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How to Streamline Customer Service with a Virtual Receptionist

Customers matter. You might have the most skilled staff on your team. You might even have a highly sought-after location. Without a steady stream of customers, though, your business can’t reach greater heights or extend into new avenues.

Does your company employ a part-time receptionist? Does your staff take turns handling the front desk? If your business is struggling to handle walk-in customers, you’re likely looking for a solution to capture those customers and increase your bottom line. So, what can you do? You can set up a virtual receptionist for your business.

Virtual Receptionist
What Is a Virtual Receptionist?

A virtual receptionist, unlike a remote or off-site receptionist, is not an employee. It is a receptionist system that uses recorded video personalities and built-in functionality to interact with customers and handle everything from check-in to employee notifications and document signing.

What Are the Benefits?

There are numerous benefits to a virtual receptionist and visitor management system. While some of the benefits focus on customer relations, others focus on overall customer perception.

1. Immediate Visitor Greeting

Even with a dedicated receptionist handling the front desk, there will be times in which customers do not receive an immediate greeting or inquiry about their needs. While a moment or two of waiting is understandable, anything longer might develop into frustration.

Frustrated customers may share their negative experiences online, or they may take their business elsewhere. You can avoid these situations by directing customers to a virtual receptionist system. No waiting means a better experience for all.

2. Streamlined Interactions

Another benefit is a streamlined interaction. This means that customers receive the same experience regardless of the time of day or the activity level in the office lobby. The first step is customer detection, followed by a greeting and on-screen directions.

Busy receptionists juggle many tasks, and sometimes they are unable to address all customer inquiries. This leaves some customer experiences cut short. A virtual receptionist can step in when a receptionist cannot. This way, all customers receive equal attention and a complete experience.

3. Information-Driven Screen

More and more customers like full information upfront, allowing them to make their own decisions and self-direct on what they need. Just like with self-checkout machines at a supermarket, a virtual receptionist system puts the customer in control. When the customer sees information presented on-screen, they can quickly check in for a meeting, contact an employee, or see a map of the office layout.

4. Tech-Oriented Experience

Lastly, having a virtual receptionist system in place sets your company up as a tech-forward business. Many people already interact with smart technology on a regular basis. When they see similar technology in your office, they will be familiar with the protocol and will feel comfortable interacting with the system.

Being tech-oriented will impress visitors as well as existing and potential customers. A positive experience will help to further your brand and your company reach.

The Takeaway

If you’re ready to streamline your customer service, look no further than ALICE. The ALICE Receptionist virtual receptionist system has the functionality and customization your business needs to ensure a better experience for all your customers.

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