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What Exactly Is a Visitor Management System?

How easy is it for you to track how many visitors you have at your company each day? Does it involve digging through a log or sign-in sheet? Do you have a database of guests that allows you to track when they arrived and departed, down to the minute?

If any of these questions don’t have satisfactory answers, it’s time to take a look at a digital visitor management system for your workplace.

Visitor management systems are designed to augment or even replace a receptionist position in your lobby. They’re a completely automated digital interfaces used for checking in guests, providing clear instructions, signage, and even maps for your visitors. They can print badges, stream training videos, and even notify employees when a guest has arrived for their visit.

While the following list of benefits isn’t exhaustive, it highlights some of the amazing ways a VMS can help your company.

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How Can a Visitor Management System Help You?

1. They boost office efficiency

Have you ever walked into an unfamiliar building and wasted a bunch of time trying to figure out what to do, where to go, and who to talk to? It doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

Conversely, a visitor management system eliminates second-guessing and wasted time. When your visitors walk in, they are greeted by a receptionist on a screen, and they know exactly what to do. With an intuitive user interface, visitor management systems provide clear, easy to follow instructions about a company’s layout, who the visitor should talk to, and any other steps that may be necessary.

When visitors waste less time wandering around your facility, asking several employees where they are supposed to be, your employees waste less time trying to handle a situation for which they may not be well prepared.

Apart from saving time, visitor management systems offer an impressive ROI. The cost of a digital VMS is far lower than providing a full salary year over year. By some estimates, you can achieve 100% ROI, at a tenth the cost of a full-time employee, in under 60 days.

2. They keep your facility secure 

Many companies today have unattended lobbies, unlocked doors, and wide-open floor plans. There’s no telling who might decide to walk in at any given time, and there’s nothing to stop them.

Visitor management systems increase the security of your company in a number of ways.

3. They make an impression

Visitor management does more than just track a list of names. It provides your visitors with an experience.

A visitor management system starts educating your visitors about your company the moment they walk through the door. Using your branding on a visitor management system immediately immerses visitors in your company identity and gives them a clearer picture of who you are.

Visitors can find their way around with a map, check in for a meeting, drop off a package, scan their ID for identity verification, watch necessary training videos, and more. By setting your visitors at ease right off the bat, you’ll leave them with a strong impression about the way your company is managed.

Get Started with a Visitor Management System

Using a powerful, productive digital visitor management system has many benefits for your organization. It boosts your productivity, helps keep you and your visitors safe, and gives your visitors a great first impression.

To learn more about how a digital visitor management system can help your company, be sure to send us a message!

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