardware, can I use that and just purchase the software?

Yes, some minimum hardware requirements need to be met, but you are welcome to provide your own hardware and simply purchase the ALICE Virtual Receptionist software.

Can I customize the pre-recorded video messages?

Yes, you can record your own, or use our Video Production partner to have professionally recorded videos created for your custom messages.

Can I customize the screen with my own company’s logo?

Yes, we provide the files for your art team to use to brand the screen with your company name and/or logo.

Can I have one person manage multiple directories?

Yes, your employee can connect to multiple directories to manage the automated virtual receptionist system at different locations within your building.

Can one person manage directories located in other buildings?

Yes, even if those buildings are in other parts of the country. ALICE Virtual Receptionist is no ordinary automated receptionist system—it is the most efficient and flexible Virtual Receptionist on the market!

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Step into the future with a virtual receptionist.

    Contact our sales team today: 888-914-8921

    Contact our sales team today:

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    $3,600 total savings 
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    $480 total savings
    $1,440 total savings
    $2,880 total savings
    $4,800 total savings
    Enterprise $499/mo $474/mo
    $600 total savings
    $1,800 total savings
    $3,600 total savings
    $6,000 total savings

    * Prices based on annual billing. Add $50/mo for monthly billing.
    ** Subscription price does not include hardware.
    *** All monthly payments shown are rounded to the nearest dollar amount.
    **** Paid in Full Discounts are available for customers who pay up front for multiple year subscriptions

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      Basic * $299/mo
      Premium * $399/mo
      Enterprise * $499/mo
      Company Directory
      Company Listing      
      Departments Listing      
      Employees Listing      
      Employee Photos      
      Audio Users 50  150  300 
      Video Users 15  30 
      Active Content – Web pages      
      Active Content – Widgets      
      Active Content – Videos      
      Active Content – Images      
      Interface – Configurable      
      Interface – Corporate Branding      
      Motion Detection – Greet visitors      
      Motion Detection – Call operator      
      Maps (static) Support      
      Two way video calls      
      One way video calls      
      Third party softphones support      
      Phones (Land & Mobile) calls      
      User presence      
      Cloud Communications Service      
      Call Forwarding      
      Place caller on hold      
      Ring Groups (10 max)      
      Connect multiple Directories      
      Skype for Business / Lync support      
      SIP based VoIP Phone systems      
      Microsoft Active Directory (LDAP)      
      Microsoft Azure (Office 365) Active Directory      
      Microsoft Office 365 Skype for Business      
      Microsoft on-prem Skype for Business or Lync Server      
      Visitor preview video      
      Remotely watch lobby      
      Usage details      
      Call details      
      Capture visitor images      
      **Visitor ID Scanning      
      **Visitor ID Verification      
      **Visitor Screening (database lookup)      
      US Consolidated Screening List      

      ** Additional fees apply for these services

      Visitor Management
      Pre-schedule visitors      
      Visitor check in / out      
      Visitor badge printing (with photo)      
      Employee notification via (SMS) or (Email)      
      Induction documents      
      Induction documents expiration dates      
      Induction document signatures      
      Induction videos      
      Custom check-in fields      
      Capture visitor photo      
      Group check in / out      
      Fast Track check in / out for frequent visitors      
      Office 365 calendar integration      
      Outlooks calendar integration      
      Google calendar integration      
      Events listing      
      Events details      
      ALICE video languages choose  1 choose  4 all languages 
      English – US (choose from 4 personalities)      
      English – Australian (Natalie)      
      Chinese – Mandarin (Victoria)      
      Dutch (Cathy)      
      French (Shannon)      
      German (Hannah)      
      Japanese (Yukako)      
      Portuguese (Carla)      
      Spanish – Mexican (Veronica)      
      Cloud Administration Portal      
      Local Administration application      
      Active Directory integration      
      Cloud content storage      
      Local content storage      
      Software updates      
      Email Support      
      Remote Support      
      Live Support – Mon – Fri 7am-5pm PST      
      Learn More about ALICE Receptionist Trial Options

      Step into the future with a virtual receptionist.

        Contact our sales team today: 888-914-8921

        Contact our sales team today:

        * price based on 1 year term. Discounted pricing is available for 2 – 5 year terms 
        ** Additional fees apply for these services