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Do you consider your lobby management team as integral to your customer service? Well, what if we told you that 89% of customers have, at some point, stopped doing business because of poor customer service?

In recent years, there has been a shift in how people connect. Staff shortages, less face-to-face interaction, and social distancing have become the norm. As reception waiting times have crept up, not surprisingly, customer satisfaction has decreased.

It’s time to fix your receptionist and lobby management crisis with a virtual receptionist. Whatever the sector, ALICE is a virtual receptionist that can solve these problems.

But, what is a virtual receptionist? ALICE is an integrated lobby management system that can improve your customer satisfaction, increase output, and save you money.

So, let us introduce you to the award-winning ALICE and how it can speed up your reception processes.

Speed up Visitor Check-in

From the first moment, the ALICE receptionist can detect guests walking through the door and welcome them with a friendly avatar. Guests will be able to read a custom welcome message as ALICE introduces the options for checking in or directly contacting an employee.


When prompted, guests will have two choices for checking in. Firstly, they can use the convenient keyboard to fill out their details themselves. The benefit is that you will eliminate any potential errors around name spelling, and you can store the guests’ most up-to-date contact information. The second option for the visitor is to scan their license. Once scanned, ALICE will auto-complete the necessary check-in fields. The only thing your visitor will need to enter is the name of the person they are meeting.

Fast-Track and QR Code Check-in

The fast-track system is a game-changer for lobby management. At the final stage of self-check-in, guests can choose to receive a fast-track code. On their next visit, they will only need to scan a QR code into ALICE, and it will immediately recognize them.
The fast-track codes are sent to guests by SNS or e-mail.

Meeting and Event Check-in

ALICE receptionist connects to both Google calendar and MS Outlook. If an employee schedules a meeting into either of these systems, ALICE can manage the reception process.
Your guests will receive an email with a personal guest code and check-in instructions. This is ideal if you have large meetings or events.

Guests can quickly type in their code as ALICE prints their name badge. ALICE can show them an interactive map of where the event will take place. If you would rather guests be escorted through the building, ALICE will notify the relevant employee of the arrivals.

Employee Notifications

It’s general knowledge that receptionists spend a lot of time chasing employees for whom visitors have arrived. Too often the contact has popped away from their desk, and the receptionist is left trying to hunt them down. All the while, your visitor is waiting.

The ALICE receptionist system recognizes this issue and can notify employees by email, slack or also send a message directly to their mobile phones. On the ALICE screen, guests are also welcome to contact employees via a video call.

ALICE business can be integrated into your company’s telephone system and works in multi-tenant buildings.

Ensuring Safety

These days people have become more cautious about their health and safety. Through a clever recognition system, ALICE can identify whether someone is wearing a mask or not.
The specialist thermal camera allows ALICE to determine the body temperature of guests. If anyone is spotted with a fever, to keep others safe, access will be denied. For high-risk locations, you can create additional health care questionnaires.

The high-quality camera on ALICE, the best virtual receptionist, can also provide images of people as they enter the building. In the system dashboard, your employees will be able to see who visited and pull out activity reports.

A Complete Touch-Free Experience

In the current times, 80% of consumers think touchscreens are unhygienic. The ALICE virtual receptionist has evolved to offer both touchscreen and touch-free interaction methods.

If they wish to, visitors can push buttons and interact with maps directly on the screen. Or if they are one of the 80%, they may prefer to use the ALICE disposable stylus pens. Visitors can tap the keyboard buttons and maps using the one-time-use tool for a more hygienic experience.

The ALICE Virtual Receptionist Is Always on Brand

You will be sure that guests are receiving excellent customer service each and every time. There are many brandable elements of the ALICE system, so it will feel like an integrated part of the team.

For example, you can add your branding and logo to the screens, upload branded videos and voice-overs for a smooth transition. You can direct people to your website and display photos of your products or services in a rotating sequence.

ALICE receptionist is available with five English-speaking personalities and eight non-English speaking personalities. So, whatever your country or trade, ALICE will make everyone feel welcome without judgment.

ALICE Will Change Your Check-in Experience

The ALICE virtual receptionist manages all your visitor and lobby tasks to the highest standards. These unique business tools will ensure that your customers receive excellent customer service in a friendly manner.

Easily accessible information means that ALICE virtual receptionist goes the extra mile to help your guests, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ALICE will always be the hardest worker on your team.

With ALICE as your virtual receptionist, benefits include — remembering guests, welcoming visitors, making video calls, ensuring lobby safety, and being the face of your customer service.

