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Do you know what a good Revenue Per Employee Benchmark is?

  • For companies making less than $1 million it’s around $43,000 of revenue per employee.
  • For companies earning $50 million or more it’s around $230,000.

Revenue Per Employee Benchmark for The Manufacturing Industry

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  • For world-class manufacturers they reported median annual sales of $225,000 per employee.
  • Non-world-class manufacturers reported median annual sales of $184,000 per employee. That’s 18% percent less.

What is Your Shop’s Sales per Employee?

The ALICE Receptionist Investment

According to Statista, leading tech giant Netflix generated over 2.34 million U.S. dollars of revenue per employee in 2019? Pretty impressive, right?

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The ALICE Receptionist Investment will help your manufacturing company increase your revenue per employee benchmark by replacing the lobby receptionist with a better technology alternative.

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