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Our CEO (Click To See Mike’s LinkedIn Profile) has selected the best hardware partners in the world of kiosk design. In the world of kiosk design, “Experience Matters”.

Our Kiosk Hardware Partner:

  • Has been at the forefront of self-service technology for over 45 years.
  • Has deployed more than 40,000 kiosks in 15 countries.
  • Has supported 13 Fortune 100 Companies.
Team leader

Successful Team Leader. A team of Successful executives led by a great team leader.

Our kiosk partner has registered more than 100 million interactions each year.

The hardware we are proposing for our manufacturing customers is trusted by many of America’s Greatest Companies and industries. They include America’s airports (clear kiosks), Kaiser Permanente, AMC Movie Theatres, Dell Computers, The Empire State Building, Nike, Universal Studios, IBM, Subway Foods, and the San Diego Zoo.

Very few of our industry competitors recommend or promote the highest quality industry hardware (kiosks, wall mounts, and desktop systems) that ALICE Receptionist uses. These kiosks are better because of their intelligent custom designs.

Kiosks group
Did you know?

You won’t hear from other industry competitors; bigger is better. The commercial-grade kiosks (the 32-, 43- and 55-inch monitors get 30% greater reviews than smaller iPad desktops or thin and sleek iPads with a stand.

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