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When investing in your ALICE Receptionist Software Subscriptions (Basic / Premier / Enterprise) your manufacturing company will also get:

  • A Warranty.
  • Full Customization of your ALICE Solution.
  • Configuration of your ALICE Solution.
  • Your manufacturing company receives an admin account on the ALICE Receptionist portal.
  • Your manufacturing company will receive a complimentary 1-hour training session on how to use the ALICE Configuration Application and the ALICE Admin Portal.
  • Annual customer support which includes (phone, email and chat).
  • The ability to make ongoing changes that are needed (employee changes, branding changes, logo changes, color scheme changes, design changes, etc.)
  • Access to training videos.
  • Your manufacturing company will have access to a direct dial cell phone number of one of our executives for any time-sensitive emergencies.

Choose the plan that is best for your manufacturing company’s needs

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