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6 Factors to Consider When Choosing Visitor Management Systems

58 percent of the global population spends one-third of their adult life at work. Further, the American population has a life...

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How an Automated Lobby Management System Can Support Social Distancing

Alice Receptionist Automated Lobby Management System

In the era of the coronavirus, businesses will need to rethink how exactly they interface with the general public, suppliers,...

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Contactless Options for ALICE Receptionist Touchscreens

As a result of COVID-19 coronavirus, businesses using ALICE Receptionist for visitor management may have concerns over direct contact with...

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During COVID-19, Understanding Max Occupancy Is Essential

During COVID-19 Understanding Max Occupancy Is Essential Alice Receptionist

The spread of COVID-19 has fundamentally changed how much of the world works, and businesses are trying to catch up....

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5 Ways a Visitor Management System Can Benefit Your Business

Alice Receptionist Visitor Management Solutions

Managing an office complex, or anywhere else with reception can be exhausting work. Some of the real challenges of the...

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What Exactly Is a Visitor Management System?

How easy is it for you to track how many visitors you have at your company each day? Does it...

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How to Streamline Customer Service with a Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist

Customers matter. You might have the most skilled staff on your team. You might even have a highly sought-after location....

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