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Manufacturing Visitor Management System

Efficient, secure, and compliant visitor management for your manufacturing facility

Meet Your Factory's New Receptionist

Welcome your guests with a proactive, positive, and professional virtual receptionist when they enter your manufacturing facility.

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See how ALICE greets, registers, and interacts with visitors.

Streamline Visitor Sign-Ins In Your Facility

Modernize your manufacturing facility’s entry processes by replacing outdated paper sign-ins with a digital system that ensures efficient visitor management and easy access to searchable visitor records.

Bypass the Costly Hurdles of Recruitment

Securing an engaged, professional, and consistent lobby receptionist can pose challenges in the manufacturing industry. But now, you can avoid doing so with an interactive lobby kiosk solution, offering coverage at a fraction of the cost of hiring staff.

“I would highly recommend the ALICE system because we were able to accomplish what we wanted to do and it works perfectly. We’re a highly technical facility and reception is one of the tasks that we’ve automated. It’s been great to have been able to do this.”

- Mike Van Meerten, IT Director of Meissner Filtration Products, Inc.

Enhance the Safety & Security of Your Facilities

Maintaining strict security protocols in your factories is crucial to ensuring compliance and safeguarding sensitive operations. With ALICE Receptionist, you’ll have comprehensive monitoring and control over visitor access to ensure only authorized visitors are able to enter.

Create a Rich & Consistent Guest Experience

With tailored motion-activated greetings for your organization, you can set a professional and welcoming tone for visitors from the moment they enter your manufacturing facility.


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All The Visitor & Lobby Management Support You Need

Virtual Receptionist

ALICE uses motion detection to detect when visitors arrive, welcomes visitors with your organization’s custom greeting, and connects visitors with the right employee via audio or video call.

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Visitor Management

ALICE facilitates the visitor sign-in process, conducts any necessary visitor screening and ID verification, prints visitor badges, and sends instant notifications to alert employees of a visitor’s arrival.

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Interactive Information

ALICE kiosks have touchscreens that visitors can use to interact with different visitor information, such as maps, directories, calendars, websites, and more.

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Essential Features for Efficient and Secure Visitor Management

Guest Scheduling

Streamline your guest management process by scheduling visits, confirming attendance, and ensuring smooth check-ins.

Self Check-In

Allow visitors to self-register using an onscreen keyboard or scanning a driver's license.

Induction Documents

Verify guests and visitors against screening databases during check-in and alert designated employees.

Fast Track Check-In

Enable swift check-in processes for registered, returning, and scheduled guests through Fast Track features like QR code scanning and appointment code usage.

Security Screening

Verify guests and alert designated employees when guests are matched against screening databases during check-in.

Employee Notifications

Notify employees when visitors arrive, check-in, or use the employee directory to call employees.

Health Screening

Implement health and safety protocols with automated temperature checks, face mask verification, and health questionnaires.


Print badges for guests with all relevant visitor information once they have successfully checked in.

Case Study

Meissner Filtration Products, Inc. Automates Visitor Check-In Process with Front Desk Visitor Management Solutions


Why ALICE Receptionist for Your Manufacturing Visitor Management System?

Over a Decade in the Industry

We have over a decade of expertise in developing visitor management systems tailored for manufacturing facilities. We’re continuously evolving our software to deliver the most advanced features for effective visitor management.

We Prioritize Inclusivity & Accessibility

Our eye-catching ADA-compliant kiosk offers wheelchair access, while our innovative features, such as AI avatars that verbally greet guests and closed caption functionality, cater to visitors with vision and hearing impairments.

Diverse Design Options

We are among the few visitor management vendors offering professional, reliable, enterprise-grade kiosks with large-scale, eye-catching designs. Our 32, 43, and 55-inch screens come in flexible form factors to fit your office, including wall-mounted, desktop, and floor-standing designs.

Unique Communication Capabilities

We ensure effective communication with diverse audiences, enhancing guests’ overall experience. ALICE Receptionist offers solutions that communicate through video and audio and converse with your lobby visitors in nine languages.

Motion Detection Capabilities

We are the only vendor with motion detection functionality. Unlike other visitor management systems, which require the visitor to begin the lobby interaction, ALICE provides clear instructions as the lobby visitor enters the camera’s eye.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the financial benefits of investing in a visitor management system?

Implementing a visitor management system like ALICE Receptionist offers numerous financial benefits for manufacturing companies:

  • It eliminates the need for an annual lobby receptionist salary, which typically ranges from $35,000 to $49,000
  • It eliminates healthcare and benefits costs associated with employing a receptionist
  • By replacing a traditional receptionist with ALICE, companies can save an average of $192,000 or more over the first five years, yielding a substantial return on investment (ROI)
  • There are savings in unemployment costs, turnover costs (which can amount to over $26,000 per replacement), and productivity losses due to sick days
  • Avoid expenses related to paid maternity leave and cost-of-living increases

How does a visitor management system improve the aesthetics and image of my lobby?

Our customers have stated that ALICE Receptionist’s kiosk, wall-mounted, and desktop systems have improved their lobbies in the following ways:

  • Adds an aura of professionalism and elegance to their lobby
  • Gives visitors a great first impression with quick service, a friendly automated assistant, and a high-tech experience
  • Impresses clients with large eye-catching displays and instantly draws visitors’ attention

What will I get with my ALICE Reception software subscription?

When investing in an ALICE Receptionist software subscription (Basic/Premier/Enterprise), your manufacturing company will also get:

  • A warranty
  • Full customization of your ALICE solution
  • Configuration of your ALICE solution
  • An admin account on the ALICE Receptionist portal
  • A complimentary 1-hour training session on how to use the ALICE Configuration Application and the ALICE Admin Portal
  • Annual customer support, which includes (phone, email, and chat)
  • The ability to make ongoing necessary changes (employee changes, branding changes, logo changes, color scheme changes, design changes, etc.)
  • Access to training videos
  • Access to a direct dial cell phone number of one of our executives for any time-sensitive emergencies

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