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ALICE® Receptionist Adds New PhotoReal Avatars Created by (AI) to Help Businesses Address COVID-19 Guest Policies

AI Avatars

ALICE Receptionist announces photoreal digital humans created by Artificial Intelligence (AI) avatars from HourOne, in its ALICE® Receptionist visitor management system.

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How to Improve Your Visitor Registration Process in 2021

picture of visitors in an office

A simple & easy visitor registration process can improve your client's experience and streamline operations. Learn how to improve yours here.

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9 Ways Excellent Visitor Management Improves User Experience

picture of office with visitors

Is your visitor management setup leaving the best impression? Read on for 9 ways excellent visitor management improves user experience.

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ALICE Receptionist in 2021 + Useful Features and Tips for COVID-19

remote employee

Over the last year, offices have faced new challenges due to COVID-19, many of which have and will continue to evolve and change. ALICE Receptionist is uniquely positioned to help with the variety of challenges offices are facing, with a flexible feature set that can be customized in its utilization at any time to meet your team's needs.

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The Future of Offices: Visitor Sign In and Administration Reimagined

picture of virtual sign in

What does the future of offices look like? Learn how visitor sign in, administrative tasks and more will look different in 2021.

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What Does the ALICE Virtual Receptionist Offer?

picture of customer service rep

What makes ALICE different than other virtual assistants and receptionists? We've gathered our favorite things about ALICE.

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7 Ways a Virtual Receptionist Can Save You Time and Money

A virtual receptionist can improve your clients' experience while saving you time and money. These 7 benefits will show you how.

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