Contact us today to learn more or trial ALICE as your virtual receptionist.

The number one priority for every business is the health and safety of both staff and visitors. Failure to take the proper precautions could result in suffering illness or injury on your premises. This could potentially cost you substantial amounts of money and significant reputational damage.

While health and safety procedures are always important, concerns have risen further since the beginning of the  COVID-19 pandemic. Companies are therefore looking for innovative and cost-effective ways to reduce the risks to those on their premises. In response, self-service virtual receptionists have become even more advanced than ever.

However, not every self-service kiosk is created equal. ALICE Receptionist is leading the way in this exciting market.

Let’s dive in and find out how ALICE can improve your commercial health and safety procedures.

Temperature and Mask Checks

There are many important COVID-19 related visitor screening tasks. Ensuring customers do not have a high temperature, and that they are wearing a face mask, is one of the most vital. If an employee was to have face-to-face contact with clients entering your building, this could put them at increased risk of infection.

However, The ALICE virtual receptionist can both take temperature readings and confirm a person is using a face covering. The details are then recorded on the system and the client can move to the next stage of the process.

Health Questionnaires

It’s essential to have medical questionnaires to confirm key health-related details. These could include if a person has recently been in contact with someone who has now been diagnosed with COVID-19. When completing the form, there is no need for a person to touch the screen. A motion-activated ALICE stylus dispenser provides a safe way to interact without physical contact, or a touchless interface can let the user interact with ALICE using their phone.

This allows you to find out critical information that could help you identify a risk to the health of those in your building. As you can amend the questionnaires on the system, you can adapt them if there is a change in the symptoms that could indicate a COVID-19 infection.

Customizable Policies

If a visitor has any COVID-19 symptoms, the system will not grant them entry to the premises. Instead, you can present clients with customized company policies advising what the person should do next.

For example, you can politely ask them to reschedule their appointment. You could also provide them with a link to the latest government COVID-19 advice. This is an excellent way to look after both the welfare of your employees while also showing you care about the welfare of your visitors.

Staff Alerts

The vast majority of people will be responsible and leave your building if asked. But, there may be an occasion where someone chooses to remain in the reception area. If your employees were unaware of their presence, this could endanger their health. It could also be hazardous for subsequent visitors entering your premises.

To avoid this scenario, the ALICE virtual receptionist instantly sends a message to your team if a person may have COVID-19. Your employees can then take the appropriate action to resolve the situation. For example, connect a video call to the front lobby to ask the person to leave the premises.

Video Communications

Sometimes a visitor may choose not to enter your main offices upon arrival. For example, they might be on their way to your building when they begin to feel unwell. Even though these symptoms may not be related to COVID-19, the person could decide to err on the side of caution.

Rather than going through to a meeting room, they could use the ALICE video communications system. They can then speak directly to the employee they were going to meet. During a brief conversation, they can reschedule their appointment and pass on important information.

This is an efficient way to ensure a journey is not wasted, and that your clients and staff can communicate even when being in the same room isn’t a good idea.

Automatic Badge Printing

Of course, ALICE virtual receptionist also offers fast pass visitor management solutions. When a client is allowed to enter your building, it can be time-consuming if they need to queue and ask for a pass from a busy member of staff. To make this process more efficient, the software prints out their authorization. They can then go directly through to their meeting.

Active Visitor Reports

It’s critical to know who is in your building at all times. ALICE Receptionist can instantly provide you with accurate reports as to who is present. There is also the facility to view past visitor reports, which can be crucial in a contact tracing situation.

Should someone in your offices test positive for COVID-19, you can review the list of everyone who was on the premises at the same time. You can then contact these people as soon as possible. This displays a duty of care that will be appreciated by employees and clients alike.

Contact ALICE Receptionist

ALICE Receptionist is an industry-leading company that can help your business address Health and Safety concerns. Our expert team has developed our self-service kiosk product over many years, constantly evolving to meet the needs of our clients. We continue to add new software features to reduce the risks to your employees and clients.

When you use the contactless ALICE system to screen and admit visitors to your building, you can be satisfied you’ve taken sensible precautions to protect people on your premises.

For a consultation and a free quote, contact the ALICE Receptionist team today.

With all eyes on hackers and digital security, many businesses forget about physical security. But the fact is, many data breaches are due to poor or a lack of physical measures.

When you’re looking at workplace security, don’t just focus on the digital. To make your business truly impregnable, you need to have physical measures in place, too.

