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Visitor Management
Pre-schedule visitors      
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Custom check-in fields      
Capture visitor photo      
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Visitors can check-in using ALICE Receptionist as soon as they arrive. Once checked-in a visitor badge is printed and notifications are sent to employees to alert them of the visitors arrival. Key Visitor Management features include:

Guest Scheduling • Self Check-in • Health Screening • Fast Track Check-in
• Verification • Notification • Induction • Badges

Guest Scheduling

ALICE Receptionist offers a number of options for pre-scheduling guests and groups of guests for faster check-in when they arrive at your building.

Scheduling a guest
To schedule a guest, simply send a calendar invite from MS Outlook or Google Calendar and .cc the ALICE Receptionist email account. You can also upload an entire list of guests using the .csv import feature. When using the .csv import, groups can also be defined in order to enable a group check-in once the group arrives. 

Guest Confirmation
ALICE sends email confirmations to your guests along with a unique code they can use to pre-fill their personal information before they check-in.

Guest List Import
Import a bulk list of guests for check-in at a future date. You can also specify which guest belongs to a group to enable group check-in. Guests who are scheduled will receive a system generated invite email from the ALICE system which includes a check-in code for Fast Track check-in when they arrive.


Visitor Self-Check In

Guests who do not have a scheduled appointment can use the onscreen keyboard or scan a drivers license to complete the registration process.

Guest Information
ALICE collects information including Name, Organization and Contact number for each guest.

ID Scanning
ALICE can scan guest drivers licenses to collect and verify the identity of the guest.

ALICE allows companies to define custom fields to collect information from guests as part of the check-in process. Fields such as Citizenship, Email Address, and Phone Number are a few common examples.

Visitor Badges
ALICE prints self-adhesive visitors badges for each guest.

ALICE provides on-demand reporting on guest activity data.

Health & Wellness Screening

Our automated temperature checks and face mask verification features help companies implement COVID-19 related guest check-in and visitor registration processes.

Face Mask Verification
ALICE will verify that visitors are wearing a face mask during the check-in processes. If they are not wearing a face mask, ALICE will inform them one is required to enter the building.

Temperature Check
With Temperature Check, ALICE utilizes its thermal camera to scan the visitors and determine their body temperature. If the temperature exceeds the configurable acceptable temperature range, they will be informed they can not complete the check-in process due to an elevated body temperature.

Health Questionnaires
ALICE can present a list of health and wellness questions to the visitors during the check-in process.


Fast Track Check-In

Faster check-in for Registered Visitors, Return Guests, Scheduled Guests and Groups.

Registered Visitors
Registered visitors can Fast Track check-in by simply scanning a QR code or typing in their visitor code, provided from the ALICE system.

Group Check-In
Groups who are checking in together can use a group code to have one individual check-in for the entire group.

Scheduled Guests
Guest who have been pre-scheduled can Fast Track check-in using the appointment code generated by ALICE and delivered to them via email before their visit.

Guest Photo
ALICE can collect a photo of the guest as they check-in. The guest photo is included on the visitor badge when printed.

Visitor Verification

Verify guests and visitors and alert designated employees when guests are matched against screening databases during check-in.

ID Scanning
With the ID Scanning feature, ALICE is able to scan a guest’s government ID (lrivers license). ALICE can validate the ID and use the information collected to fill in the check-in form.

Visitor Screening
With the Visitor Screening feature, ALICE can screen visitors against the US Consolidated Screening list and prevent them from completing a self-check in while alerting a designated employee that a visitor was found on the consolidated screening list.


Employee Notifications

ALICE notifies employees when visitors arrive, check in or use the employee directory to call employees.

Text/Email Notifications
When guests check in, ALICE notifies employees by either a mobile text message or email.

Live Video/Audio Call Notifications
When visitors use the Employee Directory, they can call an employee. Employees can receive a video calls on their PC or a phone call to their desk or mobile phone.

Induction Documents

Verify guests and visitors and alert designated employees when guests are matched against screening databases during check-in.

Induction documents can be any .PDF form that your organization may need visitors to review during the check-in process. If desired, a signature can be required.

Induction videos are useful for organization who need to present safety information or other types of video content before visitors is allowed in the building.

Acknowledgment valid till
Both induction documents and videos can be assigned a period for which the visitors acknowledgment is valid. If set, Alice will not present the induction document or video to the returning visitor again until the valid date has expired. Acknowledgment valid periods can be set for weeks, months and years.


Visitor Badges

Visitor Badges are printed for each successful visitor check-in.

Visitor Badges
When a guests completes the check in process, ALICE will print a visitor badge with adhesive backing. The visitor badge can include information such as:

  • Photo
  • Name
  • Organization
  • US Citizen status
  • Checked-in date & time

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