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Did you know that 86 percent of U.S. adults will pay more for a better customer experience?

Business owners have discovered that they can reach the pinnacle of customer service in their sector. How? By using a virtual receptionist.
In your mind’s eye, what pictures spring to mind when you hear the word “receptionist”? The most probable scenario is that you’ll see a highly energetic, smiling person sitting in the front foyer of a place of business. You can achieve the same level of reception with a live virtual receptionist.

A virtual receptionist ensures that everything runs well and ensures that the human element remains. As a result, businesses that use these services see productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness skyrocket.

Are you considering hiring a virtual receptionist to welcome your clients and customers? Let’s take a look at seven ways why a virtual receptionist may be the boost your business needs to succeed.

1. Automatic Handling of Virtual Receptionist Duties

With a virtual visitor management system, you can save time and money. You achieve that by consolidating various administrative tasks into a single solution. As a result, efficiency at the front desk and among other workers will increase significantly.

Some tasks handled by a virtual receptionist are:
• Guest registration
• Guest tracking
• The printing of guest passes and name tags
• Handling of notification to the meeting host is automatic

All the above tasks can be handled automatically with a virtual receptionist at the helm. Using a virtual receptionist allows you to free up valuable front desk personnel while also providing a much better visitor experience.

2. First Impressions Are Important

It is critical to be on time. Likewise, initial impressions are important!
You will greet your visitors with an attractive touch screen experience, which will make them feel even more welcomed. They will also feel well informed as soon as they enter your workplace.

By being efficient and timely, you will make a great first impression with an added professional attitude.

3. Self-Registration and Quick Notification

Allow your guests to automatically register themselves and quickly inform meeting organizers of their arrival. That will be done through text message or email via engaging or interactive self-help displays.

Add personalized details to your greeting, such as guest WiFi login information, business hours, and directions to the meeting room, among other things. The virtual receptionist management software can make your welcome more customized. How? By including some helpful information such as:

• The guest WiFi login information
• Business hours
• Directions to the meeting room

The above-personalized details that can be added are but a few.

As previously stated, when guests check-in at the reception desk, a host is immediately informed of their visitor’s arrival. This makes it simple to interact with the guest while waiting to be admitted or picked up from the reception.

Employee alertness helps to provide a more comfortable and personable experience for customers. It also maximizes time spent at the front desk. Because of the employee notification system, workers have a far higher chance of being prepared in the conference room when the visitor comes in.

A virtual receptionist service saves the visitor a great deal of time while also freeing up resources for the receptionists and other staff. Those staff members will no longer be needed to manually look for and contact meeting organizers on their own time.

4. Improving Checking Out Experience

The checkout process may be managed by either the guest or the meeting organizer. Upon completing the meeting, either the guest or the meeting organizer may use their own device to check out the guest. That checkout process will update the Visitor Logbook and change the visitor status in real-time. There is no need to re-enter the checkout queue or bypass it.

5. Better Security and Privacy

The ability to see all visitors currently in the facility is critical for maintaining security in the building at all times.

In a manual visitors’ logbook, any other visitor can look up names in the open log. In a virtual receptionist management system, these can immediately be stored out of sight. In addition, visitors’ names and check-in and checkout data can be uploaded to the cloud.

Because visitors sign in electronically and for admin views only, using a virtual visitor registration system improves visitor privacy. It also reduces the need to try and read illegible handwriting on guest registration forms.

6. Better Evacuation Management

In the event of an emergency, evacuation summaries may be produced and printed at any time, no matter when it occurs.

Logs are accessible from any location, making access and administration for many individuals much more efficient and straightforward. Therefore, everyone can be accounted for at any time.

7. Reducing Costs

Let us dispel some common misunderstandings about virtual receptionist pricing.

Compared to the cost of hiring an employee, it is reasonably priced. With virtual reception, you will save money on the following employee-related expenses:

• Training
• Health benefits
• Vacation time
• Sick time
• Space and equipment
• Employment taxes

As you can see, there are financial savings you get by hiring the best virtual receptionist service. That not only saves money but time and increases productivity.

You Can Do It With a Virtual Receptionist!

Many business owners, particularly small businesses, can’t justify the costs of hiring, onboarding, and training someone on-site for reception duties. Fortunately, virtual receptionist services are available for a fraction of the cost. In addition, virtual receptionists are available before and after the business is open and as-needed during busy periods.

Are you ready to discuss possible solutions for your business with our team? It doesn’t matter if you need a basic system to register and record your visits or enhance front desk operations, or even if you need a complete Virtual Receptionist solution, make sure to get in touch with us.  We will discuss the best approach to handle your specific virtual receptionist requirements.


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