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Does Your Government or Public Sector Offices Have a 21st-Century Visitor Management Technology? ALICE Receptionist Breaks the Cycle of Inefficient Investments into Security Guards and Receptionists.

Visitor Management Solutions for Government & Public Sector Entities:

  • Proven Track Record
  • Predictability & Reliability
  • Methodical Deployment
  • Multi-Year Plans & Roadmaps

ALICE Receptionist Visitor Management Subject Matter Expert Partners With
Government Agencies / Government Contractors / Public Sector Companies

At ALICE Receptionist, we know that government and public sector companies don't think, act, or purchase like those in the private sector. Through experience and research, we found that the top four values that government agencies, contractors, and public sector companies look for in software vendors are those that have:

Proven Track Record

ALICE Receptionist Has a Proven Track Record

ALICE Receptionist was founded in 2010 and has been offering its services to government and public sector buildings for over a decade. ALICE Receptionist has continued to evolve as we deliver multi-year software updates and new professional services for our customers. Thanks to this track record, many government agencies, contractors, and public sector companies select ALICE Receptionist as their visitor management software vendor.

Info-Tech Research Group contacted and polled real ALICE Receptionist customers to score our software and organization. In their findings, ALICE Receptionist has perfect scores on trust, integrity, and client-friendly policies.

Disagreements after sales are inevitable, but knowing your software provider will handle them reasonably, fairly, and amiably can give your agency peace of mind. These ALICE Receptionist customers rated our conflict resolution practices a 98% out of 100% satisfactory score.

ALICE Receptionist remains committed to maintaining this high level of satisfaction as we have been for government and public sector customers over the years.

Predictability & Reliability

ALICE Receptionist is Predictable & Reliable

ALICE Receptionist recognizes that many government agencies, contractors, and public sector companies rely on planned and well-organized buying processes. Being a predictable and reliable software vendor is mission-critical to winning new customers in these industries. ALICE Receptionist has a formal sales presentation process based on honest selling and developing strong relationships in the government and public sector spaces.

ALICE Receptionist is a predictable and reliable software vendor with a culture of identifying and nurturing an internal champion within each government and public sector account. Our company respects that these champions live where they work, so they have a personal investment in implementing great technology products they can trust and rely on. Our software improves our customer’s visitor management processes. Info-Tech Research Group contacted and polled real ALICE Receptionist customers to score our software and organization. They found our customers rated ALICE Receptionist with an over 90% outcome score on improving productivity, increasing security, and enhancing team performance.

This reliability is what makes our relationship with internal champions strong. Info-Tech Research Group also reports that…

  • 90% loved using ALICE Receptionist
  • 88% were likely to recommend ALICE Receptionist to others
  • 70% felt the value of the ALICE Receptionist outweighed the product
  • 89% are planning to renew their ALICE Receptionist license

Successful Methodical Deployment

ALICE Receptionist Delivers a Methodical Deployment

ALICE Receptionist has a strong history of best practices in delivery and deployment. This includes planning, testing, and pre-configuration processes that help ensure that the system is ready before delivery and installation of the kiosk, wall mount, or desktop system.

Every ALICE Receptionist software subscription includes fulfillment and post-implementation support. ALICE Receptionist believes in transparent, frequent, and consistent communication with customers to help ensure a successful methodical deployment of ALICE Receptionist. This ultimately decreases confusion, delays, and mistakes in the deployment of our product.

Info-Tech Research Group contacted and polled real ALICE Receptionist customers to score our software and organization. They found the majority of our customers believe ALICE Receptionist delivers, with over 83% satisfaction on ease of implementation and customization, as well as an overall rating of 92% satisfaction with their ALICE Receptionist experience as a whole.

Choosing the right visitor management software is only the first step. A vendor that can successfully implement new solutions on time and under budget is necessary to realize its full value, promote end-user adoption, and deliver on customer satisfaction.

Multi-Year Customer & Vendor Plan & Roadmap

ALICE Receptionist Aligns with Customers’ Multi-Year Customer and Vendor Plans

Government and public sector buyers usually don’t have research and development or test and learn budgets. Their spending is tightly aligned with vendors that can deliver proven ROI models and multi-year roll-out master plans. Our visitor management software has a clear value proposition that aligns with our customer’s purchasing agenda. Often government and public sector prospects have already approved visitor management solution budgets.

All ALICE Receptionist must do is demonstrate it is the best product to fit their visitor management master plan.

