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Did you know that 86 percent of U.S. adults will pay more for a better customer experience?

Business owners have discovered that they can reach the pinnacle of customer service in their sector. How? By using a virtual receptionist.
In your mind’s eye, what pictures spring to mind when you hear the word “receptionist”? The most probable scenario is that you’ll see a highly energetic, smiling person sitting in the front foyer of a place of business. You can achieve the same level of reception with a live virtual receptionist.

A virtual receptionist ensures that everything runs well and ensures that the human element remains. As a result, businesses that use these services see productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness skyrocket.

Are you considering hiring a virtual receptionist to welcome your clients and customers? Let’s take a look at seven ways why a virtual receptionist may be the boost your business needs to succeed.

1. Automatic Handling of Virtual Receptionist Duties

With a virtual visitor management system, you can save time and money. You achieve that by consolidating various administrative tasks into a single solution. As a result, efficiency at the front desk and among other workers will increase significantly.

Some tasks handled by a virtual receptionist are:
• Guest registration
• Guest tracking
• The printing of guest passes and name tags
• Handling of notification to the meeting host is automatic

All the above tasks can be handled automatically with a virtual receptionist at the helm. Using a virtual receptionist allows you to free up valuable front desk personnel while also providing a much better visitor experience.

2. First Impressions Are Important

It is critical to be on time. Likewise, initial impressions are important!
You will greet your visitors with an attractive touch screen experience, which will make them feel even more welcomed. They will also feel well informed as soon as they enter your workplace.

By being efficient and timely, you will make a great first impression with an added professional attitude.

3. Self-Registration and Quick Notification

Allow your guests to automatically register themselves and quickly inform meeting organizers of their arrival. That will be done through text message or email via engaging or interactive self-help displays.

Add personalized details to your greeting, such as guest WiFi login information, business hours, and directions to the meeting room, among other things. The virtual receptionist management software can make your welcome more customized. How? By including some helpful information such as:

• The guest WiFi login information
• Business hours
• Directions to the meeting room

The above-personalized details that can be added are but a few.

As previously stated, when guests check-in at the reception desk, a host is immediately informed of their visitor’s arrival. This makes it simple to interact with the guest while waiting to be admitted or picked up from the reception.

Employee alertness helps to provide a more comfortable and personable experience for customers. It also maximizes time spent at the front desk. Because of the employee notification system, workers have a far higher chance of being prepared in the conference room when the visitor comes in.

A virtual receptionist service saves the visitor a great deal of time while also freeing up resources for the receptionists and other staff. Those staff members will no longer be needed to manually look for and contact meeting organizers on their own time.

4. Improving Checking Out Experience

The checkout process may be managed by either the guest or the meeting organizer. Upon completing the meeting, either the guest or the meeting organizer may use their own device to check out the guest. That checkout process will update the Visitor Logbook and change the visitor status in real-time. There is no need to re-enter the checkout queue or bypass it.

5. Better Security and Privacy

The ability to see all visitors currently in the facility is critical for maintaining security in the building at all times.

In a manual visitors’ logbook, any other visitor can look up names in the open log. In a virtual receptionist management system, these can immediately be stored out of sight. In addition, visitors’ names and check-in and checkout data can be uploaded to the cloud.

Because visitors sign in electronically and for admin views only, using a virtual visitor registration system improves visitor privacy. It also reduces the need to try and read illegible handwriting on guest registration forms.

6. Better Evacuation Management

In the event of an emergency, evacuation summaries may be produced and printed at any time, no matter when it occurs.

Logs are accessible from any location, making access and administration for many individuals much more efficient and straightforward. Therefore, everyone can be accounted for at any time.

7. Reducing Costs

Let us dispel some common misunderstandings about virtual receptionist pricing.

Compared to the cost of hiring an employee, it is reasonably priced. With virtual reception, you will save money on the following employee-related expenses:

• Training
• Health benefits
• Vacation time
• Sick time
• Space and equipment
• Employment taxes

As you can see, there are financial savings you get by hiring the best virtual receptionist service. That not only saves money but time and increases productivity.

