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Reason 1: ALICE Receptionist software communicates with your lobby visitors using all three learning styles. The facts are that the general population (your lobby visitors), the distribution of the three learning styles is: 65% visual, 30% auditory and 5% kinesthetic. Our AI avatar is visual and auditory, our competitors’ check-in process is not!

Reason 2: Integrates with Secure Access Control:

Reason 3: No other visitor management system is as connected regarding communication protocols. These communication protocols include Cisco, Microsoft Teams, SLACK, SIEMENS, Mitel, Avaya, 30X and others.

Reason 4: Our solution has three separate modules:

Try these interactive demos to see the ALICE Receptionist experience first-hand: https://www.alicereceptionist.com/demomenu/

Reason 5: Our AI Avatars Communicate With Your Lobby Visitors in 9-Languages:

Reason 6: Your Company Can Create a Custom Company Greeting:

Reason 7: Your company can create a branded company video that constantly loops when no visitor is in front of ALICE. This video will be a great way to increase brand awareness with your lobby visitors. This company commercial video will make a memorable impression on your lobby visitors. It is a way of distinguishing your company self from the competitors and can clarify what your company is offers which make your company the best vendor.

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