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Leading Manufacturing Companies Are Implementing Artificial Intelligence Communication Kiosks to Better Manage Their Company Lobbies

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ALICE Receptionist is a subject matter expert in visitor management solutions for the Manufacturing Industry.

  • ALICE Receptionist has been selling to the manufacturing industry for 12 years.
  • ALICE Receptionist has manufacturing customers in 21 States across the US.
  • ALICE Receptionist has more private sector customers in Manufacturing than any other industry.
  • Industry competitors are 3-5 years behind ALICE Receptionist in lobby technology.

ALICE Receptionist’s Manufacturing Customers Span 21 of the 50 United States

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What Are These Manufacturers Saying about their ALICE Experience?

  • 90% stated they “loved” the product.
  • 90% said that the ALICE Receptionist product enabled productivity.
  • 90% found ALICE Receptionist to be reliable.
  • 89% plan to renew their subscription.

73% of Manufacturing Executives Interviewed Stated That Experienced At Least One of These Issues:

  • That their manufacturing company could not keep a lobby receptionist for one year.
  • That turnover, advertising, hiring, and retraining were very costly.
  • Getting an engaged, professional, and consistent lobby receptionist was almost impossible.
  • They had a “great lobby receptionist” of 5+ years. Since that lobby receptionist left, they couldn’t find a suitable replacement.
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Watch Our Five Short Manufacturing Industry Videos - Great Content!

See how ALICE Receptionist meets the demands of the visitor management space

These information-packed videos were specifically created for Manufacturing Executives (Operations, Facility, Information Technology). These videos will answer:

  • What are the manufacturing industry challenges?
  • Why are manufacturers investing in interactive lobby technology?
  • What are the top technology benefits?
  • How can this lobby investment give your company a competitive advantage?
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ALICE Receptionist knows that a manufacturer’s lobby is an essential representation of their company brand.

An appealing, functional, and easy-to-use interactive check-in kiosk is necessary to maintain that image. Our interactive lobby kiosk solution will offer your manufacturing company a personal and immediate solution to managing the visitor flow in your offices and satellite locations.

Current ALICE Receptionist customers state that ALICE Receptionist’s kiosk, wall-mounted, and desktop systems…

  • Adds an aura of professionalism and elegance to their lobby.
  • Impresses clients with large eye-catching displays and instantly draws visitors’ attention.
  • Gives visitors a great first impression with quick service, a friendly automated assistant, and a high-tech experience.
  • Are the only “enterprise software vendor” within the industry and are the “Gold Standard” within the visitor management vertical.
  • Deliver state-of-the-art lobby technology.
  • Fortune 500 Lobby for the fraction of the cost of a live receptionist.
    Fortune 500
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Our interactive lobby kiosk solution will offer your manufacturing company a personal and immediate solution to managing the visitor flow in your offices. Our solution will reduce costs while enhancing your services rather than compromising them.

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The State of the Manufacturing Industry

In 2021 a State of Manufacturing Report surveyed 230 senior manufacturing decision-makers.

Key Findings:

  • 68% say that increasing supply chain resilience and agility is a top business priority.
  • 91% increased digital transformation investments in the past year.
  • 94% are concerned about their current supply chains.
  • 95% say the pandemic has had long-term effects on their business.

The main goal for manufacturing companies is to eliminate the risks they experienced during the pandemic.

As remote working becomes the new norm, manufacturing arrangements have been impacted. 81% of executives say remote work has positively affected their attitude towards flexible manufacturing arrangements. Alongside this trend is the shift towards digital materials, with 95% agreeing that digital transformation in manufacturing is essential to their company’s future success.

FAQ blocks

These are the primary questions that manufacturing industry executives have asked our business development team.

Investment & ROI Questions

What are the Employment & Financial Benefits of an Interactive Lobby Kiosk Solution versus a live-lobby receptionist?