You Can Do It With a Virtual Receptionist!

Many business owners, particularly small businesses, can’t justify the costs of hiring, onboarding, and training someone on-site for reception duties. Fortunately, virtual receptionist services are available for a fraction of the cost. In addition, virtual receptionists are available before and after the business is open and as-needed during busy periods.

Are you ready to discuss possible solutions for your business with our team? It doesn’t matter if you need a basic system to register and record your visits or enhance front desk operations, or even if you need a complete Virtual Receptionist solution, make sure to get in touch with us.  We will discuss the best approach to handle your specific virtual receptionist requirements.


Are you looking to renovate your business lobby’s current design to try and make it more practical? Are you tired of walking into the same layout that you’ve had for years? Perhaps you’ve just moved into the new space? If so, then you need to learn all you can about the essential features every business lobby needs.

Doing so can increase your business lobby’s practicality, functionality, and aesthetic. It will create a place that your clients and staff members want to hang out in.

See below for an in-depth guide listing some of the most essential features you can find in every great business lobby.

1. ALICE Receptionist

Imagine the horror of finding out that prospects have been walking through your business lobby without receiving any attention from your staff. They walk in, then walk right back out because no one is anywhere to be found. That’s a business owner’s worst nightmare.

Thankfully, a virtual receptionist can offer a solution. It will ensure that every client that walks into your doors gets connected to the exact employee they need. 

There’s still one thing to consider: not just any virtual receptionist will do. You need to find one that caters to your business model and gets your client the help they need. That’s why you need to invest in the ALICE receptionist.

ALICE receptionist is the most comprehensive visitor management solution on the market. It offers three key aspects: virtual receptionist, visitor management, and interactive information, to ensure your clients stay informed and connected with your business.

The virtual receptionist features include must-have factors such as:

This will give you a higher ROI than if you hired an actual receptionist. Not to mention that employees typically cost 1.4 times their salary, which isn’t practical for a small business.

2. The Perfect Paint Color

One of the most important aspects of business lobby design is choosing the perfect paint color for your walls. If you’re able to capture that, it can send the perfect first impression of your brand.

Many expert corporate designers recommend using color psychology in the color you pick for your lobby’s wall color. This is the idea that all individual colors have their own unique emotions and feelings that they convey to those that set their eyes on them.

For example, the color red sends out feelings of youthfulness and excitement, why the color green sends out feelings of peace and growth. Choosing the right color (and shade) to paint your walls can send good vibes and get your prospects/clients feeling a certain way heading into business meetings, one on one, and so forth.

Of course, these colors should also be on point with your brand. If you can’t decide on a color, then you can’t go wrong with painting your walls a neutral color (white, gray, or black) and letting your lobby’s furnishings do all the talking. Neutral colors can create a perfect blend for a lobby that ties in different materials such as metal signage, wooden furniture, and so forth.

3. Lounging Space

You want your clients to feel comfortable from the moment they step into your lobby. If your business model typically requires employees to go from meeting to meeting, you’ll want to offer your clients a comfy place to sit as they wait. 

Using a technique known as “zoning”, you can dedicate a specific portion of your lobby as space for your guests to kick back and wait for your staff member to tend to them. 

Many companies provide the cliché magazines on the coffee table but—in this day in age—your clients will likely pull out their phones and scroll. You can separate your brand by providing a coffee station for your waiting guests. It will help them pass the time, plus justify the wait and fill them with energy for your meeting.

4. Efficient Lighting

Just like the color you use in your business lobby, the lighting can help you set the tone for your brand.

First, you should consider making the switch to LED bulbs, if you haven’t already. They’re much more efficient and will help you save money on your energy bill from month to month.

Next, make sure to invest time in finding the right lighting fixtures. For example, if you want your lobby to have a luxurious or regal feel, consider installing a chandelier to hang as the centerpiece of the room. Just make sure every inch of your lobby has lighting covering it.

5. Surveillance System

Safety is always a top priority in your business lobby features. Statistics show that homes and businesses without a security system in place have a 300-percent higher chance of being broken into.

