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Student services cover a broad range of needs, from serving new prospective students and their parents to the everyday requests from your existing student base. While all are important, services are not equal in terms of complexity. Many can be automated or consolidated when utilizing ALICE Receptionist. Not only does this save your team time, it also provides a high-tech and forward-thinking image that will impress new students and their parents.

With ALICE Receptionist’s interactive kiosk, there is a wide range of options:

The ALICE Receptionist kiosk can also be a connection point between buildings and other campuses. Listing department and staff directories on the system allows for remote two-way video and audio calls between students and staff members. There’s no need to have a physical person as department representation at different campuses or have the student physically go to the department office to talk to someone face to face.

ALICE Receptionist achieves over 100% ROI in the first 60 days of installation versus a full-time staff member. Over five years, in total, $192,000 is saved.

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