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What makes ALICE Virtual Receptionist better than other virtual lobby management solutions?

The perfect virtual receptionist system should recognize and greet visitors as soon as they enter your premises. It should offer a fast and straightforward check-in facility and help your guests contact your employees wherever they may be. In the era of COVID-19, virtual assistant software needs to ask vital questions about the visitor’s health. It must also display information to keep them and your workforce safe. This article asks if the ALICE virtual assistant system provides these features and more.

Read on to discover what sets ALICE apart. Then learn how your business can take advantage of our intuitive and powerful assistant.

What Is ALICE Virtual Receptionist?

A.L.I.C.E. stands for A Live Interactive Customer Experience. The acronym is a perfect description of what the service offers. The original name of the product was The Virtual Receptionist. However, that name only represented one aspect of the ALICE software, which have grown over the years. Not only is ALICE a virtual receptionist, but the software now offers a fully interactive visitor management experience. Features include motion-detection greetings, video and audio calling with remote employees, visitor check-ins and check-outs, and much more. But what are the elements that set ALICE apart from the competition? We’ve collated 7 of our customers’ favorite things that they love about ALICE Receptionist. Please keep reading to see how our products can also help remote workers and keep everyone protected.

1. Automatic Visitor Detection

Traditional receptionists greet visitors as they arrive and welcome them to the premises. ALICE Receptionist replicates this with ease using motion detection. ALICE automatically picks up when someone enters a particular area. That could include when they walk through the door or approach the desk or screen. A pre-recorded welcome video plays along with the check-in options, check-in options, an employee directory or other instructions.

There are no wires to trip over. No having to tap the screen to begin. Just a straightforward, professional welcome.

2. ALICE Video Personalities

Unlike other lobby software, the ALICE virtual assistant offers 12 unique video personalities for you to choose from.

Select from five English-speaking avatars and seven non-English personalities. Languages include:

Avatars appear onscreen to provide information and guidance to visitors during the check-in process.

ALICE is available on hardware configurations to suit any lobby environment.  Hardware option include, wall-mounted screens, kiosks, and desktop systems. They won’t take up much space and will fit perfectly alongside your existing decor.

If you want to offer a truly unique experience, try the custom personality video option. You can record your own avatar to include in the system. This custom option puts a familiar face on proceedings and can better promote your brand from the outset.

3. COVID-19 Health and Safety

In the era of social distancing and health concerns, a virtual reception service helps to protect workers and guests.

ALICE offers several COVID-19 specific functions, including:

However, the most apparent advantage is social distancing. Removing a human from the equation eliminates a potential transmitter of the disease.

That means your visitors will feel more secure when they enter your building. And you won’t put your employees at risk.

COVID questionnaires also highlight issues regarding your visitors’ well-being. Queries on how they’re feeling or if they’ve been near an infectious person will prevent them from checking-in. Induction documents offer guidance and guidelines while they remain inside the building.

4. Connect to Employees

ALICE Virtual Receptionist facilitates easy audio and video communication between visitors and employees. The interactive directory offers a search facility to find any member of staff. A simple tap of the screen lets the visitor contact them. And they don’t even have to be in the same building. Our systems integrate with Skype for Business, desk phones, and mobiles. Guests can talk with employees through a live video regardless if the employee is in the office or working remotely. Alternatively, they can speak using audio-only. When the guest checks-in, ALICE can also send text or email alerts to employees.

That’s a ‘real’ virtual work environment.

5. Pre-Schedule Guests

ALICE goes one step further to speed up check-ins and keep things running safe and smooth. Pre-scheduling allows you to organize meetings well in advance. Simply schedule your guests through a calendar invite, and all guests get notified.

ALICE works with your email client such as Microsoft Outlook. Guest group check-ins are easy to facilitate in this way. As per CDC guidelines, the less human contact, the better within your work environment, ALICE lessens this substantially while improving the check-in process through pre-scheduling.

6. Fast Track Self Check-In

As mentioned above, ALICE speeds the check-in process for pre-booked groups and individuals. But what about new guests? Visitors can add their details to the system using the onscreen keyboard. Alternatively, they can scan their driver’s license to complete the check-in process. . A self-adhesive badge gets printed for the guest to wear during their stay. Badges, auto scanning, and reporting also provide a more secure working environment for everyone. Managers can view logs as required and spot unauthorized personnel.