Surveillance systems offer more than just security perks for your business. They can help prevent employee theft, keep you aware of when a customer walks in, and help keep your employees more accountable.

If you’re going to go this route, be sure to have a surveillance security company come in and assess your layout. They’ll be able to identify the areas to place cameras and install a system that fits your budget.

Improve Your Business Lobby With These Tips

Now that you have seen several key features that you need to include in your upgraded business lobby, be sure to use that information to your advantage.

Be sure to read this article for more information on how visitor management software can help your business maintain a safe work environment.

For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further.


First impressions matter when you’re dealing with clients, customers, and even potential employees. Many people will have their first interaction with your business or organization in your front office lobby. You’re going to want to make sure that your first impression counts! 

If you really want to manage your front office like a modern professional, you need to consider getting a virtual receptionist. 

Virtual Receptionist: Defined 

In its most basic form, a virtual receptionist can do most of your typical front office tasks. However, instead of doing things in-person, these tasks can be automated, handled by someone working remotely or a combination of both. 

A virtual receptionist helps visitors get in contact with their host, schedule appointments, and provide basic information like operating hours, office maps or events.. Some businesses use virtual receptionists alongside their usual front office staff. Others may choose to rely on their virtual receptionist programs altogether, and some try a combination of both. 

The Benefits of Virtual Receptionists

When you’re looking for a visitor management software for your business, you’re going to want something that can count as a comprehensive visitor management solution

Imagine having something that could act as a virtual receptionist, a keeper of company knowledge, and a visitor management program. If you’re having trouble picturing that, let us tell you what an actual virtual receptionist could do to help around the office.  

Provide Customized Greetings 

A friendly hello can be enough to welcome visitors, but if you want to make an excellent first impression, you’re going to want to go the extra mile. 

What if you have a group of visitors that primarily speak French? Does an employee or manager want to greet a client that will be visiting the office when they’re away on vacation?

Imagine traveling far for a business trip and being greeted in your native language or getting a kind welcome message from the CEO. That extra bit of personalization makes all the difference, and the right program can give everyone who visits that experience. 

ALICE allows you to record an array of customized greetings, and its visual detection abilities ensure that people get greeted as soon as they walk in. 

Added Health Safety

As we all return to the office, people will have their concerns about personal health and safety. You may space desks far apart, have ample hand sanitizer, and encourage people to wear masks, but you might also be thinking about what else you could do.

ALICE can give you, your employees, and visitors the peace of mind you need. Our temperature checking feature can screen people for potential fevers as soon as they enter your office. ALICE can even scan people’s faces to make sure they’re wearing a mask.

On top of that, you can choose to display any health and safety policies so visitors can see them before they meet with their host. That, coupled with temperature checking and face-scanning features, make this a truly comprehensive system for people interested in protecting their staff and visitors.

 Improve Security 

When you operate out of a physical location, it is a priority to keep your employees and visitors safe. 

ALICE is part front office worker and part security guard. The system can efficiently check-in visitors,  help with processing groups,  perform driver’s license checks and issue visitor badges. 

You’ll have a running log of everyone that steps foot into the office, along with crucial identifying information. 

Useful Display Screens

There’s bound to be some downtime while visitors are waiting to connect with the people they’ve come to see. Instead of making them resort to looking at their phones, why not give them some important information to improve their visit?

ALICE can show guests a map of your building so they’ll know where they can get a snack or use the bathroom. They can access the company directory if they’re trying to get in touch with someone fast, or view a company calendars to see scheduled events. Show off your latest case study and product redesign by letting them interact with your website. 

A virtual receptionist system can vastly improve your front office displays. Instead of looking at a static screen, visitors can use your virtual receptionist to interact with the content they find helpful. 

Engaging Displays 

Some people reading this may wonder what advantages a virtual receptionist has when they already have a laptop or iPad that they use for front office work.

These solutions may be helpful, but they can also be limiting for people that don’t know how to interact with the tech. They can also easily be overlooked by people that are in a hurry. 

