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ALICE Receptionist Delivers a Methodical Deployment

ALICE Receptionist has a strong history of best practices in delivery and deployment. This includes planning, testing, and pre-configuration processes that help ensure that the system is ready before delivery and installation of the kiosk, wall mount, or desktop system.

Every ALICE Receptionist software subscription includes fulfillment and post-implementation support. ALICE Receptionist believes in transparent, frequent, and consistent communication with customers to help ensure a successful methodical deployment of ALICE Receptionist. This ultimately decreases confusion, delays, and mistakes in the deployment of our product.

Info-Tech Research Group contacted and polled real ALICE Receptionist customers to score our software and organization. They found the majority of our customers believe ALICE Receptionist delivers, with over 83% satisfaction on ease of implementation and customization, as well as an overall rating of 92% satisfaction with their ALICE Receptionist experience as a whole.

Choosing the right visitor management software is only the first step. A vendor that can successfully implement new solutions on time and under budget is necessary to realize its full value, promote end-user adoption, and deliver on customer satisfaction.

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