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ALICE Receptionist New 5.4 Features

The new ALICE Receptionist 5.4 version introduces features to help your team improve your visitor experience. This includes the addition of check-in options to increase your system’s flexibility, the ability to manage return visitors, and new ways to receive feedback on your visitor experiences.

ALICE Receptionist New 5.4 Features
  • Check-in / Out Surveys
  • Pre-Visit Check-In Registration
  • Apply Signatures Directly to Documents
  • New Admin Tools
Benefits of Upgrading to 5.4
  • Check-in surveys that allow for more advanced screening questions, including health screenings
  • Check out surveys to improve office processes with valuable visitor feedback
  • A pre-check-in portal for visitors to register and review documents at their own convenience
  • New registered user options for admin staff, allowing management of visitor QR Codes
  • Directly apply signatures to NDAs, office safety policies, or other PDF documents
  • Easily e-mail signed documents to post-visit guests
  • Receive Slack notifications for visitor check-ins
  • New language options, including Arabic and French-Canadian

Download New Features Information Here

Note: Version 5.4 is a Cloud-Database-only release.


Do I need to pay additional fees to upgrade?

All active Basic, Premium, and Enterprise subscriptions have access to software updates.

*Note: Which features are available vary per license level. See our license comparison page for more details.

Can I upgrade my license to access new features?

All licenses can be upgraded at any point during your subscription. Please contact your ALICE Sales representative for more details.

What happens if a user is flagged during a survey?

The ALICE system will prevent the user from checking in without a staff member’s bypass code. They’ll be asked to contact their host to reschedule their appointment if their access is denied.

Can ALICE 5.4 be installed if our company hosts its own ALICE Database?

The 5.4 release is currently a cloud database-only release. Local database support for many of these features is currently planned for the first half of 2022.

Can I install 5.4 if we use a Cloud Database but a local on-prem communication option?

Yes, those directly integrating with a SIP phone system can utilize the 5.4 release. The installation is only restricted if your team stores data locally using the local database option.

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