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How to Use a Self-Service Kiosk for Health & Safety Visitor Screening

The number one priority for every business is the health and safety of both staff and visitors. Failure to take the proper precautions could result in suffering illness or injury on your premises. This could potentially cost you substantial amounts of money and significant reputational damage.

While health and safety procedures are always important, concerns have risen further since the beginning of the  COVID-19 pandemic. Companies are therefore looking for innovative and cost-effective ways to reduce the risks to those on their premises. In response, self-service virtual receptionists have become even more advanced than ever.

However, not every self-service kiosk is created equal. ALICE Receptionist is leading the way in this exciting market.

Let’s dive in and find out how ALICE can improve your commercial health and safety procedures.

Temperature and Mask Checks

There are many important COVID-19 related visitor screening tasks. Ensuring customers do not have a high temperature, and that they are wearing a face mask, is one of the most vital. If an employee was to have face-to-face contact with clients entering your building, this could put them at increased risk of infection.

However, The ALICE virtual receptionist can both take temperature readings and confirm a person is using a face covering. The details are then recorded on the system and the client can move to the next stage of the process.

Health Questionnaires

It’s essential to have medical questionnaires to confirm key health-related details. These could include if a person has recently been in contact with someone who has now been diagnosed with COVID-19. When completing the form, there is no need for a person to touch the screen. A motion-activated ALICE stylus dispenser provides a safe way to interact without physical contact, or a touchless interface can let the user interact with ALICE using their phone.

This allows you to find out critical information that could help you identify a risk to the health of those in your building. As you can amend the questionnaires on the system, you can adapt them if there is a change in the symptoms that could indicate a COVID-19 infection.

Customizable Policies

If a visitor has any COVID-19 symptoms, the system will not grant them entry to the premises. Instead, you can present clients with customized company policies advising what the person should do next.

For example, you can politely ask them to reschedule their appointment. You could also provide them with a link to the latest government COVID-19 advice. This is an excellent way to look after both the welfare of your employees while also showing you care about the welfare of your visitors.

Staff Alerts

The vast majority of people will be responsible and leave your building if asked. But, there may be an occasion where someone chooses to remain in the reception area. If your employees were unaware of their presence, this could endanger their health. It could also be hazardous for subsequent visitors entering your premises.

To avoid this scenario, the ALICE virtual receptionist instantly sends a message to your team if a person may have COVID-19. Your employees can then take the appropriate action to resolve the situation. For example, connect a video call to the front lobby to ask the person to leave the premises.

Video Communications

Sometimes a visitor may choose not to enter your main offices upon arrival. For example, they might be on their way to your building when they begin to feel unwell. Even though these symptoms may not be related to COVID-19, the person could decide to err on the side of caution.

Rather than going through to a meeting room, they could use the ALICE video communications system. They can then speak directly to the employee they were going to meet. During a brief conversation, they can reschedule their appointment and pass on important information.

This is an efficient way to ensure a journey is not wasted, and that your clients and staff can communicate even when being in the same room isn’t a good idea.

Automatic Badge Printing

Of course, ALICE virtual receptionist also offers fast pass visitor management solutions. When a client is allowed to enter your building, it can be time-consuming if they need to queue and ask for a pass from a busy member of staff. To make this process more efficient, the software prints out their authorization. They can then go directly through to their meeting.

Active Visitor Reports

It’s critical to know who is in your building at all times. ALICE Receptionist can instantly provide you with accurate reports as to who is present. There is also the facility to view past visitor reports, which can be crucial in a contact tracing situation.

Should someone in your offices test positive for COVID-19, you can review the list of everyone who was on the premises at the same time. You can then contact these people as soon as possible. This displays a duty of care that will be appreciated by employees and clients alike.

Contact ALICE Receptionist

ALICE Receptionist is an industry-leading company that can help your business address Health and Safety concerns. Our expert team has developed our self-service kiosk product over many years, constantly evolving to meet the needs of our clients. We continue to add new software features to reduce the risks to your employees and clients.

When you use the contactless ALICE system to screen and admit visitors to your building, you can be satisfied you’ve taken sensible precautions to protect people on your premises.

For a consultation and a free quote, contact the ALICE Receptionist team today.

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