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Level Up: How a Lobby Management System Can Enhance Your Business

A top-class lobby management system can make a lasting positive impression on your clients and make your employees’ lives easier. It can also streamline your processes and save you money.

While this might sound too good to be true, that’s exactly what ALICE Receptionist provides for our customers daily. But, before you get in touch, we understand you may want to learn more.

Let’s jump in and find out why ALICE Receptionist is the right lobby management system for your business.

Guest Scheduling System

ALICE Receptionist starts improving the efficiency of your lobby long before a visitor arrives. An employee can copy ALICE Receptionist in on a client invitation, and the system will send the visitor a confirmation email. It will also provide them with all the documentation they need to check in on arrival.

This could include documents to confirm their details or health and safety forms to be signed. The email can also include information about any ID the client should bring to verify their identity.

Automatic Visitor Greetings

Your lobby is probably busy, but this doesn’t mean it should be impersonal. ALICE Receptionist uses motion detectors to sense when someone enters your building and greets them with a welcome video. You can pre-record a personal message and choose which avatars should display on the screen.

This can be a nice touch to help your clients feel more welcome and relaxed on arrival.

Health and Safety Checks

Understandably, your employees and customers expect you to take health and safety precautions to look after their welfare. But, this can be difficult to monitor and regulate on your premises.

This is why the ALICE Receptionist performs these tasks for you, standardizing the process to keep everyone safe. For example, our kiosks can detect if a visitor is wearing a face mask. If not, the system will advise your guest they must wear one if they wish to enter the building.

Also, ALICE Receptionist can take temperature readings. Should someone have a high temperature, the system will explain they will have to return when their temperature is within the normal range.

You may also want to ask specific health-related questions, and ALICE Receptionist can help with this too. You can upload questionnaires, and the software will present them to your visitors. Upon completion, the forms will be stored on the system for your records.

These safeguards can help everyone in your lobby feel like they are in a secure environment.

Self-Service and Fast Track Check-In Options

Lobby management systems should be flexible enough to deal with different scenarios. Although some visitors will have filled in the documents sent to them before the meeting, others may not have done so before arrival.

The ALICE Receptionist self-check-in software will identify each person individually. It will then provide them with the next relevant options.

For example, someone who has already provided their details will be fast-tracked through the check-in process. This could involve scanning a QR code that ALICE will have previously sent them to allow them to pass through the lobby straight away.

But, if a guest needs to complete visitor entry forms, ALICE Receptionist will ensure they now complete and sign each one.

This ability to adapt to various scenarios makes ALICE Receptionist an invaluable asset in your lobby.

Visitor Badges

When a visitor has completed the check-in procedures, ALICE Receptionist can print their visitor badge. You can also include plenty of relevant information on the pass.

For example, you can program ALICE Receptionist to add a guest’s photograph, name, and which organization they are from. But, you could also record their check-in date and time. If desired, you can even add a confirmation that they passed their health screening test.

This makes it easy for an employee to check if someone in your building is authorized to be there. They can view the comprehensive details listed on their badge in seconds.

Employee Notifications

Self-service kiosks don’t just make things easier for your visitors. They also improve the lobby management process for your employees. For example, if a staff member is expecting a visitor, they may spend time waiting for someone who turns up late. This can waste your employee’s time and prevent them from getting on with other work.

Similarly, this is inefficient if a human receptionist has to take time out of their day to let a colleague know a visitor has arrived. But, when a guest enters your building, they can use ALICE Receptionist to contact the person they are there to meet.

It’s possible to do this via an audio or video call, and an employee can even receive the call on a smart device. This means ALICE Receptionist can contact your staff wherever they are in the building.

Interactive Information Display

Your virtual receptionist can also provide your guests with helpful information. Perhaps a visitor would like to know when the next train leaves the area, and they can use the touch screen to find this information.

They could also look up the local weather, maps, or anything else that would be useful before they leave your offices. This can be helpful and leave your clients with a positive impression of your business.

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ALICE Receptionist is a market-leading lobby management system that can make your visitor check-in processes significantly more efficient. From greeting visitors at the door to performing vital health and safety checks, ALICE Receptionist has you covered.

These intelligent self-service kiosks can also connect your employees and clients when they are in the building. This can help streamline their communications and save time for both parties before their meeting.

Contact the ALICE Receptionist team today to learn more and get a free quote.

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