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Visitor Management System for Government

A consistent, secure, and compliant visitor management solution for your building

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When visitors enter your government building, let a proactive, positive, and professional virtual receptionist welcome them.

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Visitor Management Systems for Government or Public Sector Buildings

Municipal Buildings

Federal District Buildings

Police Departments

International Consulates

Court Houses

Chamber of Commerce Buildings

Enhance Your Office’s Safety & Security

With kiosks placed in strategic locations, your employees can provide face-to-face assistance to guests from the safety of their desks. Plus, you can keep your sensitive information protected and ensure your environment is secure by conducting comprehensive visitor screening at check-in, including checks against the US Consolidated watch list, customizable private watch lists, and health screenings.

Maximize Compliance & Ensure Complete Control

Ensure each visitor follows the standardized visitor policies established by your organization and ensure consistent reporting on visitors’ details and activities. You’ll have customizable check-in processes where you can require specific information, legal documents, and agreements to keep your government interests protected.

“25 ALICE kiosks were deployed to 10 county court buildings in a phased approach over an 18-month period. In the first 12 months, these kiosks recorded over 94,000 juror check-ins, resulting in an 80% reduction in check-ins requiring a courthouse employee.”

Reduce Your Staffing & Resource Costs

With an interactive lobby kiosk, you can automate traditional roles such as receptionists and security personnel, allowing these positions to be streamlined or eliminated. You’ll experience substantial savings on staffing budgets and ensure your government office’s fiscal responsibilities are met.

Boost Your Team's Efficiency

Enhance your employee productivity through automation and improved resource allocation. By automating visitor greetings, screenings, and check-ins, ALICE Receptionist frees up staff previously assigned to these tasks, allowing them to focus on other responsibilities.


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All The Visitor & Lobby Management Support You Need

Virtual Receptionist

ALICE uses motion detection to detect when visitors arrive, welcomes visitors with your organization’s custom greeting, and connects visitors with the right employee via audio or video call.

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Visitor Management

ALICE facilitates the visitor sign-in process, conducts any necessary visitor screening and ID verification, prints visitor badges, and sends instant notifications to alert employees of a visitor’s arrival.

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Interactive Information

ALICE kiosks have touchscreens that visitors can use to interact with different visitor information, such as maps, directories, calendars, websites, and more.

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Essential Features for Secure & Compliant Visitor Management

Guest Scheduling

Streamline your guest management process by scheduling visits, confirming attendance, and ensuring a smooth check-in process.

Self Check-In

Allow visitors to self-register using an onscreen keyboard or scanning a driver's license.

Health Screening

Implement health and safety protocols with automated temperature checks, face mask verification, and health questionnaires.

Fast Track Check-In

Enable swift visitor check-in processes for registered, returning, and scheduled visitors through Fast Track features like QR code scanning and appointment code usage.

Security Screening

Verify guests and alert designated employees when guests are matched against screening databases during check-in.

Employee Notifications

Notify employees of visitor arrival and check-in, or use the employee directory to call employees.

Induction Documents

Automate compliance documentation processes during check-in.


Print badges for guests with all relevant visitor information once they have successfully checked in.

Case Study

Jitasa Improves Efficiency with a User-Friendly and Dynamic Way to Manage Their Lobby


Why ALICE Receptionist for Your Government Visitor Management System?

A Proven Track Record in Visitor Management

Established in 2010, ALICE Receptionist has built a solid reputation for providing public sector and government visitor management systems. We’re continuously evolving our products and services to meet public sector and government organizations’ resource, security, and compliance needs.

A Predictable & Reliable Partner

ALICE Receptionist understands the importance of structured and deliberate procurement processes in government agencies and public-sector organizations. As a dependable visitor management solutions provider, we build robust relationships within the government and public sector markets.

Successful Methodical Deployment

ALICE Receptionist is committed to excellence in visitor management systems delivery and deployment. Our systems are fully operational upon delivery and installation, and each subscription includes comprehensive support and fulfillment. We’re committed to transparent, frequent customer communication to streamline deployment and reduce confusion, delays, and errors.

Offering a Multi-Year Customer & Vendor Plan

ALICE Receptionist recognizes that government and public sector buyers usually don’t have research and development or test-and-learn budgets. Our visitor management software aligns with approved budgets and vendor expectations, offering a clear value proposition for customers in the government or public sector seeking proven ROI and long-term rollout plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best visitor management hardware for my government or public sector building?

When considering visitor management hardware for your government or public sector buildings, it’s essential to prioritize security, compliance, and user-friendliness. Look for hardware that offers robust features such as secure check-in processes, identity verification, and integration with internal or government databases for background checks.

At ALICE Receptionist, we offer visitor management hardware that meets all the needs of government agencies and public sector organizations, including:

All models include high-grade touch monitors for 24/7 operation and high-volume traffic.

What visitor management products does ALICE Receptionist provide?

ALICE Receptionist is a secure, state-of-the-art visitor management system for hundreds of government agencies, providing:

  • Information desk replacement services
  • Two-way video and audio calls between visitors using the ALICE kiosk and employees
  • Visitor document signing, inductions, check-in forms, and surveys
  • Visitor ID screening and badging
  • Visitor health and safety screenings
  • And more!

Why should government agencies and public sector companies invest in visitor management software?

Visitor management systems offer many benefits for government and public-sector organizations, including:

  • Providing the flexibility of visitor management processes with configurable software
  • Providing an effective, consistent, reliable, and predictable lobby experience, with always-on technology that greets every visitor with no days off disrupting the visitor experience
  • Giving visitors an interactive and high-tech experience and information, such as interactive building maps and departmental information
  • Offering content and visitor instructions in multiple languages
  • Notifying employees when visitors check-in
  • Notifying office staff of deliveries, such as FedEx, UPS, food deliveries, or packages that require signatures
  • Registering and validating all visits to the building or office
  • Providing visitor data and reports for analytics

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