Robot hand

Financial Benefits

  • Financial Benefit One / Eliminate an Annual Salary: The average salary of a lobby receptionist is $35,000-$49,000.
  • Financial Benefit Two / Eliminate Healthcare and Benefit Costs: No more healthcare and benefits costs. According to HR consultancy Willis Towers Watson’s Best Practices in Health Care Survey, as reported by SHRM, the average annual premium cost for an employee in 2021 for employer-sponsored health coverage was $3,331.
  • Financial Benefit Three / ROI: Did you know that on average, replacing a lobby receptionist with an ALICE Interactive lobby receptionist will save your manufacturing company $192,000 or more during the first five years?
  • Financial Benefit Four / No More Unemployment Costs: Just think, no more unemployment claims made by a real lobby receptionist.
    + The Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) tax is imposed at a flat rate on the first $7,000 paid to each employee.
    + The current FUTA tax rate is 6%, but most states receive a 5.4% “credit,” reducing that to 0.6%. There is no action an employer can take to affect this rate.
  • Financial Benefit Five / No More Turnover Costs: The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reported that, on average, it costs a manufacturing company 6 to 9 months of an employee’s salary to replace them. For a real lobby receptionist, that’s typically over $26,000.
  • Financial Benefit Six / No More Loss of Productivity Because of Sick Days: When manufacturing companies implement the ALICE Interactive Lobby Kiosk, they eliminate paying for employee sick days. Did you know that an average, full-time real lobby receptionist will get eight paid sick days per year. Your company pays for eight days and receives no benefit?
  • Financial Benefit Seven / No More Paid Maternity: 8 weeks is the average amount of paid maternity leave given by manufacturing companies, but this isn’t mandated by law. Federal law only requires 12 weeks of unpaid leave. 40% of employers offer paid maternity leave in some form. 70% of women take some form of maternity leave.
  • Financial Benefit Eight / No More Cost-of-Living Increases: CNBC reported that companies planned to have a cost of living pay increase around 4.6% in 2023.

What is the affordability and value of ALICE Receptionist’s software subscription?

When investing in your ALICE Receptionist Software Subscriptions (Basic / Premier / Enterprise) your manufacturing company will also get:

  • A Warranty.
  • Full Customization of your ALICE Solution.
  • Configuration of your ALICE Solution.
  • Your manufacturing company receives an admin account on the ALICE Receptionist portal.
  • Your manufacturing company will receive a complimentary 1-hour training session on how to use the ALICE Configuration Application and the ALICE Admin Portal.
  • Annual customer support which includes (phone, email and chat).
  • The ability to make ongoing changes that are needed (employee changes, branding changes, logo changes, color scheme changes, design changes, etc.)
  • Access to training videos.
  • Your manufacturing company will have access to a direct dial cell phone number of one of our executives for any time-sensitive emergencies.

Choose the plan that is best for your manufacturing company’s needs

See Return on Investment

What are the financial facts that validate the ALICE Receptionist investment

Do you know what a good Revenue Per Employee Benchmark is?

  • For companies making less than $1 million it’s around $43,000 of revenue per employee.
  • For companies earning $50 million or more it’s around $230,000.

Revenue Per Employee Benchmark for The Manufacturing Industry

Factory view from above
  • For world-class manufacturers they reported median annual sales of $225,000 per employee.
  • Non-world-class manufacturers reported median annual sales of $184,000 per employee. That’s 18% percent less.

What is Your Shop’s Sales per Employee?

The ALICE Receptionist Investment

According to Statista, leading tech giant Netflix generated over 2.34 million U.S. dollars of revenue per employee in 2019? Pretty impressive, right?

Netflix logo

The ALICE Receptionist Investment will help your manufacturing company increase your revenue per employee benchmark by replacing the lobby receptionist with a better technology alternative.

ALICE Receptionist logo

No Live Lobby Receptionist?

How do we run a manufacturing company’s lobby without a receptionist?

