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In the era of the coronavirus, businesses will need to rethink how exactly they interface with the general public, suppliers, and even their own employees.

A traditional receptionist role might not be compatible with current social distancing requirements. Continuing to greet guests with face to face interactions,  might be putting your employees and guest at unnecessary risk.

This is where an effective lobby management system can come in. This system works to ensure that most types of interactions can be done safely and remotely. 

There are many benefits and automatic responses that can be handled by an intelligent lobby management system. All of which help your business comply with regulations and social distancing rules.

Read on to find out exactly what this receptionist software system can add to your business. It’s much more than the average meet and greet!

The Registering of Visitors and Vendors

This is one of the main responsibilities of a traditional receptionist. To ensure that all vendors and visitors are appropriately logged and shown exactly where they need to go. It’s also important that the system can notify the employee they are visiting.

With a virtual receptionist, this process is all streamlined and achieved in a remote manner. Using a three-step method of detecting, greeting, and connecting a virtual receptionist is able to welcome any guest or vendor to the site and offer a point of contact for them.

You can personalize the virtual receptionist by choosing from 5 different English personalities. There are also 7 avatars in non-English personalities including Spanish and Japanese. 

You are also able to record your own personality for your business if you want an even more personalized touch.

Once the process of greeting is achieved, the visitor is able to select various options.  These include calling employees, self-check-in, fast-track check-in, ID scanning, and even printing of guest badges.

These are all customizable options that you can optimize for your business needs. A process which, if done manually, would be difficult to achieve while maintaining social distancing. 

All the check-in of guests and vendors data is information that can be extrapolated. This information can help your team understand trends and data about your visitors.

Employee Notifications

With manual reception methods, a receptionist would need to telephone the various employees the guest needs to see. This can be an unnecessary and lengthy process, which keeps the guest or vendor waiting.

With a virtual receptionist, the system can call the employee to establish communications between the guest and the employee. When the guest completes a self-check-in on the system, the system sends notifications to the employee phone or email to alert them of the guest’s arrival.

It saves time and energy of trying to get ahold of a certain employee, who might have stepped away from their desk or be on a break. 

The ALICE system also gives the option for guests or vendors to video call using the employee directory. The employee can then pick up this call on either their mobile phone or PC.

With the need for face to face interactions less prominent these days because of COVID-19, this can be a good substitute. 

It allows for communications to take place between visitors and employees without the need for direct contact.

Reviewal of Induction Documents 

Some places of work may need additional documentation for visitors or vendors to review and sign during the visitor registration process. 

This is especially the case with businesses that operate machinery or have components of health and safety that need to be adhered to.

Using the virtual receptionist program, visitors can review videos or documents of health and safety policies and procedures. They can also sign using their finger on the touchscreen to acknowledge that all the rules and regulations have been reviewed.

This is another benefit of the ALICE system. It can help limit the physical handling of items by your staff.

Coronavirus can be present on paper for up to four days after contact. A receptionist who is having to deal with these physical documents will be at risk, as well as the vendors and guests they come into contact with.

Digital signatures and acknowledgment of the documents can have a set time limit of days, weeks, months, or even years.

This is ideal for regular visitors that have reviewed the documents and are up to date with all the necessary information. Ensuring that they won’t have to complete the same process every time they visit. 

Interactive Information for Visitors

The ALICE system not only handles visitor management, but it can display helpful information that visitors can interact with.

Visitors can view induction videos that otherwise might have been relayed by a member of staff. This again reduces contact between employees and guests and complies with social distancing.

It can also display maps of the building, which before might have been in a paper format. This ensures that guests know the layout of the building and the emergency exits, without them having to come into contact with a physical map.

The same goes for interactive slideshows. If your business has certain promotional items, you can display them on the virtual receptionist screen.

Reducing physical paper handouts is not only better for the environment but can reduce cost for the business. Digital information is also easier to frequently update, which is important during a time when health and safety guidance is changing frequently.

Lobby Management Systems and COVID-19: Where Can I Find Out More?

We hope this article has given you a comprehensive guide on how a lobby management system can benefit your company in the climate of COVID-19. 

It is integral that this transitional period for your company is smooth and risk-free as possible. It is crucial that you get it right when it comes to managing your visitors and vendors in a business space and customer-facing environment.

Make sure that you are following the rules and regulations with social distancing and minimizing the risks involved. This is why a lobby management system might just be the answer for your business.

Why not contact us directly to find out more?

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