One of the best benefits of ALICE is how noticeable and unmistakable it is. Each device is highly visible and easy to interact with. There won’t be any question over whether or not people should interact with kiosks or equipment. And motion-based greetings draw users to the system.

Find a Truly Comprehensive Visitor Management Solution 

When you’re looking for a virtual receptionist, don’t just settle for something that can do the bare minimum. Find a program that can re-invent your approach to lobby management and give you the tools you need to improve your front desk experience.

Are you ready to talk about potential solutions for your company? Be sure to contact us today to talk about the best way to handle your unique visitor management needs. 


Are you looking for additional safety precautions that you can take to guard the health of your employees during the COVID-19 pandemic? Visitor management software is proving to be far more valuable than just a way to greet visitors to your workplace. 

With ALICE, it can also be a virtual frontline worker helping you protect your staff’s health. Let’s examine various ways to use ALICE Receptionist as a buffer between potentially infectious visitors and your employees.


You can save time screening visitors if you pre-screen them. A self-service virtual receptionist like ALICE can present safety videos as well as ask visitors to sign documents showing that they understand and agree to comply with your office COVID policies. 

Visitors who refuse to conduct themselves according to your health policies are stopped at the reception desk. Just this one simple procedure could prevent infection from spreading throughout your facility. 

Temperature Screening 

One of the primary ways to screen for evidence of a COVID-19 infection is by measuring body temperature. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) considers a temperature of 100.4 Fahrenheit or higher to be a possible indication of infection. 

In some workplaces, staffers are assigned to take the temperature of visitors using no-contact tools such as infrared thermometers. Of course, the workers still have to be within close proximity to take the temperature.  

That distance is less than six feet, the recommended gap we should leave between ourselves and others during the pandemic. In other words, employees tasked with taking the temperatures of visitors are putting themselves at risk. 

However, facilities that use visitor management solutions such as ALICE keep their employees safe. No staff member is needed to take temperatures. ALICE performs full-service visitor screening and alerts both the visitor and the administration if the guest is running a fever. 

Contact Tracing 

A visitor to your location might show no signs of COVID-19 infection at the time of his visit despite carrying the virus. How is this possible?

Going Undetected

Some infected persons are asymptomatic based upon the criteria currently used to test for the virus. For example, the generally recognized temperature for a normally functioning adult is 98.6. Unfortunately, this standard was established in the mid-1800s. 

Thermometers were far less accurate at that time. Also, as the average level of human health has increased, body temperatures have tended to decrease. Authorities today realize that a healthy adult could have a temperature as low as 97.  

That means that someone who typically has a temperature of 97 could arrive at your location running a fever of 99. But that’s still lower than the 100.4 mark that triggers warnings of COVID-19. So, the infected person could pass a temperature screening and be admitted into your business. 

What happens days later when the visitor finds out that he has COVID-19? That’s when contact tracing becomes essential.

How Contact Tracing Works

Contact tracing is the process of creating a list of people likely to have encountered the sick person and informing them that they may have been exposed to the virus. How does ALICE help with contact tracing? 

ALICE captures an image of the visitor as well as a name for accurate identification. ALICE also logs the visitor’s phone number and email address. Additionally, it records the name of the visitor’s host. This information is invaluable. It allows you to determine which of your employees came into contact with the visitor. 

Armed with this information, you can stop the spread of the virus before it proliferates throughout your facility. Your at-risk employees can quarantine at home and closely monitor their health. Your other employees will have a notable degree of relief knowing that there is evidence that they were nowhere near the infected person or those with whom the infected person associated.  

The CDC definition of close contact is one of your employers being less than six feet from an infected person for at least 15 minutes. This definition would easily fit client meetings and job interviews. And yes, it’s still considered a close contact even when the people in question are wearing masks. 

Persons infected with COVID-19 may show no signs of the illness despite contracting the virus up to two days earlier. Humans in the work sector can amass a large number of close contacts within two days. Contact tracing using ALICE is not only efficient but quite simply might save lives.  