7. Fully Interactive Information

What types of questions do your guests ask when they arrive?  Perhaps they’re unsure of where to go. Or maybe they want to learn more about your products and services before their meeting. This situation is where ALICE excels. The system provides access to maps, company directories, and internal websites. It connects to a Cloud service to offer weather reports, local transport information, and calendar events. You can add whatever information you wish, like a photo slideshow of your company history or a video showcase of your inventory.

Integrate ALICE Virtual Receptionist Into Your Business

ALICE virtual receptionist offers dozens of essential features to help manage your guests. We’ve highlighted seven favorites, but how can you benefit from integrating ALICE into your business? By simply following our three-step process.

Step 1 is to get in touch.

Our agents will discuss your requirements and how ALICE can help. Feel free to ask your own questions like how to integrate your existing systems.

Step 2 sees our team creating a 100% free, no-obligation quote. 

Everything’s customized, and there’s no hard sell. 

Step 3 will have ALICE delivered, installed, and ready to go in your lobby.

We send the hardware and provide a support agent just for you. We’re available to get you online and train you on how to use the system.

See why our customers love ALICE.

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First impressions can have a significant impact on the way that clients and customers view your business. Traditionally, the first person that a visitor would meet when they enter your premises would be your receptionist. 

But the workplace is changing, and the way you deploy your team may not follow this convention for financial reasons or otherwise. For this reason, you may want to consider a virtual receptionist touch screen that can help your visitors with a range of different lobby management tasks. 

But precisely what is a virtual receptionist, and how can one benefit your business? 

In this article, we’ll take a look at seven ways ALICE receptionist can benefit your business. 

1. A Virtual Receptionist Saves You Time and Money

Paying a receptionist’s wages to be in your lobby all day can be expensive. Moreover, if you have a large business, you may need to employ several receptionists to keep up with the number of visitors entering and exiting the building. 

This all adds up. One of the best ways to save on the expense of these employees would be to use an ALICE receptionist to greet anyone who enters the building. 

In a smaller operation, you may have an employee that splits their time between admin tasks and greeting visitors as they arrive. By using a virtual receptionist, your employee will be better able to focus their time on their admin tasks without the need to break away to welcome visitors.

2. A Virtual Receptionist Service Provides a Professional Appearance 

Did you know that 40% of people claim that their perception of a company has been negatively affected by their experience in the lobby? 

When clients, customers, and other visitors enter the lobby of your building, their first impressions are important. If they don’t like what they see and the service that they get, it can lead to a bad experience and a lasting negative impression of your business. Nobody wants to give a bad impression of their business, particularly not so early on. 

An ALICE receptionist will always give a great first impression. A visitor will never enter your business and find no one there to greet them or help them check-in. They will never be met with shoddy service. Your visitors will always get the consistency that they deserve. 

3. A Virtual Receptionist Can Manage Your Check-In Process

When people enter your business, there can be several reasons why you will want them to check-in. You may need to know who is there for security or health and safety reasons, or you may need to know so that an employee can come and meet your visitors. 

The check-in process is vital in many businesses, from hotels to healthcare. Having an ALICE receptionist can help you to manage this process. 

In addition to this, your visitors can also enjoy contactless check-in, which has been somewhat of a benefit to many businesses in recent times. 

4. Virtual Receptionists Can Help With an Induction 

Sometimes when people enter your place of business, they will need to be provided with a lot of information. This is particularly true where there are a high-security risk or potential health and safety hazards that your visitors need to be aware of. Very often, they will require an induction. 

Delivering inductions to visitors can be a costly and time-consuming exercise, and if you get many visitors, it can become a full-time job. 

Alternatively, you could get your virtual receptionist to handle all of your inductions by playing videos and providing documents. 

5. ALICE Receptionist Provides Perfect Customer Service Every Time

As previously mentioned, you only get one chance to make a first impression, and it needs to be a good one. But so often, having the wrong employees on your front desk can lead to visitors having a poor experience. 

