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Security and Surveillance

Secure Your Lobby

Visual Verification
Employees have the ability to see and speak with visitors who are in the lobby before they go out to greet or “buzz” them in.

Visitor Image Capture
ALICE captures images of visitors, which can be reviewed and downloaded by company security personnel.

Lobby Watch
Employees have the ability to turn on the ALICE Directory
camera to remotely watch their lobby area from the convenience of their desk.



Reports are available for all visitors who check in with the ALICE visitor management system.

Visitor Logs
Reports include guest information, which employees were visited, when the guest arrived, when the guest left, and other information collected through custom questions or fields.

Call Logs
Reports are available for all calls made from the ALICE kiosk.
Reports include what employee was called, at what time,
and how long the call lasted.

Visitor Verification

Verify guests and visitors while alerting designated employees when guests are matched against screening databases during check-in.

ID Scanning
With the ID Scanning feature, ALICE is able to scan a guest’s government ID (Driver’s license). ALICE can validate the ID and use the information collected to fill in the check-in form.

Visitor Screening
With the Visitor Screening feature, ALICE can screen visitors against the US Consolidated and Private screening lists and prevent them from completing a self-check-in while alerting a designated employee that a visitor was found on the consolidated screening list.


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