One way to do so is with good visitor check-in software, such as ALICE.

Are you interested in hearing more? Here are all the ways that ALICE can help with lobby security at your place of business.

Visitor Detection

When people walk into your lobby, the motion detection technology on ALICE detects and greets them with a prerecorded welcome video. This will help you account for everyone that comes through your workplace, without anyone slipping through the cracks.

What’s great is you can set the sensitivity so ALICE can recognize people either at a close range or from across the room. That way, if your employees are coming in and out of a certain area, it won’t keep setting off ALICE with the prerecorded videos.

If you really want security to be tight, ALICE can take a picture of every guest it greets.

Remotely Supervise Your Lobby

Staff can a live video stream of the lobby, which means staff can supervise the front safely and remotely. 

If needed, your employees can connect a 2-way video call through ALICE to the guests. Visitors can also contact your employees through the system, without your team members having to leave their work desks.

Guest Scheduling

Your employees can schedule visitors straight from MS Outlook or Google Calendar. In fact, they can upload an entire list by importing it from a spreadsheet, which can save them a significant amount of time. This feature also allows you to do group check-ins.

Once the guests are put into ALICE’s system, they’ll be emailed a unique code so they can fill out their information before they check in at the visitor kiosk. This added step for security can weed out unwanted guests from your business.

Automatic Check-in and Check-Out System

After guests have been greeted by ALICE upon walking in, they can then check in by themselves. There’s no need for a guard to check people in and verify visitor identities, as ALICE will do this for you. 

The system can require your visitors to scan their driver’s licenses for identity verification. This can deter criminals from posing as someone they’re really not.

There’s also a Visitor Screening feature that connects with the US Consolidated Screening list. You can also set up your own blacklists with private screening. If someone tries to check-in and they’re on any of these lists, ALICE will notify the appropriate employee and also prevent the guest from completing self-check-in.

If visitors haven’t already scheduled an appointment with your business, they can then check in with ALICE. You can require them to input their whole name, organization, contact number, as well as scan their driver’s licenses.

You can also set custom fields if you need upgraded security for them. For instance, you can also add fields for Email Addresses and Citizenship requirements.

Automatic Visitor Badge Printouts

Without a visitor badge, it can be easy for guests to wander around the premises, pretending to be an employee. This is especially true if your workplace is large and it isn’t uncommon for employees to not know who else works on other floors.

After your guests have checked in, ALICE will print out self-adhesive visitors’ badges for each person. They can include things like the person’s name, organization, check-in date/time, and photo. The guests are then expected to wear them at all times so it’s clear they’re not employees.

Guest Activity Reports

Remember how we said it’s very easy for guests to wander off and pretend to be an employee? ALICE mitigates that by keeping detailed guest activity reports.

Even if you manage to lose track of a visitor, ALICE will have records that’ll tell you whom they checked in with and who was responsible for them.

Face Mask and Temperature Checks

Considering we’re going through a pandemic, there’s more than 1 type of lobby security to worry about. Not only do you have to keep unscrupulous characters out, but also those who might infect your workplace.

If you have a mask mandate in your business, then ALICE can check that all visitors are wearing face masks. If they’re not, then ALICE will notify them that they need to put one in before entering.

In addition, ALICE has a thermal camera that can scan visitors and determine whether or not they’re feverish. If they are, they won’t be able to complete the check-in process.

Lastly, ALICE can be programmed to give guests health questionnaires so you can be extra sure that you’re not inviting in any people that are ill.

Upgrade Your Lobby Security With ALICE

As you can see, ALICE can do a lot for lobby security. Not only can it check-in and keep track of visitors, but it can also prevent check-in attempts if they’re on any blacklists. Plus, this software can generate guest activity reports, create visitor badges, verify adherence to face mask policies, check temperatures, and more.

So if you’ve been wanting to upgrade your lobby security and need a better visitor receptionist, ALICE is ideal for your workplace!

If you’re interested in our visitor management software, then request pricing from us now. We’ll also answer any additional questions or concerns you might have.


Rigorous audit validates ALICE® Receptionist as a trusted visitor management solution for businesses around the globe.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA, October 21, 2021 / — Wintech llc, creator of ALICE® Receptionist, a leading visitor management and virtual receptionist technology, today announced that it has successfully completed the Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type 1 audit and certification. The audit affirms that Wintech’s information security practices, policies, procedures, and operations meet the SOC 2 standards for security, availability, processing integrity and confidentiality of customer data.

