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Healthcare Visitor Management System

A cost-effective, professional visitor management solution for your healthcare office

Meet Your Healthcare Office’s New Receptionist

Welcome your visitors with a proactive, positive, and professional virtual receptionist when they enter your building.

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Provide a Proactive & Friendly Visitor Experience

With a professional visitor management system, you can reflect your organization’s compassion and commitment to client well-being and create a welcoming and safe environment. A customizable AI receptionist tailored to your organization’s culture provides professional greetings that foster trust and effectively meet client needs.

Enhance Innovation, Productivity, and Agility

An AI receptionist with automated visitor services frees your team to focus on your organization’s goals. Process visitors with automated check-ins that notify their hosts, connect visitors face-to-face with staff members using video calls, and provide information desk resources to visitors.

“Fantastic device, reliable, always cheerful, and a delight to use. Efficiently helps visitors with reaching the person they come to see."

- Mike V., Director of IT Operations

Ensure Consistent Quality Customer Service

Deliver consistent, high-quality services across all locations to improve operations and visitor services while cutting costs. You can sync directories to ensure uniform experiences and consolidate help desk teams to provide remote assistance and efficient support for clients across different offices.

Use Data to Identify Opportunities for Better Client Outcomes

With an ALICE Receptionist visitor management system, you can access valuable tools and insights to help enhance your offerings. Use customer satisfaction surveys to quickly identify areas for improvement in your services. Customize your visitor data collection to uncover growth opportunities and understand client trends.


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All The Visitor & Lobby Management Support You Need

Virtual Receptionist

ALICE uses motion detection to detect when visitors arrive, welcomes visitors with your organization’s custom greeting, and connects visitors with the right employee via audio or video call.

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Visitor Management

ALICE automates the visitor sign-in process, conducts any necessary visitor screening and ID verification, prints visitor badges, and sends instant notifications to alert employees of a visitor’s arrival.

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Interactive Information

ALICE kiosks have touchscreens that visitors can use to interact with different visitor information, such as maps, directories, calendars, websites, and more.

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Essential Features for Efficient & Consistent Visitor Management

Guest Scheduling

Streamline your guest management process by scheduling visits, offering pre-check-in, and ensuring a smooth check-in process.

Self Check-In

Allow visitors to self-register using an onscreen keyboard or scanning their driver's license.

Fast Track Check-In

Enable swift visitor check-in processes for registered, returning, and scheduled visitors through Fast Track features like QR code scanning and appointment codes.

Security Screening

Run instant background checks, verify guests' IDs, and alert designated employees when guests are matched against internal watchlists and screening databases during check-in.

Employee Notifications

Notify employees of visitor arrival using check-in, or use the directory to call staff members with face-to-face video calls.

Induction Documents

Automate compliance documentation processes during check-in.


Print visitor badges for guests with all relevant visitor information once they have successfully checked in.

Health Screening

Implement health and safety protocols with automated temperature checks, face mask verification, and health questionnaires.

Case Study

Jitasa Improves Efficiency with a User-Friendly and Dynamic Way to Manage Their Lobby


Why ALICE Receptionist for Your Healthcare Visitor Management System?

A Proven Track Record in Visitor Management

For the past decade, ALICE Receptionist has built a solid reputation for providing exceptional visitor management systems. We continuously evolve our products and services to meet the unique resource, security, and compliance needs of healthcare offices.

A Dedicated & Reliable Partner

We understand the unique needs of healthcare organizations when it comes to managing visitor flow. We are dedicated to developing healthcare visitor management systems that provide a professional, safe, and compliant environment for medical offices.

Motion Detection Capabilities

ALICE Receptionist is the only vendor offering motion detection functionality. Unlike other visitor management systems that require visitors to initiate interaction, ALICE provides clear instructions as soon as the visitor enters the camera’s view.

Diverse Design Options

We are among the few visitor management vendors offering professional, reliable, enterprise-grade kiosks with large-scale, eye-catching designs. Our 32, 43, and 55-inch screens come in flexible form factors to fit your office, including wall-mounted, desktop, and floor-standing designs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs a visitor management system?

A visitor management system is beneficial for any organization, including healthcare offices, that welcomes visitors and guests and prioritizes security, operational efficiency, and visitor experience.

Visitor management systems enhance security by monitoring and controlling access, streamline operations through automated check-in processes and accurate visitor logs, and improve visitor experience by reducing wait times and providing clear guidance. Whether safeguarding sensitive areas, protecting intellectual property, or managing large crowds, a visitor management system is beneficial for maintaining a safe and efficient environment.

What are the benefits of using a visitor management system for a healthcare organization?

Using a visitor management system offers numerous benefits for healthcare organizations, including:

  • Enhanced physical security: By monitoring and controlling visitor access, organizations can prevent unauthorized entry, ensuring a secure environment for employees and visitors. 
  • Improved visitor experience: Streamlined check-in processes, pre-registration options, and touchless entry features enhance the overall visitor experience, reducing wait times and inconvenience.
  • Efficient operations: Automating visitor registration, badge printing, and tracking saves time for front desk staff, allowing them to focus on other important tasks.
  • Accurate record keeping: Digital logs of visitor information provide detailed and easily accessible records, useful for audits, investigations, and future reference.
  • Improved brand image and professionalism: A modern visitor management system reflects positively on your organization, showcasing a commitment to security, technology, and visitor care.
  • Data analytics and insights: Reporting and analytics features provide insights into visitor patterns, peak times, and security trends, helping your organization make informed decisions and improve operations.

Does your healthcare visitor management system support multi-language options for diverse visitors?

Yes, our visitor management solutions can converse with your lobby visitors in many languages, including English, Mandarin, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish (Mexican), Arabic, Amharic, Korean, and Vietnamese.

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