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Have you ever had bad back pain? If you have, then you know how debilitating they can be. You suddenly lose the ability to do certain things you love, can’t play sports, and may even end up not being able to do the job that you depend on to survive.

All of these issues can be headed off and prevented from coming back through regular chiropractor visits. Regularly seeing your chiropractor not only improves your physical health but will also significantly boost your mental well-being.

Here are seven great benefits that you get when you visit the chiropractor regularly.

1. Better Posture

The best thing you can get a chiropractor’s help with is your posture. Having regular appointments can actually help to adjust the structure of your body and give you long-lasting results and a better overall posture.

This is especially true for people who suffer from neck issues. Most people who regularly attend a chiropractor appointment have had neck issues from a young age. After seeing their chiropractor for an extended period of time, they’ll soon be able to get over those issues and end up with a vastly improved posture.

2. Improved Sleep

If you have back issues, your body does everything it can in terms of pain management. Pain management strategies from your body can put a lot of stress on your body and prevent you from being able to sleep as much as you should.

By visiting the chiropractor regularly and making small adjustments to your posture and working out any issues with your back pain, you’ll soon find yourself getting a much longer and much more comfortable night’s sleep.

3. Stronger Immune System

Your spine is absolutely vital to your immune system. It is the information highway through your body and it needs to be well looked after. Issues with your spine can actually weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible to common colds and other viruses.

When you start to go to the chiropractor, you will begin to slowly work out all the issues with your spine and back and make small improvements to them with each visit.
Gradually strengthening your spine and your back gets your entire body in good working shape and boosts your immune system so you can concentrate on living your best life.

4. Stress Relief

As mentioned above in the point about sleep, a bad back puts a lot of stress on the body. It also puts just as much stress on your mind. You may not be able to do the things that help you unwind and blow off steam, and so your stress levels can go through the roof.

When you get your back issues attended to, you’re significantly lightening the load on your body and your mind. After a while, you’ll soon be able to get back to your old pastimes or things that you do to relax, and you can start to feel the stress ebb out of your body.

5. Boost Your Mood

Your body’s central nervous system depends on your spine to function properly. It doesn’t only control physical sensations, though. The central nervous system is also responsible for balancing your hormone levels and making sure that you’re not consistently in periods of low moods.

Regular chiropractor visits will get your spine back to where it should be, which in turn can help to alleviate any low moods that you’re experiencing. Your hormones will be better balanced and more able to travel freely through your central nervous system.

With regular visits, you’ll soon see the stress placed on your body and mind lessen, and you’ll experience more prolonged periods of lifted moods and feel more content and productive in general.

6. Child Health

Most people who have problems with their back and neck develop them early in life. The best forms of treatment are always preventative. If you get in the habit of taking your child to the chiropractor at an early age, they’ll be set for life to have great posture and excellent health overall.

Chiropractor visits for infants can also help with a number of common problems that infants suffer from such as colic, acid reflux, spitting up, latching, or torticollis.

7. Better Athletic Performance

This is another massive benefit of seeing your chiropractor regularly. If you’re an athletic person and play on a sports team, you know how critical your back and spine are to any of those activities.

There is a reason that almost every professional sports team has a chiropractor on their medical staff. When you have regular visits, you can keep your back muscles in peak condition, which will aid your performance in almost every aspect.

If you’ve suffered an athletic injury to your back, you’ll also need to see a chiropractor. They’ll be able to offer a course of treatment that can get your back to its old strength, and they’ll even be able to make sure that you’re better protected against any future damage.

Schedule Your Chiropractor Visits Today

If you’ve read all seven points above, you’ll no doubt be itching to start your regular chiropractor visits soon. If you’re in the Las Vegas area, then you should stop by and see us at Nicola Chiropractic.

Our team of chiropractors has decades of experience and is able to help you with any back, neck, or spinal issues that you may be experiencing. Book an appointment today to see how we can help you get your best life back.

With all eyes on hackers and digital security, many businesses forget about physical security. But the fact is, many data breaches are due to poor or a lack of physical measures.

