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As a result of COVID-19 coronavirus, businesses using ALICE Receptionist for visitor management may have concerns over direct contact with ALICE Receptionist touchscreens.

While the CDC has stated the main form of transmission of the COVID-19 virus is person to person, there does remain some information to indicate the virus can stay active on surfaces for some period of time.

We are pleased to now offer contactless methods and supplies that give ALICE Receptionist users the ability to use styluses to interact with ALICE Receptionist touchscreens while eliminating direct contact with the touchscreen.

Touch Screen Stylus
Inexpensive (disposable) touchscreen styluses are an affordable method to provide visitors a way to interact with your ALICE touchscreen without actually touching the screen. Using the single use stylus, users can click on the touchscreen buttons without direct contact. As an added benefit, the visitor can keep the stylus for personal use once they are done.

Photo of Wall Mounted ALICE screen with attached stylus cup and stylus.

We now offer disposal stylus packages and supplies for all ALICE Receptionist hardware including; Kiosk, Wall Mounted and Desktop systems.

Options available for Kiosk, Wall Mounted, and Desktop systems.

Available Stylus Packages

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