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7 Ways a Virtual Receptionist Can Save You Time and Money

First impressions can have a significant impact on the way that clients and customers view your business. Traditionally, the first person that a visitor would meet when they enter your premises would be your receptionist. 

But the workplace is changing, and the way you deploy your team may not follow this convention for financial reasons or otherwise. For this reason, you may want to consider a virtual receptionist touch screen that can help your visitors with a range of different lobby management tasks. 

But precisely what is a virtual receptionist, and how can one benefit your business? 

In this article, we’ll take a look at seven ways ALICE receptionist can benefit your business. 

1. A Virtual Receptionist Saves You Time and Money

Paying a receptionist’s wages to be in your lobby all day can be expensive. Moreover, if you have a large business, you may need to employ several receptionists to keep up with the number of visitors entering and exiting the building. 

This all adds up. One of the best ways to save on the expense of these employees would be to use an ALICE receptionist to greet anyone who enters the building. 

In a smaller operation, you may have an employee that splits their time between admin tasks and greeting visitors as they arrive. By using a virtual receptionist, your employee will be better able to focus their time on their admin tasks without the need to break away to welcome visitors.

2. A Virtual Receptionist Service Provides a Professional Appearance 

Did you know that 40% of people claim that their perception of a company has been negatively affected by their experience in the lobby? 

When clients, customers, and other visitors enter the lobby of your building, their first impressions are important. If they don’t like what they see and the service that they get, it can lead to a bad experience and a lasting negative impression of your business. Nobody wants to give a bad impression of their business, particularly not so early on. 

An ALICE receptionist will always give a great first impression. A visitor will never enter your business and find no one there to greet them or help them check-in. They will never be met with shoddy service. Your visitors will always get the consistency that they deserve. 

3. A Virtual Receptionist Can Manage Your Check-In Process

When people enter your business, there can be several reasons why you will want them to check-in. You may need to know who is there for security or health and safety reasons, or you may need to know so that an employee can come and meet your visitors. 

The check-in process is vital in many businesses, from hotels to healthcare. Having an ALICE receptionist can help you to manage this process. 

In addition to this, your visitors can also enjoy contactless check-in, which has been somewhat of a benefit to many businesses in recent times. 

4. Virtual Receptionists Can Help With an Induction 

Sometimes when people enter your place of business, they will need to be provided with a lot of information. This is particularly true where there are a high-security risk or potential health and safety hazards that your visitors need to be aware of. Very often, they will require an induction. 

Delivering inductions to visitors can be a costly and time-consuming exercise, and if you get many visitors, it can become a full-time job. 

Alternatively, you could get your virtual receptionist to handle all of your inductions by playing videos and providing documents. 

5. ALICE Receptionist Provides Perfect Customer Service Every Time

As previously mentioned, you only get one chance to make a first impression, and it needs to be a good one. But so often, having the wrong employees on your front desk can lead to visitors having a poor experience. 

It is possible to hire great receptionists. With the right training, you can have your traditional receptionists deliver the highest customer service standards at all times. But to develop such consistency requires considerable effort on everyone’s part. One of the great things about an ALICE virtual receptionist is that there is no need for training, and it provides consistently excellent customer service every time. 

Once you have decided how you would like your virtual receptionist to interact with your visitors, ALICE Receptionist will continue to meet your standards with each visitor. 

6. Virtual Receptionists Can Provide Visitors With Information 

Regardless of the size of your business, your visitors may have questions when they arrive. These might include needing directions to a particular part of the building or finding a specific employee. All of this information can be provided by the virtual receptionist effortlessly at the demand of the customer. 

Not only will your ALICE receptionist provide information to your visitors, but it will also communicate to your team as a crucial element of the visitor management process. 

7. ALICE Receptionist Is Visible 

When your visitors enter your lobby, it needs to be clear where they can go for assistance. Many lobby management systems fall short in this department as they are too small or are an afterthought. The ALICE Receptionist is highly visible to visitors as they enter your premises by incorporating video and audio, making sure it stands out. 

Setting Up Your Virtual Receptionist 

A virtual receptionist can help your business in many ways. They can provide a consistently high standard of service, and they can provide all of the information and services that a traditional receptionist will be able to and more. 

ALICE Receptionist offers all of these things and allows you to gain confidence in your front desk. Get in touch today to learn more about the services that we offer and virtual receptionist pricing. 

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