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The facts are that many manufacturers are having a hard time finding and retaining a reliable lobby receptionist to Hire?

Is your manufacturing company struggling to find a lobby customer facing receptionist? You’re not alone. Around the country and the world, many manufacturing companies are struggling to find qualified lobby customer facing receptionists who are ready, willing, and able to do the work necessary. Why is this happening, and what can you do to meet your manufacturing company’s lobby’s needs?

From the 2020 health crises and delays in the supply chain to record high inflation and worldwide civil unrest, we’re wading through unprecedented times. As a response to all of the pressure applied by the virus, inflation and slowed economy, the entire way we work has changed. But so has the way that we view work. As a result, many people have decided to either:

Boss glaring
  1. Quit their jobs or
  2. Only take jobs that are hybrid or work from home or
  3. Delay their return to work after first being laid off at the start of the pandemic. This has led to an employee mass exodus, also known as the Great Resignation.

We will likely never work together in the same manner that we did before 2020. However, we can lean into technology to support our vacancies whenever possible. This is definitely true when it comes to your lobby receptionist needs.

If your lobby is open to the public (visitors, vendors, delivery drivers, investors or sales executives), you need a lobby receptionist who can welcome visitors into your office while also controlling the flow of incoming and outgoing traffic. But no one said it had to be a human receptionist.

Kiosk BW

ALICE Receptionist is The Manufacturing Company’s Alternative

While it’s true that technology and humans can work together, it’s also true that you can use technology to help your company out when you can’t find a good enough human to fill your receptionist job vacancy. Virtual receptionist tools can step into the role of front desk clerk and handle a wide range of responsibilities such as:

Imagine greeting your visitors with a branded, premium, state of the art kiosk / wall mount / desktop system set up in your front lobby. This state-of-the-art system can handle all of the above and then some.

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