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ADT and Clery Center University Security Survey Shows More than 82% of American College Students are Concerned About Their Personal Safety, with 51% Saying They Are Very or Extremely Concerned

ALICE Receptionist’s Visitor Management Solution Provides Secondary, Trade, and Specialist Schools:

  • Improved Staff and Student Security
  • Technology Tools to More Efficiently Sell Your University to Touring Domestic and International Students
  • Enhanced and Automated Student Services
  • An Impressive High-Tech Visitor Experience for Great First Impressions
  • An Effective Promotion of University Achievements Through Amazing Video Stories

ALICE Receptionist’s Expertise in the Education Sector

We know that schools, universities, and other educational facilities have particular needs that are different from typical organizations. In addition to providing the best education in the world and growing students intellectually, physical and mental safety is vital for a welcoming environment.

Meeting these needs builds strong relationships with prospective and existing students while putting parents at ease, knowing they’re making the right choice for their child’s safety and education.

Improved Security

Today’s campus security issues are significant. New and returning college students are coming to university campuses with a “new normal” in mind. Recent research from ADT and Clery Center reports more than 82% of college students feel concerned about their safety. More than half also say they are very or extremely concerned.

What Makes Students Feel Unsafe?

82% say being in an unfamiliar area
78% say interacting with strangers
74% say walking home in the dark
65% say leaving a bar/party alone

Despite these concerns, student-driven initiates aren’t the answer. Only 17% of students utilize security escorts, and even less (13%) participate in campus crime prevention programs.

There’s a growing need for implementing greater personal safety solutions on campus, but hiring more campus security guards is expensive and inefficient. Each can only monitor one area at a time, requires onboarding training, and have other costs on top of their ongoing salary.

Safety buttonALICE Receptionist is focused on generating greater student security by strategically placing interactive safety kiosks equipped with features like emergency contact buttons that call campus police. This ensures students feel comfortable as they go about their day. If staff or students notice an issue, like alcohol abuse, discrimination, violence, and fighting, they can utilize the kiosk to contact campus security.

Security officers also need to assess potential risks proactively. ALICE Receptionist can screen against the US Consolidated Watch List or a private list. This flags individuals so your team can pre-identify high-risk visitors. Campus security can be notified and take the required steps to prevent access to key buildings or escalate their security practices before letting the visitor check-in.

These precautionary steps help students and faculty stay safer while building an appreciation for the campus environment and a commitment to supporting the campus’ culture and policies.

ALICE Receptionist’s features also save your school money, with an investment in a kiosk achieving 100% ROI in the first 60 days versus a full-time guard. In five years, the total savings amount to over $192,000.

Improved Student Services

Student services cover a broad range of needs, from serving new prospective students and their parents to the everyday requests from your existing student base. While all are important, services are not equal in terms of complexity. Many can be automated or consolidated when utilizing ALICE Receptionist. Not only does this save your team time, it also provides a high-tech and forward-thinking image that will impress new students and their parents.

With ALICE Receptionist’s interactive kiosk, there is a wide range of options:

  • Show campus announcements to inform students of school updates, deadlines, and safety information
  • Automate student and visitor check-ins that notify their host of their arrival
  • Provide a building map to assist students, parents, and other visitors with navigating the campus
  • Display a school calendar for upcoming events such as sports, speakers, concerts, and theater productions

The ALICE Receptionist kiosk can also be a connection point between buildings and other campuses. Listing department and staff directories on the system allows for remote two-way video and audio calls between students and staff members. There’s no need to have a physical person as department representation at different campuses or have the student physically go to the department office to talk to someone face to face.

ALICE Receptionist achieves over 100% ROI in the first 60 days of installation versus a full-time staff member. Over five years, in total, $192,000 is saved.

Increased Student Enrollment and University Revenue

Attracting, contacting, and following up with students and their parents is essential to ensure they know your school is the right choice for them. ALICE Receptionist can play a variety of roles in student recruitment.

Impress students and their parents with virtual university tours. Up to nine language options can be made available, so families will feel welcome. With a simple touch of a flag, ALICE Receptionist will welcome touring students and families as well as provide them with university information in their native language. This is a huge value add, as it makes initial interactions with families more welcoming starting with their first language.

ALICE Receptionist Offers These Language Out of the Box

French (Canadian)
Chinese (Mandarin)

Capture Freshmen and Transfer Student Contact Information

When prospective students arrive, you can capture information about them during the check-in process or collect survey responses. Reports let your team pull this information for future correspondence. Review when they visited, who they saw, their contact information, and their survey responses.