It is possible to hire great receptionists. With the right training, you can have your traditional receptionists deliver the highest customer service standards at all times. But to develop such consistency requires considerable effort on everyone’s part. One of the great things about an ALICE virtual receptionist is that there is no need for training, and it provides consistently excellent customer service every time. 

Once you have decided how you would like your virtual receptionist to interact with your visitors, ALICE Receptionist will continue to meet your standards with each visitor. 

6. Virtual Receptionists Can Provide Visitors With Information 

Regardless of the size of your business, your visitors may have questions when they arrive. These might include needing directions to a particular part of the building or finding a specific employee. All of this information can be provided by the virtual receptionist effortlessly at the demand of the customer. 

Not only will your ALICE receptionist provide information to your visitors, but it will also communicate to your team as a crucial element of the visitor management process. 

7. ALICE Receptionist Is Visible 

When your visitors enter your lobby, it needs to be clear where they can go for assistance. Many lobby management systems fall short in this department as they are too small or are an afterthought. The ALICE Receptionist is highly visible to visitors as they enter your premises by incorporating video and audio, making sure it stands out. 

Setting Up Your Virtual Receptionist 

A virtual receptionist can help your business in many ways. They can provide a consistently high standard of service, and they can provide all of the information and services that a traditional receptionist will be able to and more. 

ALICE Receptionist offers all of these things and allows you to gain confidence in your front desk. Get in touch today to learn more about the services that we offer and virtual receptionist pricing. 

With over 7 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States, it’s never been more critical for businesses to protect the people that enter their buildings. For many companies, the lobby is the first line of defense in protecting employees and customers.

For the individual waiting, the lobby is a potentially dangerous situation, especially in crowded rooms. As such, building/business managers must implement ways of protecting everyone.

A good line of defense comes in the form of an office lobby design that protects people from the virus that has become a part of our daily lives. In this article, we’ll give you some tips on dealing with this public health threat in your lobby.

Office Lobby Design With Plexiglass Partitions

We’ve all seen temporary plexiglass partitions pop up around grocery stores, fast food restaurants, and most types of retailers. The same should go for anyone working in the lobby.

These dividers aren’t a sure thing, but they can maintain social distancing and block respiratory droplets. At the bare minimum, we recommend putting up temporary partitions around seating areas and the front desk. If you can, consider making these permanent installations. It’s easy to see that COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere. As such, consider incorporating the aesthetic of the glass into your design. When combined with low wall space, these partitions can be both a safety measure and a visual improvement.

Temperature Checks

No one with COVID-19 should enter your workplace. One compromised person can quickly infect the entire building if they go unchecked. But how can you tell which people have it? One method is subjecting anyone who enters the office to a temperature check. Since a high fever is one of the virus symptoms, this precaution will help ensure a safer environment.

There are two ways you can take temperature checks. One method is by having a masked employee take the temperature of everyone coming in at specific entrances. They do this with devices that measure temperature by being pressed against the person’s forehead. However, there are some drawbacks to this method. For one thing, it’s slow. It can also potentially expose one of your employees to an infected person. As such, some people may prefer method two. This way involves installing a temperature-sensitive camera at high traffic entrances. This method reads people’s body temperature without breaking social distance. However, installing it can be expensive and requires constant monitoring.

It also doesn’t protect against asymptomatic carriers. These people can spread the disease but don’t exhibit any symptoms.

Virtual Receptionists

Even plexiglass and masks aren’t guaranteed protection for the receptionists and people in your lobby. One solution is a virtual receptionist. These types of programs use a combination of pre-recorded video clips combined with real people to assist guests visiting your company.

Typically a kiosk or screen will facilitate the check-in process, offer directory information, or show maps of the area. If the individual using the program needs to speak to a real person, it will direct them to a real-life receptionist via webcam.

These types of management solutions were popular before the COVID era because they helped streamline visitor service. However, the answer is perfect for offices dealing with coronavirus and uses audio and visual communication to maintain social distance between your employees and visitors. The program can even help you screen visitors with potential infections by providing a COVID-19 questionnaire to the check-in process. 

