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Finding a Visitor Management Solution for the Public Sector

A recent survey suggests that 73% of employees find feeling safe at work to be “very important.” Further, when asked about factors that would make employees want to stay with their current employer, the survey suggests feeling safe is as important as the amount of compensation they receive.

There are many reasons that a visitor management solution is critical for the public sector, but one very important reason is workplace safety.

If you do not currently have lobby management software for visitors and employees, then consider this a priority. But how do you find a good lobby management system?

Look for one that has the right features, and here is why.

Lobby Management: How Does It Work?

Most businesses receive a steady amount of foot traffic on their premises. This includes job candidates, contractors, family members of employees, delivery personnel, and more.

With a visitor management solution, it provides a method for visitors to register with their personal details before entry. It collects information like name, contact information, photos, and the purpose of the visit.

A visitor management solution will track visitors in terms of when they arrive, depart, and where they are in your building. This is a way to safeguard the privacy of visitors and enhance your security.

Lobby management serves a grand purpose, and that is to streamline the visitor workflow.

Look for the Right Features

Finding the right visitor management solution? This means finding one that offers the features that you need.

Notification System

It must be capable of notifying and communicating to the right individual, the host of the visitor. The host should receive a notification when a guest checks in.

Particularly if you have a solution that is a self-check-in style, this is a must-have. Either by SMS, email, or via an application, the solution should send a visitor notification.

Beyond the initial check-in, emergencies happen, and a host should be able to send a notification back to the visitor. This could even be a message about the rules of the visit or COVID-19 safety precautions.

Visitor Experience

If you think about it, when you enter the building of a business, you get a first impression. A sense of who they might be. It places an image in your head.

You could impress visitors with having the ability to register remotely, self-check-in, contactless entry, and other features. When finding a visitor management solution, you will want to see what features they offer that will enhance the visitor experience.

A visitor receptionist software should be intuitive by nature, no matter who is using it.

Managing Compliance

Of all considerations, this one is the most serious. For protecting personal data, over 80 countries have established privacy laws. The European Union has GDPR, Japan has APPI, and the state of California has CCPA.

There are industry-related regulations that may affect you, too, such as:

• ITAR–the defense industry
• FMSA–the food industry
• PCI DSS–credit card companies
• T-CPAT–trading establishments

The visitor management solution should contain the data security features you require. Too, you want one that offers a privacy policy that is robust.

Does It Integrate?

There are integrations that can enhance the solution, depending on the needs of your business. It may be necessary to require a visitor management solution that can integrate with video intercom, surveillance systems, access control systems, digital ID software, and more.

Robust Reporting

Facilities often require data insights, which are highly beneficial for the organization. Data is what can drive better decisions.

Plus, if you have a facility with a large volume of visitors, you could end up with a lot of data. This means that it is helpful to work with a visitor management solution that can apply filters. Delivering customized experiences and being able to segment visitors can prove highly beneficial for your business.

Benefits of a Good Visitor Management Solution

Public sectors need lobby management for a variety of reasons. As mentioned at the beginning, business safety is critical for you and your employees.

The right visitor management solution will enhance business security because it gives you better visibility. You have a full scope of visitor registration (who is checking in), who is there for a brief visit, who is physically inside your facility, and when they exit.

Efficient Visitor Registration

It is important to deliver a seamless sign-in process. This is how it becomes a win-win for both you and the visitor when you can increase efficiency. When a visitor can register prior to arrival, that is highly beneficial.

Stores and Compiles Data

In the public sector, your business has a set standard for security policies. The visitor management solution must meet such policies, and this includes the data they keep on your visitors. It is a great way to meet regulations and all compliance goals you have.

Visitor Logs

Someone can quickly export visitor information for security personnel. You may have a mass announcement to make, or in case of an emergency, you want this information available quickly to take action immediately.

Helps in Case of Emergency

You are aware of who your employees are in case of an immediate evacuation, but what about your visitors who are not commonly onsite? This is a way to get the list of visitors efficiently and automatically, so you can add it to an evacuation list. You must be accountable to everyone, and you need a list in hand of who each individual is.

Lobby Management for the Public Sector

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