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Today’s campus security issues are significant. New and returning college students are coming to university campuses with a “new normal” in mind. Recent research from ADT and Clery Center reports more than 82% of college students feel concerned about their safety. More than half also say they are very or extremely concerned.

What Makes Students Feel Unsafe?

82% say being in an unfamiliar area
78% say interacting with strangers
74% say walking home in the dark
65% say leaving a bar/party alone

Despite these concerns, student-driven initiates aren’t the answer. Only 17% of students utilize security escorts, and even less (13%) participate in campus crime prevention programs.

There’s a growing need for implementing greater personal safety solutions on campus, but hiring more campus security guards is expensive and inefficient. Each can only monitor one area at a time, requires onboarding training, and have other costs on top of their ongoing salary.

Safety buttonALICE Receptionist is focused on generating greater student security by strategically placing interactive safety kiosks equipped with features like emergency contact buttons that call campus police. This ensures students feel comfortable as they go about their day. If staff or students notice an issue, like alcohol abuse, discrimination, violence, and fighting, they can utilize the kiosk to contact campus security.

Security officers also need to assess potential risks proactively. ALICE Receptionist can screen against the US Consolidated Watch List or a private list. This flags individuals so your team can pre-identify high-risk visitors. Campus security can be notified and take the required steps to prevent access to key buildings or escalate their security practices before letting the visitor check-in.

These precautionary steps help students and faculty stay safer while building an appreciation for the campus environment and a commitment to supporting the campus’ culture and policies.

ALICE Receptionist’s features also save your school money, with an investment in a kiosk achieving 100% ROI in the first 60 days versus a full-time guard. In five years, the total savings amount to over $192,000.

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