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Virtual Receptionist

ALICE Receptionist serves as the receptionist for your office or building entrance. Alice greets visitors, provides information and quickly connects employees with visitors using audio or video calls. The ALICE Receptionist system accomplishes this following three simple actions:

Detect • Greet • Connect

Visitor Detection

With visitor motion detection technology, ALICE knows when a visitor has walked into its detection range and greets the guest with a prerecorded welcome video. 

Motion detection sensitivity can be adjusted to detect visitors close by or across the room.


Visitor Greeting

Once the visitor motion detection identifies a visitor entering the area, ALICE will greet the visitor with a welcome video. ALICE offers English-speaking ALICE Personalities as well as 8 other language options including Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, and Arabic.

ALICE video personalities
Choose from two AI Receptionist avatars.*

Customers can have a custom greeting created for their organization, ** or choose to record their own personalized video personality.

*Some language options use pre-recorded individuals.

** Additional fees apply for ALICE-made custom videos. No fees apply for customers who implement their own receptionist videos on the system.

Connect Employees with Visitors

ALICE Receptionist calls company employees and connects them with the visitor at the ALICE Receptionist kiosk in the building lobby. Calls between employees and visitors can be both audio and video calls.

Reach employees anywhere
Employees can be reached on any number of communication devices, including desk phones, mobile phones, soft-phones, and audio calls to Teams clients.

Employee Notification
When using the ALICE video client, the employee is presented with a live video stream of the lobby and visitor and can simply click on the answer button to be connected with the visitor in a 2-way video call.


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