If, at any point, an individual answers yes to one of the questions, then it will inform them of your company policies and the next steps to continue interactions based on their responses.

This option eliminates any physical interaction while maintaining an element of personal customer care. You can learn more about the health and safety measures offered by these programs through this guide here.

Increased Filtrations

Previously it was thought that airborne COVID-19 particles couldn’t travel more than six feet in distance. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. New evidence now shows that the respiratory particles can travel beyond the set six feet limit.

This is especially true in places with many people talking or interacting. For example, fitness classes, restaurants, bars, band practices, and crowded waiting rooms are at risk of airborne spread.

In addition to these areas, we also need to worry about everyday places with inadequate ventilation. Poor ventilation causes the virus to sit in the air for an extended period. As such, businesses should ensure that their HVAC systems are working at peak efficiency.

To improve the air quality in poorly vented waiting rooms, consider adding air purifiers. These measures can help reduce the number of germs present in confined spaces.

Socially Distanced Seating

It’s important that no asymptomatic carriers unwillingly pass the infection on to other people in the sitting area. Unfortunately, the layout of many lobbies sometimes makes it hard to stay six feet away.

Too many clusters of chairs or tables can encourage people to congregate. As such, you should consider moving any furniture you don’t need. That way, you can make small clumps of socially-distanced seating areas.

If you don’t want to remove a bunch of chairs, then there are other options too. For example, turn every two chairs, so they’re facing the way.

Or, you can put colorful tapes or signs across the front of them. This will remind people to maintain social distance while waiting in the lobby.

Interested in a Virtual Receptionist? Look No Further Than ALICE Receptionist.

We hope this article helped show you how an effective office lobby design can help stop the spread of COVID-19 within your office environment. If you’re interested in implementing a virtual receptionist as a safety measure in your lobby design, then we invite you to learn more about the ALICE Receptionist program.

Request a quote today and find out all the other ways it can assist with your business customer engagement needs.

Self-service kiosks have come a long way. Everyone knows and still appreciates our beloved first-generation kiosk: the vending machines. However, businesses are no longer limited to catering to their clients by offering a quick meal or refreshment with kiosks.

Today, self-service kiosk machines offer customer service in a variety of ways. Kiosk demand is rising as the market is predicted to double from $23 billion to $45 billion by 2025.

Most customers also prefer to use kiosks if they are available and look more positively at businesses that offer it. Still not convinced you should get one to help with your front office needs? Keep reading to learn a few advantages self-service kiosks can do for your company. 

  1. Better Business Efficiency

Kiosks can be the extra arms and legs a business needs to operate more efficiently. When you have numerous customer front-desk interactions and have limited staff, exchanges can be missed or rushed, affecting service quality. It also poses a greater risk of error. Self-service kiosks allow businesses to complete work while maintaining quality. This feature makes any business look good.

  1. Higher Customer and Employee Satisfaction

Customers want to be in and out when they want a service. Kiosks perform the repetitive tasks workers usually do and reduce customer waiting times. Generally, customers are happy in today’s world when a service they need is quick and at their fingertips. 

No kiosk can ever replace a good worker. There are still moments that require additional assistance or explanation that only a human can manage. Kiosks work well together when combined with employees. It is widely considered that they increase employee satisfaction because kiosks allow workers to focus more on these broader concerns that deserve their attention. 

For example, kiosks can complete automated check-ins office lobbies or entry points. They can offer better organization by registering visitors and vendors or managing the check-in process for single individuals or groups. 

Customers can find the information they want and initiate activities based on their selections. A kiosk offers a higher sense of independence to do something on your own or the power to choose how you want assistance.

  1. Reduces Overhead Fees

The initial investment of a self-service kiosk is more than worth it as it will help lower overall business operations costs. By eliminating unnecessary cost, businesses have more ability to entice more qualified staff necessary to run successful internal operations. 

Although a business cannot operate without employees, with the elimination of unnecessary roles, you do not have to pay added wages or offer benefits to a machine. With ALICE Receptionist, we can show an achievable 100% ROI, at a tenth the cost of a full-time employee, in under 60 days. 