Before vaccines, masks were our primary defense against contracting or spreading COVID-19 other than social distancing. Now that vaccines are available, some visitors may have greater reluctance to wearing masks. 

But the medical community still considers masks an essential tool in containing the spread of the virus. Even vaccinated people are encouraged by many health experts to continue wearing masks until the infection rate is much lower.  

ALICE allows you to verify that your visitors comply with company policy or state mandates when it comes to masks. Sometimes visitors want to voice their strong opinions against masks. You can often prevent your employees from encountering the brunt of someone’s anger if you use ALICE as your initial liaison with the public.

No-Touch Console 

In the early days of COVID-19, experts thought the virus might infect people when they touched contaminated surfaces. Yes, it’s possible to contract the illness in that manner, but fortunately, we’ve learned that the risk isn’t significant under average conditions. 

The risk is thought to increase based upon the number of respiratory droplets deposited on a surface and then transferred to another person. Simply breathing upon a surface by an infected person carries a much lower risk than coughing or sneezing upon that same surface. 

 However, when it comes to your employees’ health, you don’t want to take chances. That’s why a self-service kiosk like ALICE offers safe ways for visitors to input information without touching items that others have handled.  

For example, you can add a disposable stylus dispenser at the reception desk that visitors can use to make selections on ALICE’s console. You can also allow employees from a safe distance to have live video communications with visitors at reception. To do so, you set ALICE to Operator Mode to automatically alert the appropriate employee when someone approaches the desk. 

Make the Move to Visitor Management Software 

Why risk the health of your employees by asking them to staff a reception desk? Let visitor management software like ALICE do it.  

ALICE Receptionist can pre-screen and screen all visitors, preventing access to those who either show signs of an infection or refuse to comply with company health policies. It will even keep a record of those who visited your facility and later began to exhibit COVID symptoms. 

Protect the health of your employees. Contact us today to learn how easy it is to begin using ALICE Receptionist.


AI Avatars

LAS VEGAS – March 10, 2021 WinTech, LLC, a privately held technology company, today announced that it now offers photoreal digital humans created by Artificial Intelligence (AI) avatars from HourOne, in its ALICE® Receptionist visitor management. The new AI avatars will also help businesses automate COVID-19 related health and safety policies for guests as they enter an office or building.

The award-winning ALICE® Receptionist is a state-of-the-art secure visitor management system that fully automates the guest check-in and registration process. ALICE greets and checks in guests, verifies face mask coverings and body temperature levels, collects health surveys as well as prints visitor badges. If guests need to speak with an employee, ALICE can connect the guest with onsite or remote employees utilizing two-way video communications.

“We are excited to now offer AI avatars which will enable our customers to now fully customize the instructions and information presented by the photoreal avatars.” Says Wintech CEO Mike Yoder,  “These new AI avatars give our customers the ability to communicate Health and Safety guest policies to visitors as they enter the building. We’ve seen guidance from the CDC as well as state and local governments change frequently as new information about the pandemic has emerged. Being able to quickly update guidelines and instructions for guests to meet those changing policies is a key component to helping businesses remain compliant with their internal policies as well as government-issued guidelines.”

“We are delighted to partner with ALICE Receptionist in its quest to improve visitor experiences through their visitor management technology. HourOne’s AI characters offer a novel way to provide next-level human-centric communications that allow flexible messaging, with the goal of improving communication,” says Natalie Monbiot, Head of Business at HourOne.  We are thrilled to support ALICE Receptionist in helping businesses reopen safely.”

ALICE® Receptionist is one of a number of technologies that are helping businesses reopen safely in the midst of an ongoing worldwide pandemic. Using technology solutions to screen visitors upon arrival, enabling employees to communicate remotely, and managing alerts to employees when needed, are all part of how organizations are learning to conduct business in new ways with benefits that will last far beyond the COVID-19 pandemic


About ALICE® Receptionist

ALICE® Receptionist is an advanced visitor management technology that effortlessly processes visitors to buildings while helping keep employees safe from outside threats. Using leading-edge technology, such as motion detection, ID Scanning, image capture, visitor screening, visitor registration, employee alerts, interactive information and voice & video over IP communications, ALICE® Receptionist is helping companies and government agencies around the globe to engage visitors to their buildings. For more information, visit