Student Recruitment

ALICE Receptionist can highlight your school’s success stories and offerings. Testimonials from school alumni and student achievements can show your student success track record. Slide shows or overviews of campus dorms, facilities, and past events can help visually communicate your school’s appeal and strengths. Off-campus attractions can also be listed with links to the best local eateries, entertainment, or other amenities.

Building student excitement and providing an excellent first impression is essential. An interactive kiosk guarantees a friendly interaction through its virtual avatar and presents your school with a high-tech and forward-thinking image for students and parents.

Peace of Mind for Parents

For parents, making sure their students are in the right hands in terms of safety and well-being is just as important as making sure they provide their child a proper education. ALICE Receptionist’s safety features give parents peace of mind from the beginning, welcoming guests and communicating the safety precautions the kiosks offer.

ALICE Receptionist can highlight how emergency call buttons can be used to help make sure their children stay connected with security services, even if they have their phone is dead, damaged, or stolen. Or it can inform parents how the system screens for high-risk individuals using security and health screening options.

ALICE Receptionist Has Been Successfully Installed in Education Facilities in These States and Countries

USA map

ALICE Receptionist Is Also Installed in Education Facilities Outside of the United States


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What is the best hardware for my school?

Each hardware option has its benefits and best place of implementation:

  • The eye-catching floor-standing Lincoln kiosk draws the users’ attention in public spaces, secures components, and has a handset option for privacy
  • The sleek Clark wall-mounted system and flexible Lander desktop system work well in student service offices and other office lobbies thanks to a small footprint and sleek design

What are the top 3 reasons why schools invest in visitor management software?


ALICE Receptionist keeps students and faculty safe with the following features:

  • Emergency Call Button – Connects students or faculty directly with campus police for any dangerous situation or unforeseen injury. This extends the campus police’s reach through a technology solution that instantly connects them with individuals.
  • Remote interactions – With ALICE Receptionist, staff and teachers can be stationed behind locked doors or at remote locations while assisting students or parents at the ALICE kiosk. The kiosk can be placed in faculty office lobbies or public areas. Visitors can call staff or faculty from the kiosk to initiate two-way video or audio-only calls. Video calls through ALICE Receptionist allow agents to offer face-to-face help without physical exposure.
  • Visitor screening – All students, parents, and visitors can be screened in real-time using the ALICE Receptionist system. Screening can include any or all the following:

    • Checks against the US Consolidated Watch List
    • Checks against a customizable private watch list
    • Health screenings
    • Elevated body temperature checks
    • Face mask detection and verifications
    • Covid and other health questionnaires


In addition to helping schools and universities increase staff productivity and engagement with students and parents, ALICE Receptionist saves money by:

  • Reducing the need for full-time staff members to answer repetitive questions or perform mundane tasks
  • Providing an annual subscription service that is significantly cheaper year-over-year than hiring a full-time individual, greatly reducing campus police and student services expenses
  • Achieving a 100% ROI, at a tenth the cost of a full-time employee, in under 60 days
  • Providing over $192,000 in savings in the first five years


ALICE Receptionist ensures each visitor follows the standardized visitor policies established by your school or educational facility, allowing consistent reporting on visitors’ details and activities. This meets your needs through:

  • Customizable check-in process – Create custom check-in processes that can require student contact information, government-issued identification, and other options
  • Historical visitor reports – Review past visitors and create reports on collected information, such as their contact information, host, check-in / out times, or other custom details

What services does ALICE provide?

ALICE Receptionist is a secure, state-of-the-art visitor management software for hundreds of schools, government agencies, and private companies, providing:

  • Information desk replacement services
  • Two-way video and audio calls between visitors and faculty staff using the ALICE Receptionist kiosk
  • Visitor document signing, inductions, check-in forms, and surveys
  • Visitor ID screening and badging
  • Visitor health and safety screenings

Any more reasons why schools invest in ALICE Receptionist?

Additional benefits include:

  • Supports content and visitor instructions in multiple languages
  • Provides an effective, consistent, reliable, and always-on technology that greets every student, parent, or other visitors
  • Notifies teachers, departments, and faculty staff when visitors check-in
  • Contacts faculty staff for deliveries, such as FedEx, UPS, food deliveries, or packages that require signatures
  • Registers and validates all visits to departments or faculty offices
  • Provides student and visitor check-in reports for data analytics
  • Gives visitors an interactive and high-tech experience
  • Provides brandable and configurable software
  • Provides a predictable and reliable visitor experience, with no days off disrupting operations

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