  1. Bolster Company Sales and Reputation

Not only do digital kiosks help save you money, but they also help you make money for businesses. They can work as an effective marketing tool to influence or attract customers to a service or to initiate further purchasing activity from your business. Kiosks can promote packages, promotions, or discounts which often encourage customers to spend more. 

Customers that have good interaction with businesses are likely to refer the service to others or mention good things on a review. Having a positive reputation allows you to retain a large amount of those customers and attract new customers. It’s an indirect method of marketing that works. 

  1. Easy Access to Information

Information kiosks are extremely helpful for customers who have the same questions. If you have a large or complex business with many services, you can help customers figure out where they should go.

It is perfect for office buildings and directs visitors to where they want to go while keeping accurate records of who has checked into the building. Many healthcare businesses and government facilities also use it to show information on services, schedules, rules, and fees. You reduce the risk of customers getting lost and feeling frustrated. 

  1. Offers Passive or Interaction Communication with Customers

Kiosks provide incredible service in two ways: passive or interactive. Either method offers solid customer assistance. One type of passive kiosk is digital signage. Its main purpose is to display ads that draw in attention to passersby using a picture or video clip. 

Digital signage can also be interactive when motion is used or it has functions that allow customers to respond to it and engage. Businesses that use interactive kiosks can collect data and share it with others or gather information from people that pass it to draw up a report. 

  1. Provides Real-Time Updates

Interactive kiosks help businesses by relaying data in real-time. This offers better information retrieval and communication with you and your clients.

If there is a new status update, change, or sale you want to announce right away, you can communicate it within seconds to employees, workers, or whoever you want to target. Customers appreciate the instant gratification a task, purchase, or transaction they did is complete.

  1. Caters to Every Industry

The best thing about self-service kiosks is that it benefits every industry. No matter what service you offer, you can benefit from the ease they offer you and your customers without compromising privacy and security. Hospitals take advantage of kiosks when they use it for online queue systems to provide information to patients. 

Restaurants use it to make the food ordering process easier and to avoid long lines. Legal businesses and banks depend on it to complete agreements and set up payments and create digital signatures. There’s no business that couldn’t find a service that works well for them. 

Self-Service Kiosks Are Here to Stay 

Self-service kiosks are a technology made for all ages. It is safe, quick, effective, and easy for customers who come to your business for service. They no longer have to wait long lines, and you do not impair quality for the speedier service.

If you would like to learn more about self-service kiosks for your business or want to learn more about pricing and how it could benefit your business right away, please contact us


58 percent of the global population spends one-third of their adult life at work. Further, the American population has a life expectancy of 78 years. This means that most American employees spend at least 26 years of their life in the workplace.

Employees need to feel safe in the workplace. Businesses that don’t have reliable visitor management systems could expose their team to unintended risks. You need to consider reliable visitor management systems to help you keep track of the traffic into your business.  

Here’s what to consider when choosing a visitor management system. 

1. Speed Is of the Essence 

Granted, you want to be thorough when admitting visitors. Nonetheless, you also want to ensure that the process is seamless. 

Speed is a significant factor when selecting between multiple visitor management systems. It would help if you considered a visitor management software that will streamline the tracking of guests instead of slowing the process down.  

You don’t want to end up with a system that complicates the admission of guests. Some of the essential considerations should be a system that allows visitors to be pre-scheduled before they arrive. Working with a system that simplifies the entire check-in process can speed up the visitor log-in process and appease your guests. 

2. Consider Scalability

Your organization won’t be the same in size in the next five years. As your business expands, so will be the number of visitors frequenting your premise. You’ll need to consider the ability to carry out large-scale admissions in the future.  

Safety and security should be top of your list when thinking about the future. Even so, you also need to consider scalability.

Your visitor management system should be robust enough to grow in line with your business. You don’t want to end up having to change the VMS provider over time due to limitations in scalability. Businesses that are keen on future growth should consider scalability as a must-have feature when choosing a management system for guests.

3. Ease of Use 

User-friendliness should be a deal-breaker when considering a visitor management system. Your VMS should be easy to use to ensure full-utilization. You don’t want to spend valuable time trying to figure out how to navigate the system. 

