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Visitor Management Systems: Everything You Need to Know

Between 2022 and 2028, visitor management systems are expected to grow by 10.1%

This shows just how important it is to have a good visitor experience. However, there are many benefits to using this type of software for your business.

Are you wondering if you need a visitor management system for your company? Keep reading to learn all you need to know about visitor management software.

What Is a Visitor Management System?

Visitor management software replaces the traditional manual method of bookkeeping to keep track of how many people come into your business. Normally, a business would use a paper book to keep track of the visitors.

However, with the right software, you can simplify this process and also ensure that you have a secure database.

This software can be customizable and flexible, so any business can use it for their business or space.

You’ll likely have an electronic visitor management system (VMS) that will log all of the information and store it in case you need analytics or audits to go back to.

You’ll also have an electronic sign-in system, which you can put on tablets and kiosks in your building. This way, visitors can check themselves in.

There are many features that come up with this software, but it will depend on what vendor you work with. For example, you can have badge printers, digital signing, facial recognition, email notifications, or the ability to categorize your visitors.

The system can also manage the flow of people in your business. You can track them and also get security notifications. If there is a red flag with someone being in your business who shouldn’t be, then you can take action before it’s too late.

How Does It Work?

A visitor management software will give your business a secure and safe way to manage your organization. You’ll make sure that everyone who comes to your business is supposed to be there, but you can also manage the flow of people in your company.

When you have a cloud-based system, a receptionist or security guard will manage the software system.

This software will also give you the chance to record and report about the people who come into the business. You can regulate where they can get access, and you’ll also have a list of people who are in your business at any point in time.

The Process

You’ll have to check the visitor management software guide from the vendor that you choose, but in general, most software works like this.

First, you’ll have a guest or employee sign in. There might be different ways that they can sign in. For example, you might automatically sign them in, or they’ll have to complete something at a kiosk

The guest or employee will have to enter their information and include details about why they’re there.

Once the guest or employee signs in, the software will notify security or reception to let them know that they signed in. Depending on the software, you can get a notification through email or SMS.

When a guest leaves, you can sign them out through the software as well. You can sign them out through the same methods you signed them in. It’s as simple as if you were entering and crossing their names off of a logbook.

Benefits of This System

There are many benefits to using this visitor management software, regardless of what type of business you’re running.

While it will keep your business secure and ensure that you’re not liable for anything, it’s also important for your brand.

Having a streamlined process will make people feel as if your business is professional and streamlined. The visitor experience can be very important for how people feel about your brand, and you want to make it as easy as possible for them.

This will also make your workflow more streamlined. You can have visitors check in when they want and even enable them to do it on their own phone or tablet.

When it’s streamlined, you also won’t have to deal with any long wait periods or lines, which can reduce the number of people in your lobby as well.

Some software will also automate this process, so you won’t need to have a full-time receptionist if you don’t want to. When you have part of this process automated, you can also save money on having multiple front-desk employees.

Instead, anyone working at a front desk will get to spend time doing other tasks. You’ll have automated the process of granting access privileges, welcoming people into the building, printing an ID badge, and logging any visitor data.

You’ll also be able to customize these systems according to the needs of your business. This way, you can make sure that you have the right solution implemented for your business.

Many of these software solutions also come with the option to customize the language. This way, you can communicate with new visitors who may not speak your language. That way, regardless of what language they speak, they will still receive an amazing experience.

Discover More Information About Visitor Management Systems

These are only a few things to know about visitor management systems, but there are many other things to consider.

If you want to enjoy all of these benefits, you need to choose the right vendor.

Check out our website to learn more about our visitor management systems and how they can work for your business.

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