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Health & Safety Visitor Screening

Self-service virtual receptionist addressing check-in & COVID-19 concerns

  • Temperature Checks
  • Face Mask Checks
  • Check-In Forms
  • Visitor Badges

For 10 years, ALICE Receptionist has provided full-service Visitor Management solutions to greet, screen and check-in visitor to office buildings around the globe. Now ALICE Receptionist introduces COVID-19 Health & Safety features to help companies also maintain a healthy and safe work environment for employees and guests.

  • Self-Service kiosk greets visitors as they arrive
  • Visitors can be screened to verify face mask covering
  • Visitors can be screened to verify normal body temperature levels
  • Visitors can be required to answer heath questionnaires during the check-in
  • ALICE alerts employees when exceptions occur during visitor check-ins
  • Visitor can engage in live video communications with employees if additional assistance is required
  • Visitors who fail the screening process can be instructed on company policy and procedures they will need to follow (customizable)
  • Visitors who pass the screening process can be printed visitor badges
  • ALICE Receptionist Health & Safety edition enables companies to implement a full-service visitor screening process without allocating company personal to administrate it.

Alice Receptionist

Beyond COVID-19

When COVID-19 does subside, only ALICE Receptionist can ensure the investment you make in Health and Safety measures today, continue to add value to your organization long after temperature checks and face mask detection become unnecessary. That’s because only ALICE Receptionist comes standard with these features:

Visitor Management
  • Greet Visitors (activated by motion)
  • Visitor induction screens
  • Visitor Check In / Check Out
  • Employee notification of visitors arrival
  • Visitor Badges
  • Visitor instructions
  • Video communications with visitors
  • Capture images of visitors
  • Streaming live video
  • Visitor Reports
  • Active visitor reports (list of who is currently in the building in an emergency event)
Interactive Information
  • Events Calendar for the building
  • Maps, Videos, Images
  • Interactive web pages
  • Custom HTML pages
Visitor & Employee Communications
  • Connect visitors and employees with 2-way or 1-way video communications
  • Integration available with all major VoIP SIP enabled phone systems (Cisco, Avaya, etc.)
  • Integration with Microsoft Skype for Business and Microsoft Lync

ALICE Receptionist is the best visitor management solution for helping to ensure a safe and healthy work environment during these COVID-19 times, and long after when office conditions return to normal.

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What happens if a visitor registers a high temperature or tries to check-in without a mask?

If the system detects a high temperature or no mask on a visitor, it will prevent them from completing the check-in process and notify the admin of the system. The visitor will need to contact their host and re-schedule their appointment.

If I find out a visitor or staff member reports an illness, how can I use ALICE to facilitate contact tracing?

The ALICE system can keep visitor records during the check-in process, collecting visitor information such as their name, contact information, host, reason for visit and check-in/out times. You can review these records at any time, including active and past visitors.

Can I use thermal scanning on my existing ALICE system?

Thermal Camera options are available for ELO-branded Nye / Esmeralda units as well as 02-series 32, 43 and 55in desktop, wall mount and kiosk units. If you’re uncertain of your team’s model, please contact your sales representative or e-mail [email protected].

Can I use our current Thermal Camera with the ALICE Receptionist PC?

ALICE Thermal and Mask Detection currently supports ELO’s Temperature Sensor Pro. Other options haven’t been announced at this time.

How do I protect my visitors from surface-based infections?

ALICE offers motion-activated disposable stylus dispensers that can sit alongside the ALICE PC options that allows users to interact with the system without touching the surface.

Can ALICE track employee temperatures?

Temperature Scanning is a part of the Visitor Check-In process of the system, so it is a visitor oriented process. Employees can check-in as a visitor and have their temperature scanned.

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