All devices

Many manufacturers have already moved away from the dedicated lobby receptionist, and because of previous health scares, this trend is likely to accelerate. Modern visitor management systems (interactive kiosks) can fill the void by providing a great visitor experience, notifying hosts and employees when they have visitors, and collecting valuable data about visitor patterns.

Since the early 2000s, many manufacturers questioned the necessity of having a dedicated person sitting at a desk in your manufacturing company’s lobby. In some manufacturing lobbies, the reception area went empty; in others, an employee from another function wound up in a dual role. Today (2023), many manufacturers have to plan for lower staffing levels at any point in time or visitors who do not want any unnecessary human-to-human interactions.

The lobby reception is a moving target. Receptionist is multi-tasking and not helping visitors.

Reception expectations have changed drastically over the years. Dedicated receptionists used to be the norm in most offices. Some organizations have few visitors, some have many, but nearly every organization has a number of tasks that need to be done and can’t afford to have someone sitting idly in between greeting and assisting guests.

How does our manufacturing company leverage technology to replace our lobby receptionist?

The facts are that many manufacturers are having a hard time finding and retaining a reliable lobby receptionist to Hire?

Is your manufacturing company struggling to find a lobby customer facing receptionist? You’re not alone. Around the country and the world, many manufacturing companies are struggling to find qualified lobby customer facing receptionists who are ready, willing, and able to do the work necessary. Why is this happening, and what can you do to meet your manufacturing company’s lobby’s needs?

From the 2020 health crises and delays in the supply chain to record high inflation and worldwide civil unrest, we’re wading through unprecedented times. As a response to all of the pressure applied by the virus, inflation and slowed economy, the entire way we work has changed. But so has the way that we view work. As a result, many people have decided to either:

Boss glaring
  1. Quit their jobs or
  2. Only take jobs that are hybrid or work from home or
  3. Delay their return to work after first being laid off at the start of the pandemic. This has led to an employee mass exodus, also known as the Great Resignation.

We will likely never work together in the same manner that we did before 2020. However, we can lean into technology to support our vacancies whenever possible. This is definitely true when it comes to your lobby receptionist needs.

If your lobby is open to the public (visitors, vendors, delivery drivers, investors or sales executives), you need a lobby receptionist who can welcome visitors into your office while also controlling the flow of incoming and outgoing traffic. But no one said it had to be a human receptionist.

Kiosk BW

ALICE Receptionist is The Manufacturing Company’s Alternative

While it’s true that technology and humans can work together, it’s also true that you can use technology to help your company out when you can’t find a good enough human to fill your receptionist job vacancy. Virtual receptionist tools can step into the role of front desk clerk and handle a wide range of responsibilities such as:

  • Greeting visitors
  • Checking in visitors
  • Taking and relaying messages from visitors and employees
  • Notifying employees of visitors
  • Printing visitor badges
  • Directing visitors to the appropriate destination
  • Maintaining visitor logs
  • Creating and displaying interactive documents for visitor signage
  • Managing appointments, including scheduling and confirmation

Imagine greeting your visitors with a branded, premium, state of the art kiosk / wall mount / desktop system set up in your front lobby. This state-of-the-art system can handle all of the above and then some.

What changed in lobby management after COVID (2020)

What Changed after COVID?

Since the pandemic hit, companies in the manufacturing industry have faced severe challenges. New risks and major disruptions created numerous challenges as many manufacturing companies are trying to recover their lost revenue and streamline their supply chain.

During Q1 2020, manufacturing companies closed facilities and restructured their employees’ work environment in ways that would permanently impact their business. The phrase “hybrid work” was introduced, and employees’ work models changed, blending in-office, remote, and on-the-go workers. The lobby receptionist was one of the most challenging positions in this new environment.

Word cloud - paradigm shift
Covid masked face

Every month throughout 2022 and 2023, over 50 manufacturing companies assigned operational executives and facility managers to begin researching online for alternatives to live receptionists in their corporate lobbies. A considerable uptick has been seen in online search phrases such as Virtual Receptionist, Lobby Management, Visitor Management Systems, and Lobby Kiosks.

