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According to some Salesforce research, 86% of employees believe that bad communication is one of the main causes of all workplace failures.

However, there are ways to minimize this lapse in communication, especially in a manufacturing business.

Keep reading to learn how a business communication solution can help improve your company’s communication and benefit your business overall.

What Is a Business Communication Solution?

A business communication solution is important in any business, but even more so for manufacturing. This solution is typically technology that will help make your communication more efficient.

You’re likely using a communication system already, but using new technology can help automate and streamline it all.

Why Is This Solution Important?

When working in manufacturing, having good business communication with remote clients and teams is even more important. While you likely have some people working at desks, they’ll need to communicate with everyone who’s not always at their desk. This communication ultimately helps the business run.

Your internal communication is important to running your business, but there are many challenges that break down communication. If this is happening, getting a manufacturing business solution can help.

Once you have this type of solution, you’ll be able to have all these employees communicate seamlessly with each other:

•    Secretaries
•    Engineers
•    Technicians
•    Supervisors
•    Inspectors
•    Technical experts
•    Managers
•    Logistic agents
•    Salespeople

All of them will need to communicate with each other to convey important business information, but it might be harder to reach an engineer or a salesperson who is out on the job.

Some businesses will rely on managers for their business communications, but this can be a faulty system if you have bad managers or the managers are too busy to relay important information.

Secretaries and office workers will also need to be able to communicate with clients and customers to maintain these relationships. Without a good system to communicate, it’ll be harder to gain more customers and boost profits.

How to Implement Good Business Communication

One of the first steps you’ll need to take is to give your employees the tools and technology they need to have good communication skills. Take some time to ensure all employees know how to effectively communicate with or use any of the communication tools that you provide.

If you don’t have time to train all of your current employees, at least incorporate this training for your new employees during their onboarding. Effective communication is even more important during the training phase, so make sure that everyone makes this a priority.

Lastly, you want to ensure that people regularly have team meetings. This is a good chance to go over where communication is breaking down, give everyone a chance to catch up on what they missed, and allow people to ask questions about the new communication solutions.

Benefits of These Solutions

There are many benefits of using these types of communications, especially if you have remote teams. These benefits make it worth investing in this type of solution to keep your business running smoothly.

Use What You Have

With the right technology solution, you’ll be able to use the screens of computers, tablets, and phones that you already have. You won’t have to invest in any new devices or collateral, like signs and posters.

You can always search for a solution that is compatible with the devices and technology you currently have.

Communicate Lockdowns

When working in manufacturing, there could be times when the environment becomes hazardous or dangerous. If this happens, you need to notify all employees immediately.

With the right solution, you can send notifications to mobile phones or screens that everyone will see instead of relying on people telling each other. You can even request that employees acknowledge that they saw the notification on their phones so you can keep all your employees safe.

Even if there isn’t something dangerous in your warehouse or factory, there could still be other environmental factors that are dangerous. For example, if there is a large storm, active shooter, fire, or any other dangerous hazard, you can quickly let all of your employees know.

You can notify them of the emergency in seconds, which improves their reaction time and raises the chance that all of your employees will be able to get themselves to safety.

Provide Great Customer Service

One of the most important aspects of running your business is providing great customer service so that your customers keep coming back.

This solution helps by providing you with all the important information you need to know about a client to provide them with a personalized experience. Some solutions will also give you easier channels to communicate with customers, such as a live chat system.

How to Find the Right Solution

Finding the right solution for your business might be challenging because your business is unique, and some solutions are not one-size-fits-all.

There are some factors you may want to take into consideration when deciding which provider to go with:

•    Size of your company
•    Security and Compliance
•    Reliability
•    Cost-effectiveness
•    Scalability
•    Customer support
•    Current technology
•    Where communication breaks down
•    Type of company (finding a provider that specializes in manufacturing can help)

Before you sign up for any of the providers, ask if you can see a demo of their solution. Take some time to ensure that this will be the right fit for your company.

Find a Business Communication Solution Today

These are some of the benefits of using a business communication solution for your manufacturing business, but you’ll only enjoy these benefits if you choose the right provider.

Thankfully, we’re here to help, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for the right one.

Contact us today to learn about how our solutions can improve your business communication!

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