ALICE Receptionist Has Proven Government and Public Sector Success

Over 20 courthouses have invested in the ALICE Receptionist visitor management software for registering and validating jury duty attendees in a streamlined and efficient manner

The US government's most prominent air and space agency invested in ALICE Receptionist to protect their employees, visitors, intellectual capital, offices, and building infrastructure

The State of California's largest county implemented over 30 ALICE Receptionist systems

Alice Receptionist Has Proven Track Records in These Government and Public Sector Environments

County Buildings
Federal District Buildings
State Game and Fish Offices
Secretary of State Offices
Detention Centers
Police Departments
City Buildings
Sheriff Departments
Bureau of Indian Affairs Offices
Chamber of Commerce Offices
US Probation Offices
Public Defender Law Offices
Township Buildings
Transit Company Offices
Veteran Affairs Offices
Child Support SVCS Offices
Government Contractors
County Attorney's Offices
Local Court Houses
State Court Houses
Federal Court Houses
City Clerk's Office
International Consulates in Canada
International Consulates in São Paolo, Brazil

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What is the best hardware for my government or public sector building?

Hardware That Best Fits Government Agencies and Public Sectors Needs:

  • The stunning and eye-catching Lincoln floor-standing kiosks
  • The sleek Clark wall-mounted systems
  • The flexible Lander desktop systems

All models include high-grade touch monitors for 24/7 operation and high-volume traffic.

What are the top 3 reasons why government agencies and public sector companies invest in visitor management software?


ALICE Receptionist improves building and staff safety with the following features:

  • Remote Interactions – With ALICE Receptionist, agency staff can be stationed behind locked doors or at a remote location and still assist members of the public who are at the ALICE kiosk. The kiosk can be placed in lobbies, outside department doors, or in public areas. Visitors can call an employee or department from the kiosk to initiate two-way video or audio-only calls with staff members. Video calls through ALICE Receptionist allow agencies to offer face-to-face help to visitors or members of the public without being exposed physically.
  • Visitor Screening – All visitors can be screened in real-time upon checking in using the ALICE Receptionist system. Screening can include any or all of the following:
    • US Consolidated Watch List
    • Customizable Private Watch List
    • Health Screenings
      • Elevated body temperature checks
      • Face mask detection and verifications
      • Covid and other health questionnaires


ALICE Receptionist helps agencies and departments increase employee productivity and engagement with the public while reducing costs by:

  • Automation – ALICE Receptionist performs visitor greetings, screening, and check-ins while freeing agency staff who performed these duties to be utilized elsewhere
  • Improved Employee Utilization – By enabling information desk workers to remotely communicate with visitors using the ALICE Receptionist kiosk, employees experience productivity gains
  • Reduced Staffing – The automation features of ALICE Receptionist allow some positions to be eliminated, resulting in a positive impact on staffing budgets


ALICE Receptionist ensures each visitor follows the standardized visitor policies established by the agency, allowing for consistent reporting on visitors’ details and activities.

  • Customizable Check-In – Create custom check-in processes that can require information, documents, and agreements with other policies
  • Active Visitor Reports – Actively pull information on all current visitors in the building
  • Historical Visitor Reports – Review past visitors and create reports on collected information, such as their contact information, employee host, check-in/out times, or other custom details

What services does ALICE Receptionist provide?

Services ALICE Receptionist Provides

ALICE Receptionist is a secure, state-of-the-art visitor management software for hundreds of government agencies, giving them a Fortune 500 lobby experience. This includes providing:

  • Information desk replacement services
  • Two-way video and audio calls between visitors using the ALICE kiosk and employees
  • Visitor document signing, inductions, check-in forms, and surveys
  • Visitor ID screening and badging
  • Visitor health and safety screenings
  • and more!

Any more reasons why government agencies and public sector companies invest in visitor management software?

Additional Benefits Include:

  1. Interactive information for the public – Interactive building maps, departmental information, etc.
  2. Support for content and visitor instructions in multiple languages
  3. Provides an effective, consistent, reliable, and always-on technology that greets every visitor
  4. Notifies employees when visitors check-in
  5. Notifies office staff of deliveries, such as FedEx, UPS, food deliveries, or packages that require signatures
  6. Registers and validates all visits to the building or office
  7. Provides visitor reports and data for analytics
  8. Gives visitors an interactive and high-tech experience
  9. Provides flexibility of visitor management processes with configurable software
  10. Provides a predictable and reliable lobby experience, with no days off disrupting the visitor experience

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