Kiosks / Hardware Questions

What kiosk facts positively influence visitor usage and adoption?

  • Regarding the world of interactive lobby kiosks, “Screen Size Matters!” When screens are 24”-55’, there is a 30% higher usage rate.
  • Font size is extremely important for over 50-year-old visitors with bad eye-sight matters.
  • Having auditory instructions dramatically helps “technology-scared” visitors.
  • Having instructions for foreign-born visitors in their native language dramatically helps lower their apprehension and fear of technology.
Kiosks group

Why are the ALICE Receptionist hardware options better than the industry competitors?

Single standing kiosk
  • ADA compliance with wheelchair access; the ALICE Receptionist 32 /43 /55-inch landscape design was built with ADA compliance in mind.
  • Our AI talking Avatars and large monitors are also helpful for vision impaired visitors.
  • Our interactive screens with large monitors are also helpful for hearing impaired visitors.
  • The large Lincoln Floor Standing Kiosk (32,43, and 55 inch) are stunning pedestal-style kiosks. Perfect for a large or open lobby. Many manufacturing companies love this design. High end professional offices also love this design. They make an amazing first impression!

How experienced is your kiosk hardware partner? Reliable?

Our CEO (Click To See Mike’s LinkedIn Profile) has selected the best hardware partners in the world of kiosk design. In the world of kiosk design, “Experience Matters”.

Our Kiosk Hardware Partner:

  • Has been at the forefront of self-service technology for over 45 years.
  • Has deployed more than 40,000 kiosks in 15 countries.
  • Has supported 13 Fortune 100 Companies.
Team leader

Successful Team Leader. A team of Successful executives led by a great team leader.

Our kiosk partner has registered more than 100 million interactions each year.

The hardware we are proposing for our manufacturing customers is trusted by many of America’s Greatest Companies and industries. They include America’s airports (clear kiosks), Kaiser Permanente, AMC Movie Theatres, Dell Computers, The Empire State Building, Nike, Universal Studios, IBM, Subway Foods, and the San Diego Zoo.

Very few of our industry competitors recommend or promote the highest quality industry hardware (kiosks, wall mounts, and desktop systems) that ALICE Receptionist uses. These kiosks are better because of their intelligent custom designs.

Kiosks group
Did you know?

You won’t hear from other industry competitors; bigger is better. The commercial-grade kiosks (the 32-, 43- and 55-inch monitors get 30% greater reviews than smaller iPad desktops or thin and sleek iPads with a stand.

Employee Safety Questions

How does the ALICE Receptionist lobby solution improve employee safety?

Work safety

One of a manufacturing company’s most crucial components is security. Even though there are many ways to raise protection, executing and implementing an efficient lobby system is a great place to start. Because of this, facility managers and IT executives should prioritize selecting a system that can monitor the lobby continuously around the clock, 365 days a year, with a one-way camera. manufacturing companies must consider security carefully when choosing the best visitor management solution option. Ask your provider where all the data is stored before making a choice. A visitor solution must include more layers of safety due to the rush of guests coming. Company executives now need more access to real-time data more than ever.

What Facility and Security Executives Need to Know:

  • Who is in their lobby?
  • When were they in your lobby?
  • Why were they in your lobby?
  • Who are they here to see?

This is extremely important information, and the facts are that as visitor management technology solution (phone systems, access control and the lobby kiosk) becomes more integrated, your company and your employees will become better protected and safer. Prioritizing safety in making your interactive kiosk solution selection is highly advised.

Improve Your Lobby Image

How does our manufacturing company improve the aesthetics and image of our company lobby?

Fortune 500 lobby experience

Remember this technology will represent your company in a customer facing way. It needs to make a great first impression. It also needs to be not intimidating and user friendly. This type of technology is not inexpensive. Select the best solution that will make the best impression for your guests, investors, delivery drivers and you’re your newest employees.

