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Stands & Deliverables: 8 Advantages of Self-Service Kiosks

Self-service kiosks have come a long way. Everyone knows and still appreciates our beloved first-generation kiosk: the vending machines. However, businesses are no longer limited to catering to their clients by offering a quick meal or refreshment with kiosks.

Today, self-service kiosk machines offer customer service in a variety of ways. Kiosk demand is rising as the market is predicted to double from $23 billion to $45 billion by 2025.

Most customers also prefer to use kiosks if they are available and look more positively at businesses that offer it. Still not convinced you should get one to help with your front office needs? Keep reading to learn a few advantages self-service kiosks can do for your company. 

  1. Better Business Efficiency

Kiosks can be the extra arms and legs a business needs to operate more efficiently. When you have numerous customer front-desk interactions and have limited staff, exchanges can be missed or rushed, affecting service quality. It also poses a greater risk of error. Self-service kiosks allow businesses to complete work while maintaining quality. This feature makes any business look good.

  1. Higher Customer and Employee Satisfaction

Customers want to be in and out when they want a service. Kiosks perform the repetitive tasks workers usually do and reduce customer waiting times. Generally, customers are happy in today’s world when a service they need is quick and at their fingertips. 

No kiosk can ever replace a good worker. There are still moments that require additional assistance or explanation that only a human can manage. Kiosks work well together when combined with employees. It is widely considered that they increase employee satisfaction because kiosks allow workers to focus more on these broader concerns that deserve their attention. 

For example, kiosks can complete automated check-ins office lobbies or entry points. They can offer better organization by registering visitors and vendors or managing the check-in process for single individuals or groups. 

Customers can find the information they want and initiate activities based on their selections. A kiosk offers a higher sense of independence to do something on your own or the power to choose how you want assistance.

  1. Reduces Overhead Fees

The initial investment of a self-service kiosk is more than worth it as it will help lower overall business operations costs. By eliminating unnecessary cost, businesses have more ability to entice more qualified staff necessary to run successful internal operations. 

Although a business cannot operate without employees, with the elimination of unnecessary roles, you do not have to pay added wages or offer benefits to a machine. With ALICE Receptionist, we can show an achievable 100% ROI, at a tenth the cost of a full-time employee, in under 60 days. 

  1. Bolster Company Sales and Reputation

Not only do digital kiosks help save you money, but they also help you make money for businesses. They can work as an effective marketing tool to influence or attract customers to a service or to initiate further purchasing activity from your business. Kiosks can promote packages, promotions, or discounts which often encourage customers to spend more. 

Customers that have good interaction with businesses are likely to refer the service to others or mention good things on a review. Having a positive reputation allows you to retain a large amount of those customers and attract new customers. It’s an indirect method of marketing that works. 

  1. Easy Access to Information

Information kiosks are extremely helpful for customers who have the same questions. If you have a large or complex business with many services, you can help customers figure out where they should go.

It is perfect for office buildings and directs visitors to where they want to go while keeping accurate records of who has checked into the building. Many healthcare businesses and government facilities also use it to show information on services, schedules, rules, and fees. You reduce the risk of customers getting lost and feeling frustrated. 

  1. Offers Passive or Interaction Communication with Customers

Kiosks provide incredible service in two ways: passive or interactive. Either method offers solid customer assistance. One type of passive kiosk is digital signage. Its main purpose is to display ads that draw in attention to passersby using a picture or video clip. 

Digital signage can also be interactive when motion is used or it has functions that allow customers to respond to it and engage. Businesses that use interactive kiosks can collect data and share it with others or gather information from people that pass it to draw up a report. 

  1. Provides Real-Time Updates

Interactive kiosks help businesses by relaying data in real-time. This offers better information retrieval and communication with you and your clients.

If there is a new status update, change, or sale you want to announce right away, you can communicate it within seconds to employees, workers, or whoever you want to target. Customers appreciate the instant gratification a task, purchase, or transaction they did is complete.

  1. Caters to Every Industry

The best thing about self-service kiosks is that it benefits every industry. No matter what service you offer, you can benefit from the ease they offer you and your customers without compromising privacy and security. Hospitals take advantage of kiosks when they use it for online queue systems to provide information to patients. 

Restaurants use it to make the food ordering process easier and to avoid long lines. Legal businesses and banks depend on it to complete agreements and set up payments and create digital signatures. There’s no business that couldn’t find a service that works well for them. 

Self-Service Kiosks Are Here to Stay 

Self-service kiosks are a technology made for all ages. It is safe, quick, effective, and easy for customers who come to your business for service. They no longer have to wait long lines, and you do not impair quality for the speedier service.

If you would like to learn more about self-service kiosks for your business or want to learn more about pricing and how it could benefit your business right away, please contact us


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