About HourOne

HourOne is a video transformation company. We replace cameras with code, for the next generation of professional video at scale. We use advanced neural networks, machine learning and audio-visual pipelines to create synthetic characters that look and sound like real people. This way, a single character can deliver thousands of text lines to a video stream which people can interact with. We use a vast cloud infrastructure to maintain those characters, and to generate and edit thousands of videos across business verticals, such as e-learning, digital health and e-commerce. Behind each synthetic character is a real human being. Through contractual arrangements, we have permission to use their likeness in predefined commercial use cases, for which they earn a fee. We clearly label all commercial content as computer-generated, to respect the user’s right to know.

As we head further into 2021, the continuing pandemic and new variants emerging indicate that businesses need to improve upon their visitor registration processes with more than a temporary solution. Indeed, the new normal for office management has changed worldwide. Your visitor management experience will play a crucial role in how your customers, clients, as well as employees view and interact with your business each day. 

For the general public’s health and safety, anyone with COVID-19 systems should not enter the premises. When considering these guidelines, one would ask how a company would be able to manage visitor interactions not only safely but effectively. 

This article offers six recommendations on how businesses can implement practical visitor management strategies through ALICE Receptionist.  The software provides a consistent experience through the ever-increasing changes we must adapt to in the reality of today’s world.

Read on to discover how to improve your visitor registration process in 2021. Learn how you can automate registration, help prevent entry to those suffering from COVID symptoms, in addition to notifying your staff when their visitors arrive without the need for in-person front desk interaction.

1.) Decrease Physical Contact

Social distancing measures are now a way of life for everyone. Avoiding unnecessary physical contact is key to reducing the spread of infection. 

Refrain from welcoming visitors through physical contact like a handshake or even an elbow bump. If you still use pen and paper to record check-ins, make sure to disinfect them after each use. Disinfection also includes frequently touched surfaces as outlined in these guidelines. Door handles, worktops, handrails, etc., should be cleaned throughout the day. If you use a shield or barrier, ensure both sides get wiped after each visitor arrives.

Ideally, the check-in process should use little or no physical contact if possible. Virtual visitor registration software like ALICE Receptionist offers a hands-free kiosk solution that can replace the need for an in-person employee overseeing the front desk and allow employees to manage visitor entrances from a safe area. Motion detection activates when your guests arrive and welcomes them upon entry with an intuitive and easy to follow system for initiating communication. 

2.) Implement an Automatic Visitor Registration Process

When managing your guests’ arrival in 2021, it is essential to consider registration options even before they visit your place of business in person. What is your lobby’s area size, and how many visitors can you efficiently and safely address within a specified time? These are all questions that a building or operations manager must consider to avoid potentially risky situations. 

Guest scheduling ensures that evenly spaced visits reduce physical interaction and ensure that appropriate distancing is maintained by guests. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encourages businesses to pre-book all guests. This process can occur via email but ideally should integrate into your workflow and calendar.

When your visitor arrives, they should experience a seamless check-in that takes as little time as possible. Automating this process and enabling guests to check themselves in is a crucial benefit. 

ALICE’s Virtual Receptionist recognizes guests from the pre-booking stage, and the software lets visitors scan their ID like a driver’s license or a QR code on their phone. Once identified, the system could issue an adhesive badge or printout for further uses. A long-term benefit ALICE provides to this process is that the system is highly effective in streamlining group check-ins by removing the requirement of human oversight. As our world gradually becomes vaccinated and moves toward a time where larger gatherings are encouraged, your system is ready to accommodate. 

3.) Customize Your Greetings 

As guidelines continue to change weekly, your Receptionist needs to know how to greet visitors correctly and maintain up to date practices. Keeping personnel up to date with what feels like almost daily changes can get laborious or time-intensive.

ALICE Receptionist overcomes continuous staff training through custom greetings that inform visitors of your company’s specific guidelines. Pre-recorded videos are available to showcase your current policies and ensure a consistent message for every guest. 