Whether it’s the pre-booking of visitors’ interface or the self-check kiosk, you need to consider a VMS that provides easy navigation for you and your visitors. 

You might need to take your staff through essential user guides training before implementing the system. However, a reliable VMS shouldn’t also be overly technical. Avoid acquiring visitor management systems that slow down the processing of visitor information due to highly technical applications.

4. Focus on Affordability 

While you don’t want to compromise on quality, you also wouldn’t want to pay through the nose for a VSM. One of your main focuses when selecting a VMS should be on the cost of the system vis-à-vis the value it introduces to your organization’s management visitors.  You should consider a visitor management system that is cost-effective.

Affordability includes factors such as the cost of staffing and any other long-term cost needed to keep the system in operation.  It would help to consider the cost of installation and the running cost for the system prior to committing.

These additional costs should matter, and the potential service provider should be candid on any other hidden cost. Our pricing at Alice Receptionist is pocket friendly. We also don’t have any hidden charges when processing a quote. 

5. Does it give you the option to run either on the cloud or an on-premises configuration?

Technology is evolving at an alarming rate. By 2025, there’ll be an estimated 175 Zettabytes of digital data on earth. The biggest chunk of this data will be in virtual cloud storage.

Many businesses are taking advantage of the benefits a cloud-based system offers. Other businesses prefer to have data and applications reside on their private network. This can be a corporate policy, for security purposes or any number of reasons. Most Visitor Management Systems require you to choose one or the other. ALICE Receptionist allows the customer to choose either a cloud or local configuration, giving businesses the flexibility to choose a configuration that matches their needs.

6. Customizability Is a Deal Breaker  

With a visitor management system, there’s never such a thing as a “one size fits all model.” This is considering that businesses vary with the type and timing of visitors they manage. 

Are you looking for a visitor management software that’s reliable? 

Customizability should be essential when choosing a reliable VMS. A customizable system allows you to tailor-make your approach to visitors, depending on your organization’s unique needs. A unique visitor management system should be easy to update in line with the changing visitor trends. 

Customization also helps you incorporate other features such as special greetings when visitors arrive at your building.. Ensure that your potential VMS provider is open to further customization of the system. At Alice Receptionist, we allow you to customize your VSM with greetings and other features of choice to suit your needs.

Choose Your Visitor Management Systems Wisely  

Not all visitor management systems can meet all your expectations. However, your organization’s welfare, including your employees’ safety, depends on choosing a VSM that ensures comprehensive screening and tracking of every new individual visiting your premises.

It would help to consider each of these six factors before selecting a visitor management systems provider of choice. In the wake of Covid-19 a virtual receptionist will make all the difference.

At Alice Receptionist, you’ll get a virtual receptionist and a safe and secure visitor management protocol for your business.

Contact us today for comprehensive visitor management solutions.   


In the era of the coronavirus, businesses will need to rethink how exactly they interface with the general public, suppliers, and even their own employees.

A traditional receptionist role might not be compatible with current social distancing requirements. Continuing to greet guests with face to face interactions,  might be putting your employees and guest at unnecessary risk.

This is where an effective lobby management system can come in. This system works to ensure that most types of interactions can be done safely and remotely. 

There are many benefits and automatic responses that can be handled by an intelligent lobby management system. All of which help your business comply with regulations and social distancing rules.

Read on to find out exactly what this receptionist software system can add to your business. It’s much more than the average meet and greet!

The Registering of Visitors and Vendors

This is one of the main responsibilities of a traditional receptionist. To ensure that all vendors and visitors are appropriately logged and shown exactly where they need to go. It’s also important that the system can notify the employee they are visiting.

With a virtual receptionist, this process is all streamlined and achieved in a remote manner. Using a three-step method of detecting, greeting, and connecting a virtual receptionist is able to welcome any guest or vendor to the site and offer a point of contact for them.

You can personalize the virtual receptionist by choosing from 5 different English personalities. There are also 7 avatars in non-English personalities including Spanish and Japanese. 

You are also able to record your own personality for your business if you want an even more personalized touch.

Once the process of greeting is achieved, the visitor is able to select various options.  These include calling employees, self-check-in, fast-track check-in, ID scanning, and even printing of guest badges.

