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ALICE Receptionist specializes in transforming your current office lobby management and visitor registration system with an easy-to-operate, virtual visitor receptionist.

Improve Your Lobby Management

How you manage visitors and the sign-in system for your office is an important decision, especially when you have hundreds of clients and customers coming through your doors. First impressions can make a huge difference in how a customer views or interacts with your business. It is crucial to ensure that information is communicated without delay providing a seamless initial interaction.

That’s where ALICE Receptionist comes in. We provide a lobby management and visitor receptionist software platform that helps you easily register every person who walks through your doors. Upon entry, the visitor check-in process can help manage most of the repetitive aspects of the client/customer interactions improving communication and enhancing the customer experience with assured consistency.

Simplify your processes and gain confidence that your front office visitor interactions run smoothly with a visitor receptionist system from ALICE Receptionist.

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