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Attracting, contacting, and following up with students and their parents is essential to ensure they know your school is the right choice for them. ALICE Receptionist can play a variety of roles in student recruitment.

Impress students and their parents with virtual university tours. Up to nine language options can be made available, so families will feel welcome. With a simple touch of a flag, ALICE Receptionist will welcome touring students and families as well as provide them with university information in their native language. This is a huge value add, as it makes initial interactions with families more welcoming starting with their first language.

ALICE Receptionist Offers These Language Out of the Box

French (Canadian)
Chinese (Mandarin)

Capture Freshmen and Transfer Student Contact Information

When prospective students arrive, you can capture information about them during the check-in process or collect survey responses. Reports let your team pull this information for future correspondence. Review when they visited, who they saw, their contact information, and their survey responses.

Student Recruitment

ALICE Receptionist can highlight your school’s success stories and offerings. Testimonials from school alumni and student achievements can show your student success track record. Slide shows or overviews of campus dorms, facilities, and past events can help visually communicate your school’s appeal and strengths. Off-campus attractions can also be listed with links to the best local eateries, entertainment, or other amenities.

Building student excitement and providing an excellent first impression is essential. An interactive kiosk guarantees a friendly interaction through its virtual avatar and presents your school with a high-tech and forward-thinking image for students and parents.

Peace of Mind for Parents

For parents, making sure their students are in the right hands in terms of safety and well-being is just as important as making sure they provide their child a proper education. ALICE Receptionist’s safety features give parents peace of mind from the beginning, welcoming guests and communicating the safety precautions the kiosks offer.

ALICE Receptionist can highlight how emergency call buttons can be used to help make sure their children stay connected with security services, even if they have their phone is dead, damaged, or stolen. Or it can inform parents how the system screens for high-risk individuals using security and health screening options.

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