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ALICE Receptionist is Predictable & Reliable

ALICE Receptionist recognizes that many government agencies, contractors, and public sector companies rely on planned and well-organized buying processes. Being a predictable and reliable software vendor is mission-critical to winning new customers in these industries. ALICE Receptionist has a formal sales presentation process based on honest selling and developing strong relationships in the government and public sector spaces.

ALICE Receptionist is a predictable and reliable software vendor with a culture of identifying and nurturing an internal champion within each government and public sector account. Our company respects that these champions live where they work, so they have a personal investment in implementing great technology products they can trust and rely on. Our software improves our customer’s visitor management processes. Info-Tech Research Group contacted and polled real ALICE Receptionist customers to score our software and organization. They found our customers rated ALICE Receptionist with an over 90% outcome score on improving productivity, increasing security, and enhancing team performance.

This reliability is what makes our relationship with internal champions strong. Info-Tech Research Group also reports that…

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