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ALICE Receptionist Has a Proven Track Record

ALICE Receptionist was founded in 2010 and has been offering its services to government and public sector buildings for over a decade. ALICE Receptionist has continued to evolve as we deliver multi-year software updates and new professional services for our customers. Thanks to this track record, many government agencies, contractors, and public sector companies select ALICE Receptionist as their visitor management software vendor.

Info-Tech Research Group contacted and polled real ALICE Receptionist customers to score our software and organization. In their findings, ALICE Receptionist has perfect scores on trust, integrity, and client-friendly policies.

Disagreements after sales are inevitable, but knowing your software provider will handle them reasonably, fairly, and amiably can give your agency peace of mind. These ALICE Receptionist customers rated our conflict resolution practices a 98% out of 100% satisfactory score.

ALICE Receptionist remains committed to maintaining this high level of satisfaction as we have been for government and public sector customers over the years.

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