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When surveyed, 77% of employees say they’ve experienced burnout at their current job. Even worse is, that over 50% say this has happened more than once.

One employee that’s often overlooked is the receptionist. They’re cheerful and helpful all day long, so no one would suspect they’re overwhelmed with tasks. But the reality is, they could really use some help.

Thankfully, there’s the perfect solution: having an ALICE receptionist. This is a virtual receptionist that can take a number of tasks off your reception’s shoulders.

Keep reading to see how ALICE can help you automate business lobby management. That way, your receptionist’s talents are put to better use and they’re less stressed out.

It Can Greet Visitors

Is your receptionist busy with a call or other visitors, or has stepped out for a brief moment? Then you won’t have to worry about new guests having to wait around in the lobby.

ALICE motion detection technology so it’ll know when visitors have arrived. This will trigger a prerecorded welcome video.

Not only can you choose between 2 AI receptionist avatars, but you can also pick from 8 language options. Or you can create a custom greeting by recording your own personalized video personality or having us make one for you.

You can also adjust the motion detection tech sensitivity to either detect visitors from across the room or close by to the ALICE system. That way, you won’t get false detections, nor will you leave guests unattended.

It Provides Self Check-in and Check-Out Capabilities

There’s nothing worse than standing around waiting to be checked in and/or out of a lobby. Your visitors have busy schedules, and they don’t have time to waste with small administrative tasks.

ALICE ensures that all visitors can get in and out in a flash by providing self-check-in and check-out capabilities. If they’ve pre-registered, then they just have to go up to ALICE, check themselves in, and then ALICE will print out a visitor badge. They can then either wait in the lobby for someone to come get them or go directly where they’re needed.

Once they’re done with their appointment, guests can click on the check-out option on ALICE and then leave straight after.

It Can Handle Walk-Ins as Well

Those who haven’t pre-scheduled an appointment won’t be a problem for ALICE. They’ll just need to use the onboard keyboard to type in vital information, then scan their driver’s license to confirm their identity.

Once ALICE has received all the necessary data, it can then check the visitor in and print a badge for them.

It Can Connect Visitors With Employees

In addition to greeting visitors in the lobby, ALICE can also perform visitor management. It’ll coordinate both audio and video calls between parties so your receptionist doesn’t have to.

ALICE can alert your employees through several methods. They include calls to their desk phones or mobile phones, connections to softphone applications, or audio calls to Team clients.

ALICE can also send notifications by text, email, or Slack notifications when guests check-in. This means that even if your workers aren’t at their desks, they can still connect with whoever’s waiting in the lobby.

It Provides Interactive Information

Often, guests will hang around the receptionist with a myriad of questions. Not only will this keep them preoccupied and unable to do other tasks, but this can also frustrate other visitors who also have questions.

ALICE can be preloaded with a number of interactive information features. They include maps, calendars, directories (company, employee, and department), web pages, local weather, transportation information, and more.

This enables guests to find pertinent information quickly, which then frees your receptionist up for more complicated matters. 

It Can Keep Track of Visitor Activity

Unfortunately, not every guest will have good intentions. It can be tough to keep track of what everyone’s doing on your premises, even if you have a good surveillance system.

Instead of having your receptionist run after everyone, ALICE can monitor guest activity for you instead. It’ll capture images of every visitor, which your security personnel can download. You can also get on-demand reporting for better security.

It Can Pre-Schedule Guests

Forget about the days when your receptionist had to literally pencil in your guests. ALICE lets them send calendar invites from MS Outlook and Google Calendar. They can also upload entire lists of guests by using the .csv import feature, which can cut down administrative work significantly.

ALICE also proactively sends email confirmations that allow visitors to pre-fill personal information before they arrive at your business. And with the previsit check-in feature, guests can also review materials so they’re prepared before they come. This means your receptionist won’t have to hand out office policy papers and surveys or set up a room for visitors to watch induction videos.

It Has Several Integrations

The main worry when implementing new technology is how seamless the connection will be. Thankfully, ALICE has several integrations, such as Cisco, Siemens, and Avaya. This means if you have a SIP-based VoIP system, all calls can be routed through that existing system.

ALICE also comes with its own hosted cloud communication service!

Automate Business Lobby Management With ALICE

If your business desperately needs help, then automate business lobby management with ALICE today. From greeting visitors and providing self-check-in and check-out capabilities, to connecting guests with employees and scheduling guests, ALICE is the perfect complement to your in-person receptionist.

So do your business (and your receptionist) a favor by adding ALICE to your business operations. Our automated receptionist can help streamline things so both your workforce and clients are happier.

Want to get started on automated lobby management? Then contact us today! We can schedule an online demonstration so you can see what ALICE can do for you.


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