Instead of creating signage, manually updating displays, and manning an individual at the door to explain the status of your office, ALICE Receptionist can enable a ‘Not Accepting Visitors’ video to demonstrate that you cannot admit guests at this time due to the outbreak.

You can also include your organization’s documentation and update it as required. That means no re-training employees, and that your visitors are always kept up-to-date with the information they need at their fingertips.

4.) Offer a Pre-Check-In Questionnaire

A good check-in process should include a questionnaire to assess the risk of public health issues. A simple ‘yes or no’ response can help to spot potential health-related problems.

For example, do they have flu-like symptoms or a high temperature?

When answered, specific responses can indicate a risk that would inform visitors that their entry is not permitted at this time.

If an issue gets flagged, visitors have the option to contact the person they came to see through video conferencing and reschedule their meeting with them.

Alice Receptionist’s features a pre-check-in video questionnaire that can also inform visitors of your internal policies with a custom video.

5.) Provide a Custom Induction

As every business is unique, each will undoubtedly have a different initial interaction necessary for their guests and business needs. For example, multi-organization buildings have guests who arrive for different tenants. With ALICE, each individual company should have the ability to offer individualized induction documents based on their visitors’ requirements and the business’s needs.

Due to ALICE’s ability to identify employees as parts of different organizations, the system will always offer the correct induction experience based on their host organization’s needs. You’re able to upload your company’s branded PDFs and custom videos requiring guest interaction if you set that as a condition to entry. The software even remembers past visits and won’t display the induction process for return visitors until you choose to repeat it.

6.) Notify Your Employees More Efficiently

After a successful check-in, your host employee needs notification that their guest has arrived. Traditionally, receptionists would do this by phoning the host through the internal network. But what if they’re not at their desk? Or still in a meeting where they can’t take a call?

To help improve this part of the visitor check-in process, consider a more efficient approach.

ALICE can automatically notify hosts through email or a text message delivered straight to their mobile phone. That means no more awkward ‘he’s not at his desk’ replies and having to ring around the building to find them. Guests can also navigate the employee directory, select an employee to contact, and speak to them via an audio or two-way call on their phone or computer.

Improve Visitor Registration Process with ALICE Receptionist

Visitor registration remains a crucial component in keeping your employees and guests safe in 2021. However, we’ve learned that the best systems remove the need for contact yet maintain that human warmth to welcome your clients.

ALICE Receptionist’s visitor registration software provides a safe and efficient way to handle check-ins. It helps manage the front-desk systems that would typically require a live person to work. Our virtual kiosk solutions remove the problem of social distancing yet still provides full receptionist service for an exceptional experience.

Designed with remote flexibility in mind, ALICE lets visitors contact your employees directly. You can add custom induction documents and questionnaires to automate checking-in.

Contact us to see how ALICE Receptionist can improve your visitor registration during 2021.

Virtual office solutions are here for the long haul. With fewer employees working in the office or onsite, more job responsibilities have shifted to technology solutions to serve clients. To stay relevant, company owners need to engage visitors as well as customers safely and efficiently to build success “virtually.”

How you manage visitors can leave a lasting impression on potential and existing customers. Whether your guests visit your corporate headquarters,  satellite office, or worksite, companies need an effective way to greet, direct, and serve customers in an increasingly tech-driven society. 

Is your visitor management system creating an impressive first interaction with your customers? If you are hesitant in answering or wondering what areas of the interaction flow you should be concerned with, we’ve put together nine ways that excellent visitor management improves the user experience. 

Constant Availability 

If you run a small business, it’s possible you don’t yet have the resources for a full-time receptionist at your office to greet and guests, induct visitors,  announce visitations, or provide directions. In the instance you do have a live receptionist, there are numerous reasons to limit in-person contact in today’s world. 

A virtual system like ALICE is always available. ALICE greets visitors no matter when they stop by and never takes a sick day. Your team members don’t have to worry about losing potential customers or interactions if they can’t be there. ALICE is there to guide them. 