These are all customizable options that you can optimize for your business needs. A process which, if done manually, would be difficult to achieve while maintaining social distancing. 

All the check-in of guests and vendors data is information that can be extrapolated. This information can help your team understand trends and data about your visitors.

Employee Notifications

With manual reception methods, a receptionist would need to telephone the various employees the guest needs to see. This can be an unnecessary and lengthy process, which keeps the guest or vendor waiting.

With a virtual receptionist, the system can call the employee to establish communications between the guest and the employee. When the guest completes a self-check-in on the system, the system sends notifications to the employee phone or email to alert them of the guest’s arrival.

It saves time and energy of trying to get ahold of a certain employee, who might have stepped away from their desk or be on a break. 

The ALICE system also gives the option for guests or vendors to video call using the employee directory. The employee can then pick up this call on either their mobile phone or PC.

With the need for face to face interactions less prominent these days because of COVID-19, this can be a good substitute. 

It allows for communications to take place between visitors and employees without the need for direct contact.

Reviewal of Induction Documents 

Some places of work may need additional documentation for visitors or vendors to review and sign during the visitor registration process. 

This is especially the case with businesses that operate machinery or have components of health and safety that need to be adhered to.

Using the virtual receptionist program, visitors can review videos or documents of health and safety policies and procedures. They can also sign using their finger on the touchscreen to acknowledge that all the rules and regulations have been reviewed.

This is another benefit of the ALICE system. It can help limit the physical handling of items by your staff.

Coronavirus can be present on paper for up to four days after contact. A receptionist who is having to deal with these physical documents will be at risk, as well as the vendors and guests they come into contact with.

Digital signatures and acknowledgment of the documents can have a set time limit of days, weeks, months, or even years.

This is ideal for regular visitors that have reviewed the documents and are up to date with all the necessary information. Ensuring that they won’t have to complete the same process every time they visit. 

Interactive Information for Visitors

The ALICE system not only handles visitor management, but it can display helpful information that visitors can interact with.

Visitors can view induction videos that otherwise might have been relayed by a member of staff. This again reduces contact between employees and guests and complies with social distancing.

It can also display maps of the building, which before might have been in a paper format. This ensures that guests know the layout of the building and the emergency exits, without them having to come into contact with a physical map.

The same goes for interactive slideshows. If your business has certain promotional items, you can display them on the virtual receptionist screen.

Reducing physical paper handouts is not only better for the environment but can reduce cost for the business. Digital information is also easier to frequently update, which is important during a time when health and safety guidance is changing frequently.

Lobby Management Systems and COVID-19: Where Can I Find Out More?

We hope this article has given you a comprehensive guide on how a lobby management system can benefit your company in the climate of COVID-19. 

It is integral that this transitional period for your company is smooth and risk-free as possible. It is crucial that you get it right when it comes to managing your visitors and vendors in a business space and customer-facing environment.

Make sure that you are following the rules and regulations with social distancing and minimizing the risks involved. This is why a lobby management system might just be the answer for your business.

Why not contact us directly to find out more?

As a result of COVID-19 coronavirus, businesses using ALICE Receptionist for visitor management may have concerns over direct contact with ALICE Receptionist touchscreens.

While the CDC has stated the main form of transmission of the COVID-19 virus is person to person, there does remain some information to indicate the virus can stay active on surfaces for some period of time.

We are pleased to now offer contactless methods and supplies that give ALICE Receptionist users the ability to use styluses to interact with ALICE Receptionist touchscreens while eliminating direct contact with the touchscreen.

Touch Screen Stylus
Inexpensive (disposable) touchscreen styluses are an affordable method to provide visitors a way to interact with your ALICE touchscreen without actually touching the screen. Using the single use stylus, users can click on the touchscreen buttons without direct contact. As an added benefit, the visitor can keep the stylus for personal use once they are done.

Photo of Wall Mounted ALICE screen with attached stylus cup and stylus.

We now offer disposal stylus packages and supplies for all ALICE Receptionist hardware including; Kiosk, Wall Mounted and Desktop systems.

Options available for Kiosk, Wall Mounted, and Desktop systems.

Available Stylus Packages

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