When you’re looking at workplace security, don’t just focus on the digital. To make your business truly impregnable, you need to have physical measures in place, too.

One way to do so is with good visitor check-in software, such as ALICE.

Are you interested in hearing more? Here are all the ways that ALICE can help with lobby security at your place of business.

Visitor Detection

When people walk into your lobby, the motion detection technology on ALICE detects and greets them with a prerecorded welcome video. This will help you account for everyone that comes through your workplace, without anyone slipping through the cracks.

What’s great is you can set the sensitivity so ALICE can recognize people either at a close range or from across the room. That way, if your employees are coming in and out of a certain area, it won’t keep setting off ALICE with the prerecorded videos.

If you really want security to be tight, ALICE can take a picture of every guest it greets.

Remotely Supervise Your Lobby

Staff can a live video stream of the lobby, which means staff can supervise the front safely and remotely. 

If needed, your employees can connect a 2-way video call through ALICE to the guests. Visitors can also contact your employees through the system, without your team members having to leave their work desks.

Guest Scheduling

Your employees can schedule visitors straight from MS Outlook or Google Calendar. In fact, they can upload an entire list by importing it from a spreadsheet, which can save them a significant amount of time. This feature also allows you to do group check-ins.

Once the guests are put into ALICE’s system, they’ll be emailed a unique code so they can fill out their information before they check in at the visitor kiosk. This added step for security can weed out unwanted guests from your business.

Automatic Check-in and Check-Out System

After guests have been greeted by ALICE upon walking in, they can then check in by themselves. There’s no need for a guard to check people in and verify visitor identities, as ALICE will do this for you. 

The system can require your visitors to scan their driver’s licenses for identity verification. This can deter criminals from posing as someone they’re really not.

There’s also a Visitor Screening feature that connects with the US Consolidated Screening list. You can also set up your own blacklists with private screening. If someone tries to check-in and they’re on any of these lists, ALICE will notify the appropriate employee and also prevent the guest from completing self-check-in.

If visitors haven’t already scheduled an appointment with your business, they can then check in with ALICE. You can require them to input their whole name, organization, contact number, as well as scan their driver’s licenses.

You can also set custom fields if you need upgraded security for them. For instance, you can also add fields for Email Addresses and Citizenship requirements.

Automatic Visitor Badge Printouts

Without a visitor badge, it can be easy for guests to wander around the premises, pretending to be an employee. This is especially true if your workplace is large and it isn’t uncommon for employees to not know who else works on other floors.

After your guests have checked in, ALICE will print out self-adhesive visitors’ badges for each person. They can include things like the person’s name, organization, check-in date/time, and photo. The guests are then expected to wear them at all times so it’s clear they’re not employees.

Guest Activity Reports

Remember how we said it’s very easy for guests to wander off and pretend to be an employee? ALICE mitigates that by keeping detailed guest activity reports.

Even if you manage to lose track of a visitor, ALICE will have records that’ll tell you whom they checked in with and who was responsible for them.

Face Mask and Temperature Checks

Considering we’re going through a pandemic, there’s more than 1 type of lobby security to worry about. Not only do you have to keep unscrupulous characters out, but also those who might infect your workplace.

If you have a mask mandate in your business, then ALICE can check that all visitors are wearing face masks. If they’re not, then ALICE will notify them that they need to put one in before entering.

In addition, ALICE has a thermal camera that can scan visitors and determine whether or not they’re feverish. If they are, they won’t be able to complete the check-in process.

Lastly, ALICE can be programmed to give guests health questionnaires so you can be extra sure that you’re not inviting in any people that are ill.

Upgrade Your Lobby Security With ALICE

As you can see, ALICE can do a lot for lobby security. Not only can it check-in and keep track of visitors, but it can also prevent check-in attempts if they’re on any blacklists. Plus, this software can generate guest activity reports, create visitor badges, verify adherence to face mask policies, check temperatures, and more.

So if you’ve been wanting to upgrade your lobby security and need a better visitor receptionist, ALICE is ideal for your workplace!

If you’re interested in our visitor management software, then request pricing from us now. We’ll also answer any additional questions or concerns you might have.


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