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5 Ways a Visitor Management System Can Benefit Your Business

Managing an office complex, or anywhere else with reception can be exhausting work. Some of the real challenges of the job come with simply keeping track of everyone in your property at any one time.

This includes checking people in, checking people out, and everything in-between. But have you ever considered that this crucial part of the job could be much easier?

We promise it can be if you look at investing in a visitor management system.

How you ask? Well, here at Alice Receptionist we’ve outlined what exactly a visitor management system is, as well as 5 major ways it can benefit your business.

Visitor Management System: What Is It?

There’s nothing all that complicated about what a visitor management system is, despite how intimidating it sounds. 

A visitor management system is a system designed to augment or even replace a receptionist position in your lobby. They’re a completely automated digital interfaces used for checking in guests, providing clear instructions, signage, and even maps for your visitors. They can print badges, stream training videos, and even notify employees when a guest has arrived for their visit.

These systems are considerably more accurate and reliable than outdated methods like guest books, and also often come with additional features. If you need to know more, please see our previous blog post.

Below are 5 ways in which investing in one could help your business.

1. Increased Efficiency for Everyone

The first and most obvious benefit to visitor management systems is increasing your efficiency. You’ll no longer have to have huge books and pen and paper methods to collate your data.

Instead, everything can be inputted instantly into the system, which can reliably track and save this information. Not only is it much easier to follow, but its also so much safer. 

Further measures can be taken to increase efficiency even more. Pre-scheduling information could be sent to visitors before they arrive, which can streamline the entire check-in process. 

This can be exceptionally helpful for conferences or large meetings, as everyone attending can check in upon arrival with a unique code and be logged into the system quickly.

2. Heightened Security for Employees and Guests

Not only is a visitor management system more efficient and safer at keeping your data, but it also works to make your building safer and more secure overall.

Think about it; you operate a pen and paper check-in system and are trying to find out whether an individual is in the building. You have to manually look through your huge book to find this potentially dangerous person, wasting employee time and putting people at risk.

With a software based system, guests can be located quickly and easily. Everyone can be logged into the same reliable system, and their information can be found much faster. 

The system also keeps confidential information much safer and can prevent breaches in guest data which could otherwise have seriously harmed your business.

3. Modernized Reception and Branding

A visitor management system can also help make your office or building appear modernized to visitors. A fully automated reception system is a real surprise for guests and can positively impact their first impressions of your company.

Science shows people make judgments 12 seconds after seeing you; this is the same for when they see your building. If you “wow” them with a streamlined, automated check-in, they’ll take that experience with them throughout their time in your building and beyond. 

Think about how this system could also be customized to show off your brand if you own a high-tech office or hotel. This can help to both modernize and advertise your company to those who most need to be impressed, your visitors.

4. Better For The Environment: a Paperless System

A visitor management system allows for a fully paperless reception. This makes it a considerably more environmentally friendly option than a regular reception.

Paper waste is one of the worst things for the environment today. Adopting a visitor management system can help you to create an automated visitor badge system that saves on paper. Not only that, but the system being entirely online means that no paper is wasted there either!

It can be a real positive initiative for your business in its efforts to protect the environment. It can also positively affect guest satisfaction as a result, as they will likely be impressed by your efforts and feel like they are helping to positively contribute.

5. Reduction in Costs and Waiting Times

Thanks to host notifications and elaborate system management, a visitor management system can reduce the waiting times of any reception. This is vital for buildings that experience a huge footfall in visitors every day but remains important for smaller businesses too.

This is because not only does it reduce guest waiting time, it reduces the time spent by your employees on checking guests in and monitoring guest movements. This means they can spend their working time on other important tasks.

Ultimately, this is how a thorough visitor management system can save your business money. Your customer service staff will no longer have to handle reception duties, meaning their time is better spent on the overall operation of your business. 

Your guests don’t have to wait as long, so you don’t lose as many potential customers due to waiting times. Thanks to these facts, implementing a visitor management system may be one of the most cost-effective decisions you make.

Where Might I Find a Visitor Management System?

If you’re looking for a comprehensive visitor management system, Alice Receptionist has you covered. Our innovative receptionist and management system provides a professional experience for guests as well as a more secure environment for employees.

If you’d like to find out more about how an Alice Receptionist system can transform your building, please contact us directly. Or, you can request a quote directly on our website today.

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