These are pedestal-style kiosks. You can have a (21.5, 32,43 and 55 inch) Interactive Digital Signage Displays (IDS). These are professional-grade with large format displays in a slim, integrated package. They were designed for the manufacturing commercial markets. They are sure to grab the attention of your lobby visitors!

Let’s Compare ALICE Receptionist versus Industry Competitors

How ALICE Receptionist compares to industry competitors with its features?

ALICE Receptionist interactive lobby solution. ALICE Receptionist was started 12 years ago. Our first software version was 3.0. Today (2023), we just released version 5.5. This version released included a mobile application. It’s amazing!

None of our competitors have our industry experience or our depth of feature functionality. We built our software one version at a time. This methodical business approach has made ALICE Receptionist the number one visitor management vendor for the government and manufacturing industries.

ALICE Receptionist Is the Market Leader!

Pie chart

Our modern technology is 3-5 years ahead of any of our competitors. This is the primary reason we are prospecting many new markets.

We are often asked what makes the ALICE Receptionist a unique lobby management solution.

Unique Feature 1:
We have kiosks that are ADA-compliant for wheelchair access.
Unique Feature 2:
We are one of the few vendors that provide our customers with kiosks and wall mounts that are 32 /43 /55-inch. We also have two designs (landscape and portrait).
Unique Feature 3:
We are one of the few vendors with a solution that communicates through video and audio. Two-way communication.
Unique Feature 4:
We are the only vendor that communicates with your lobby visitors in nine different languages.
Unique Feature 5:
We are the only vendor with “motion detection” functionality. When the lobby visitor enters the camera’s eye, ALICE begins proving clear instructions. All other competitor’s solutions require the visitor to begin the lobby interaction. It’s intimidating and confusing for many older lobby visitors.
Unique Feature 6:
We are the only vendor that also has closed caption functionality for hearing-challenged visitors. Our interactive screens with large monitors are also helpful for hearing-impaired visitors.

Lastly, our solution makes an amazing first impression!

What makes ALICE Receptionist an Enterprise lobby solution?

Reason 1: ALICE Receptionist software communicates with your lobby visitors using all three learning styles. The facts are that the general population (your lobby visitors), the distribution of the three learning styles is: 65% visual, 30% auditory and 5% kinesthetic. Our AI avatar is visual and auditory, our competitors’ check-in process is not!

Reason 2: Integrates with Secure Access Control:

Reason 3: No other visitor management system is as connected regarding communication protocols. These communication protocols include Cisco, Microsoft Teams, SLACK, SIEMENS, Mitel, Avaya, 30X and others.

Reason 4: Our solution has three separate modules:

Try these interactive demos to see the ALICE Receptionist experience first-hand: https://www.alicereceptionist.com/demomenu/

Reason 5: Our AI Avatars Communicate With Your Lobby Visitors in 9-Languages:

Reason 6: Your Company Can Create a Custom Company Greeting:

Reason 7: Your company can create a branded company video that constantly loops when no visitor is in front of ALICE. This video will be a great way to increase brand awareness with your lobby visitors. This company commercial video will make a memorable impression on your lobby visitors. It is a way of distinguishing your company self from the competitors and can clarify what your company is offers which make your company the best vendor.

What current reviews or case studies do you have?

Please click on each logo to read our reviews and case studies.


Case Studies:

Who leads ALICE Receptionist?

Mike Yoder (CEO) is the leader of d/b/a ALICE Receptionist (WinTech LLC). Corporate Headquarters is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The business was started 12 years ago. ALICE Receptionist has grown into the market leader in the visitor management industry. Watch this video where Mike is interviewed at Realcomm. This is the premier industry event focused on automated business solutions and state-of-the-art enterprise technologies for the commercial and corporate real estate industry.

LinkedIn URL: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikeyoder/

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