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Visitor Management Solutions – Making Office Visits More Efficient

Effective office visitor management is more urgent than ever before. Unfortunately, incidents of workplace violence have been on the rise.

In 2021, the CDC reported that healthcare facilities, stores, and schools have the highest frequency of violent incidents. The agency recorded over 400 workplace violence events attributed to Covid-19 in a six-month period.

Can visitor management solutions help prevent this violence?

Yes, they can.

A visitor management system is an incredible asset when solving the problem of workplace violence. Moreover, these systems empower office managers to:

• Enhance the experience of all visitors
• Increase office management efficiency
• Improve employee morale and retention

These multifaceted systems can solve several problems with one device. But what does that mean for your office?

What Are Visitor Management Solutions?

Visitor management solutions are unique software programs that empower companies to register each guest with a unique ID and track their visit to the facility.

They can also use it to distribute security effectively as screening lists notify team members of potentially hostile individuals through private and US Consolidated Watch List screening services.

How Does a Visitor Management System Work?

There are various ways to implement a visitor management system to accomplish your goals.

A visitor management system generally has a camera or motion sensor that recognizes visitors entering. A virtual avatar greets them and then provides ways to connect with a remote live receptionist or their host via a two-way video call.

Once greeted, the system helps the visitor register and check in. Your team can either request they manually provide information using the interactive touch screen or ask them to scan a government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license.

Once the visitor completes the check-in process, the system notifies their host of their arrival.

Visitor management solutions can also perform a wide range of other tasks, including health verification, interactive directory information, and badge printing—among many others.

Visitor management solutions are customizable to help the system integrate into your office’s existing workflow seamlessly.

What Are the Benefits of Visitor Management Software?

Visitor management systems offer a wide range of benefits. Most can be divided into three categories:

• Greater visitor management efficiency
• Increased safety
• Elevated visitor experiences

Each benefit makes your office a better space for workers and guests alike.

Efficient, Low-Stress Visitor Management

Office visitor management solutions take the stress out of registering, tracking, and checking out visitors on your campus.

Employee turnover and resignations hit an all-time high in 2021. Many workers cite burnout and stress as factors in their decisions to quit.

Automating the stressful, tedious process of checking in visitors offers workers some relief. It also lets teams focus on the more engaging aspects of office management or front desk work.

Streamline Rote Management Processes

Visitor management systems can streamline a variety of rote visitor-interaction processes. For example, they can quickly:

• Check guests in and out
• Screen visitors
• Scan driver’s licenses
• Connect visitors to staff using two-way video or audio calls
• Notify relevant employees of a visitor’s arrival
• Display or print introduction documents and materials

Automating these procedures increases the overall efficiency of your office. It also moves guests through the line faster—decreasing tedious wait times for visitors.

Bring Down Office Management Costs

Visitor management solutions vary in cost, but even one subscription easily replaces the work of at least one front-desk employee.

In terms of value-added, businesses usually see 100% ROI on their investment in solutions like ALICE Receptionist in as little as two months. After using ALICE Receptionist for five years, the typical business saves $192,000.

Increase Employee Satisfaction and Boost Retention)

Reducing the number of repetitive tasks increases employee satisfaction.

Research suggests that the automated work of SaaS programs complements the work of human employees, and their satisfaction increases significantly. This can boost retention, so long as employees are not afraid the software will replace them.

Safety and Security

As tensions rise, security and safety in the workplace are paramount. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of violent incidents in healthcare facilities doubled compared to 2019.

While visitor management systems are not security systems specifically, they can be used to improve office security on multiple fronts.

Improve Visitor Safety

Management systems can improve your visitors’ safety. By creating a safe office environment for your team, it reduces the risks for visitors as well. Health and security screenings help create a safer experience by restricting access to high-risk visitors.

Systems can alert security teams to visitors who have been banned for aggression attempting to enter. ALICE Receptionist notifies security personnel so they can quickly and discreetly deal with potential threats before any visitors are harmed.

Enhanced Visitor Experience

Visitor management systems empower businesses to enhance their visitors’ experiences.

First and foremost, these solutions increase the speed at which guests can check in. This saves visitors’ time waiting in line—a task nobody enjoys.

It also minimizes the amount employees handing off visitor responsibilities. The visitor can directly reach their host, rather than going through team members unrelated to their visit, reducing frustration.

Elevate Public Perception of Your Brand

Visitor management solutions can earn your brand positive reviews.

When guests and employees alike feel safe, they talk about it. When their preferences are catered to, they appreciate it. And when communication flows smoothly, respect for your brand grows.

During checkout, the visitor can complete a survey about their experience at your office.

Which Visitor Management Solution Is Right for Your Office?

All visitor management systems offer certain benefits. But they aren’t all created equal.

If you think a system might be right for your brand but don’t know where to start, learn more about the factors that set systems apart. Ultimately, you know your organization best.

Elevate Office Efficiency with ALICE Receptionist

Visitor management solutions take efficiency to the next level. The right system makes everyone in the office a little bit safer. Office life runs smoothly. And guests know you care about their preferences.

ALICE is a premium solution trusted by experts. Ready to see what it can do for your office? Request a trial today.

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