As companies increasingly use outside vendors to perform activities that are core to their business operations and strategy, there is need for more trust and transparency into cloud service providers’ operations, processes, and results.

Wintech’s SOC 2 report verifies the existence of internal controls which have been designed and implemented to meet the requirements for the security principles set forth in the Trust Services Principles and Criteria for Security. It provides a thorough review of how Wintech’s internal controls affect the security, availability, and processing integrity of the systems it uses to process users’ data, and the confidentiality and privacy of the information processed by these systems. This independent validation of security controls is crucial for customers in highly regulated industries.

“Obtaining the SOC 2 Type 1 certification reinforces Wintech’s ongoing commitment to the security, availability, and processing integrity of the ALICE® Receptionist technology.” says Mike Yoder, chief executive officer at Wintech. “Our customers can feel confident that we are making every investment to establish and maintain the highest level of security and compliance.”

About ALICE® Receptionist

ALICE® Receptionist is an advanced visitor management technology that effortlessly processes visitors to buildings while helping keep employees safe from outside threats. Using leading-edge technology, such as motion detection, ID Scanning, image capture, visitor screening, visitor registration, employee alerts, interactive information and voice & video over IP communications, ALICE® Receptionist is helping companies and government agencies around the globe to engage safely and securely with visitors to their buildings. For more information, visit

Remember receptionists? Those friendly professionals who answered your phones and greeted visitors in your lobby? COVID pushed them out of the office over safety concerns, and they may be gone for good.

Automated phone systems and call centers may help fill the phone-answering gap. But what do you do when you’re ready to get back to face-to-face business? Who will greet and screen your visitors – how will they do it safely?

The ALICE receptionist can. Virtual reception might be the lobby management solution you need. Here’s how ALICE can help with visitor registration and screening.

Modern Lobby Management Issues

The 2020s have been rough on business. From temporary closures and layoffs to the shift to work-from-home models, companies have had to adapt and change. Additionally, budget constraints, safety concerns and security issues have challenged most businesses.

Returning to the office hasn’t been an easy path. You may be ready to reopen and get back to face-to-face meetings, but the world has changed. Your lobby in the current climate comes with new challenges.

Shortage of Qualified Employees

Across the US, employers are having a tough time filling vacancies. In 2021, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported more than nine million unfilled job openings—the highest number in more than 20 years.

So, it’s no wonder many businesses have opted for virtual receptionists to answer their phones. These remote workers answer calls forwarded from your phone to theirs. But they’re limited to remote interactions. And some services are very good at it. 

Opting for one of these phone center receptionists means there’s still no one in your lobby to greet visitors. There’s no one to answer visitor questions, direct them to the right place, or screen them for access. 

Need for Effective New Security Protocols

Protecting your company from harmful outsiders isn’t just a matter of protecting your secrets. It’s also about protecting your employees from harm. 

Social distancing measures are routine today. Limiting physical contact, especially in high-traffic areas like your lobby, requires specific planning. Sometimes it takes a whole new way of thinking.

You still need visitors and guests to be screened for security purposes, but now they must also be screened for public health reasons. Face-to-face conversations and temperature checks can put your front-desk employees at risk.

Germs, including coronaviruses, can live on paper for up to five days.  That means old-fashioned sign-in sheets and registration books can add to the risk. Keeping everyone safe calls for a more hygienic check-in process.

ALICE is an efficient, automated lobby management system. This virtual reception solution can protect your visitors, your staff, and your business.  

Advantages of ALICE Virtual Reception

ALICE is the answer to today’s lobby management challenges. The ALICE Receptionist can detect and greet visitors upon entry. ALICE is an interactive lobby management system. It can handle visitor registration, health screenings, employee notification, and other reception tasks.

The ALICE receptionist offers improved communication and enhanced customer service. And ALICE is always on-brand, with consistent messaging and brandable elements. 

Simpler, More Effective Visitor Check-In

Virtual reception makes visitor registration and check-in a snap. The ALICE receptionist can greet visitors, screen them, register them, and get them where they need to be. 

ALICE can connect visitors with the appropriate employees using two-way video calls. The virtual receptionist can answer questions and even print visitor badges. As part of the virtual reception experience, ALICE can inform visitors of your internal policies with a custom video.

Today, visitor check-in procedures usually include a public health questionnaire. ALICE virtual reception lets you customize a check-in video questionnaire. That makes screening potentially risky visitors easier and more friendly. ALICE can also detect mask compliance and take temperatures.

