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Do you consider your lobby management team as integral to your customer service? Well, what if we told you that 89% of customers have, at some point, stopped doing business because of poor customer service?

In recent years, there has been a shift in how people connect. Staff shortages, less face-to-face interaction, and social distancing have become the norm. As reception waiting times have crept up, not surprisingly, customer satisfaction has decreased.

It’s time to fix your receptionist and lobby management crisis with a virtual receptionist. Whatever the sector, ALICE is a virtual receptionist that can solve these problems.

But, what is a virtual receptionist? ALICE is an integrated lobby management system that can improve your customer satisfaction, increase output, and save you money.

So, let us introduce you to the award-winning ALICE and how it can speed up your reception processes.

Speed up Visitor Check-in

From the first moment, the ALICE receptionist can detect guests walking through the door and welcome them with a friendly avatar. Guests will be able to read a custom welcome message as ALICE introduces the options for checking in or directly contacting an employee.


When prompted, guests will have two choices for checking in. Firstly, they can use the convenient keyboard to fill out their details themselves. The benefit is that you will eliminate any potential errors around name spelling, and you can store the guests’ most up-to-date contact information. The second option for the visitor is to scan their license. Once scanned, ALICE will auto-complete the necessary check-in fields. The only thing your visitor will need to enter is the name of the person they are meeting.

Fast-Track and QR Code Check-in

The fast-track system is a game-changer for lobby management. At the final stage of self-check-in, guests can choose to receive a fast-track code. On their next visit, they will only need to scan a QR code into ALICE, and it will immediately recognize them.
The fast-track codes are sent to guests by SNS or e-mail.

Meeting and Event Check-in

ALICE receptionist connects to both Google calendar and MS Outlook. If an employee schedules a meeting into either of these systems, ALICE can manage the reception process.
Your guests will receive an email with a personal guest code and check-in instructions. This is ideal if you have large meetings or events.

Guests can quickly type in their code as ALICE prints their name badge. ALICE can show them an interactive map of where the event will take place. If you would rather guests be escorted through the building, ALICE will notify the relevant employee of the arrivals.

Employee Notifications

It’s general knowledge that receptionists spend a lot of time chasing employees for whom visitors have arrived. Too often the contact has popped away from their desk, and the receptionist is left trying to hunt them down. All the while, your visitor is waiting.

The ALICE receptionist system recognizes this issue and can notify employees by email, slack or also send a message directly to their mobile phones. On the ALICE screen, guests are also welcome to contact employees via a video call.

ALICE business can be integrated into your company’s telephone system and works in multi-tenant buildings.

Ensuring Safety

These days people have become more cautious about their health and safety. Through a clever recognition system, ALICE can identify whether someone is wearing a mask or not.
The specialist thermal camera allows ALICE to determine the body temperature of guests. If anyone is spotted with a fever, to keep others safe, access will be denied. For high-risk locations, you can create additional health care questionnaires.

The high-quality camera on ALICE, the best virtual receptionist, can also provide images of people as they enter the building. In the system dashboard, your employees will be able to see who visited and pull out activity reports.

A Complete Touch-Free Experience

In the current times, 80% of consumers think touchscreens are unhygienic. The ALICE virtual receptionist has evolved to offer both touchscreen and touch-free interaction methods.

If they wish to, visitors can push buttons and interact with maps directly on the screen. Or if they are one of the 80%, they may prefer to use the ALICE disposable stylus pens. Visitors can tap the keyboard buttons and maps using the one-time-use tool for a more hygienic experience.

The ALICE Virtual Receptionist Is Always on Brand

You will be sure that guests are receiving excellent customer service each and every time. There are many brandable elements of the ALICE system, so it will feel like an integrated part of the team.

For example, you can add your branding and logo to the screens, upload branded videos and voice-overs for a smooth transition. You can direct people to your website and display photos of your products or services in a rotating sequence.

ALICE receptionist is available with five English-speaking personalities and eight non-English speaking personalities. So, whatever your country or trade, ALICE will make everyone feel welcome without judgment.

ALICE Will Change Your Check-in Experience

The ALICE virtual receptionist manages all your visitor and lobby tasks to the highest standards. These unique business tools will ensure that your customers receive excellent customer service in a friendly manner.

Easily accessible information means that ALICE virtual receptionist goes the extra mile to help your guests, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ALICE will always be the hardest worker on your team.

With ALICE as your virtual receptionist, benefits include — remembering guests, welcoming visitors, making video calls, ensuring lobby safety, and being the face of your customer service.

Contact us today to learn more or trial ALICE as your virtual receptionist.

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