Direct Visitors Without Delay

Arriving at an empty reception area can be frustrating for visitors, especially those who require assistance. This can become a friction point, and the beginning of a negative customer experience before the personal interactions even begin. What if they had immediate help to check-in for a meeting and could find the information or people they need without delay? 

The ALICE visitor management system serves as a virtual receptionist that is available anytime. With helpful features to recognize visitor arrival, video prompts that initiate action by asking the customer what help they require and intuitive easy-to-navigate flows designed to aid visitors through a check-in process for scheduled appointments. To ensure your customer service can add a more personal touch when needed, ALICE also has an employee directory that can connect visitors to your designated internal resources through phone or video communications.

Protect Your Business 

While some businesses don’t necessarily need to staff a front desk receptionist, some companies require in-person activity. Not having the ability to greet guests as well as screen visitors for various health and security concerns can put the business, employees, and other customers in a potentially risky situation. 

A virtual solution like ALICE can help keep your office safe and secure, ensuring a confirmed checklist of security questions or screening activities are completed consistently. Through recent technology updates, guests can now check-in with the ALICE receptionist when they arrive, receive a health screening, temperature check, and confirm that visitors are wearing a mask before accepting entry. 

Safety and security will always be a priority for the success of your business. With a virtual solution to welcome and process guests, you have an untiring gatekeeper to screen every guest and help prevent a potential public health issue within your building. 

Print Visitor Badges

Approved visitors deserve recognition! While onsite, a visitor’s badge helps employees welcome and greet guests. A badge also confirms that guests have passed through the ALICE screening process, successfully checked-in, and are approved to be in your workspace for a meeting. 

Guests feel more welcome and your office stays more secure with a personalized visitor badge. ALICE can generate badges that include a photo, name, organization, and more to help visitors feel official and more than “just any” guest. 

Deliver Information On Demand

In this age of digital technology and Googling for a quick answer, waiting an hour (or day) for a returned phone call or email can feel like an eternity. The ALICE visitor management software can deliver information on demand. From videos to documents, preloaded websites, and even the local weather, visitors have the answers they need when in the office—right away. 

Scheduling Without Delay

Few things deter a meeting with a client (or potential new customer) then scheduling delays. When visitors can’t connect with you or your assistant to get an appointment on the calendar, they’ll eventually give up and find a company that has time for them. Using the ALICE visitor management system means guests can schedule a virtual or in-person meeting at any time using a calendar system. 

Keep Employees Informed

When a visitor arrives and successfully checks-in with your virtual receptionist, ALICE keeps your employees informed through designated communications like an email, text, or request for a meeting. Guests should never experience delays in responses to inquiries. ALICE makes sure your guests connect with employees no matter where they are in the building or remote environment with an alert using the Employee Directory feature. 

Verify Visitors

An efficient visitor check-in and health screening system is crucial to impressing visitors and creating a feeling of security and safety for team members as well as guests alike. However, you can’t be sure who gained access to your business and employees without verifying IDs during a workplace visit. In the past, this would require a paid individual to process and verify ID in person. 

Using the ALICE visitor authentication and management system to scan and verify IDs eliminates the previous need, in addition to the cost, for this role. With a visitor screening database, ALICE can match a government-issued identification card to your approved guest list to increase and maintain your business’s security. 

Deliver Safety Information

When guests arrive, making sure they understand the safety protocols for your workspace is an absolute must. After check-in, ALICE is designed to present company-approved documents or videos explaining topics like safety requirements, emergency exit locations, and mask protocols. Keeping this information current is easy to do and ensures your team is always up to date. This visitor management system process lets guests know the measures your business takes to maintain a clean facility and protect employees and guests, creating a favorable atmosphere of safety and security.

Make Sure Your Visitor Management System Delivers the Best Experience

Visitor management is a critical aspect of building customer relationships and growing your business. The best experience helps guests connect with your services and employees. 

Make sure visitors are safe, approved, and feel welcome! Contact us to learn more about how ALICE can greet and direct visitors while protecting your company’s security and safety. 


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