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5 Reasons to Use a Visitor Badge System

No matter what line of work you’re in, effective lobby management is an important part of business success.

Company receptionists who greet and track visitors can often become overwhelmed with other tasks. Simple lobby directory signs can bring other challenges, such as issues with visitor and vendor access.

An effective solution to your lobby management challenges is to install a visitor badge system that handles visitor management, interactive directories, and backup reception duties. Here are five ways a visitor badge and management system can help your business succeed.

1. Increases Office Security

Many businesses want to know who is in the office and what part of the company they have access to. This is important not only for security purposes but also for health, safety, and liability concerns.

Setting up a visitor management system lets you track every visitor who comes through your door and refer to the log later if needed. And if you have a locked door leading off the lobby, you’ll have one more layer of protection between the public and your employees and company documents.

2. Improves Emergency Responses 

Another benefit of a visitor badge system is streamlined emergency responses.

3. Prints Easy-to-Identify Visitor Badges

If your company receptionist normally handles visitor check-in and check-out, you know there are many challenges with generic stick-on badges. Not only do these badges not fully identify visitors, but they may lack company logos and a visible date. Plus they don’t always look professional.

Visitor management systems enter identifying information from visitors, such as full name, phone number, and organization. Typically, these systems can scan a driver’s license or other photo ID and take an instant photo of the visitor for badge purposes. This information remains in the system, with pertinent details printed on the badge as well.

4. It Helps Track Contractor Time

If your company does business with contractors and other vendors, you likely receive bills for vendor services. Knowing how long the contract work took is critical to ensuring appropriate billing.

By setting up visitor management, you can require all contractors to check in upon arrival and check out upon completion of the work. This tracking system will mean an accurate account of hours worked. You’ll know if the contractor bill reflects surplus time, so you can reach out accordingly.

5. It Lowers Operation Costs

Finally, installing a visitor badge system reduces the demand for more staff. You won’t need to hire additional front desk assistance because the visitor management system will already be in place, ready to help out. You’ll also cut back on the need for printer paper, log books, and other office supplies, further reducing your overhead costs.

Get Started with ALICE

How can you reap these benefits? Turn to ALICE, the solution for your visitor management needs. ALICE Receptionist lets your company screen visitors, connect visitors to employees, print instant badges, keep track of visitors and contractors, and improve your office security. Reach out to us today if you want to see how we can help your business.

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