If a screening question answer or guest behavior raises a red flag, ALICE can connect them to the person they came to see via video conference. That way, they can reschedule their meeting. 

Customizable Features

Your virtual reception process can be customized to suit your needs. Visitor greetings and screenings can be individualized to reflect your business. You can use branded PDFs and custom, interactive videos as part of the process.

The lobby management software can also remember past visitors. That lets you choose not to repeat the same induction process for frequent visitors. 

Enhanced Visitor Registration

Lobby management today requires more than a friendly smile and a sign-in book. ALICE virtual reception takes greeting guests and visitor registration to the next level.

This friendly lobby management system ensures your visitors have on-brand interactions. ALICE eliminates the need for pen-and-ink registration. Instead, you can offer simple customer interactions using video and audio communication.  

The ALICE receptionist also helps address health, safety, and security concerns. This virtual reception solution can handle all your screening and visitor registration needs. It ensures your visitors have a consistent reception and registration experience.

Connect Visitors with Employees

Once a visitor has checked in, you can have ALICE direct them to the employee or department they’ve come to see. ALICE can share your tenant or employee directory with visitors if you’d like. 

If you prefer employees escort onsite visitors, the ALICE receptionist can contact the right person. Communication is via text message or email to the employee’s mobile phone. ALICE can even connect visitors with employees using video conferencing technology.

ALICE Is Agile and Dependable 

ALICE’s lobby management software can be easily updated as your company grows. Changes are quick and simple when you change visitor registration or entry procedures. 

But ALICE virtual reception will remain on duty. After all, virtual reception never needs to call in sick or take a vacation. With ALICE, there’s no need to find, hire, and train a replacement, because the ALICE receptionist never quits.  

ALICE Receptionist Offers Exceptional Service

Automated visitor registration and virtual reception come in many shapes and sizes. Most systems rely on small interfaces and tablets that can be overlooked and difficult to use. 

ALICE virtual reception is different, as it can be installed on display signage. Floor standing kiosks and large screens make this check-in technology hard to miss.

The ALICE receptionist is user-friendly for both your staff and your visitors. Interactive audio and video interfaces allow your visitors to engage with your business in an intuitive format.

ALICE handles visitor registration efficiently while providing a human element to virtual reception. ALICE is always smiling and friendly, never cross. ALICE greets every visitor. And, the ALICE receptionist is multi-lingual, making everyone feel welcome.

Put ALICE to Work for You

Virtual reception makes visitor registration easier and safer. ALICE gives you dependable, customizable lobby management without hiring additional personnel.

In today’s business climate, your ability to manage customer interactions efficiently and on-brand is more critical than ever. ALICE removes the health and safety risks while providing excellent front-office service.

Take a look at the ALICE receptionist at work. If you’d like to get to know ALICE better, contact us today. 


Virtual receptionist services were already enjoying rapid growth before the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this global event has displayed how vital it is for companies to modernize health and safety procedures. They also need the right equipment to protect their staff and customers.

When people begin to re-enter physical workplaces, they will naturally have concerns about their safety. But a virtual receptionist service can give them peace of mind. Unfortunately, not all systems have the ability to reduce risks. But, when you know what to look for, you can find the right system for your business.

Read on to find out how the ALICE Receptionist service can help with your health and safety requirements. 

Health and Safety Features During COVID-19

It was impossible to predict the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses around the world. Hopefully, professionals will not have to take the same precautions for much longer. But for now, there is a need for specialized technology to keep workers safe. 

The intelligent ALICE Receptionist system has helped many companies respond quickly to the changing landscape. For offices that remained open, even to a smaller extent, ALICE provided visitors with a safer working environment.

The ALICE Receptionist platform uses a thermal camera for temperature screening and can identify if a person is wearing a face mask. 

The addition of health questionnaires allows companies to establish if a visitor should enter the premises. It is also possible to display health & safety policies and procedures. Outside of health screenings, ALICE can also reduce the number of high-risk visitors by screening them against the US Consolidated Screening List and Customizable Private Screening Lists. 

Importantly, visitors never need to touch the screen. They use motion-activated disposable stylus dispensers to reduce the risk of contamination. Or they can use their mobile device to control the ALICE screen, for a complete touchless experience.

These features are essential for protecting the health of all parties in a building. But they also ensure businesses can prove they are taking steps to protect everyone on their premises. Not only is this beneficial for employee morale, but it also enhances a company’s reputation. 

Features Beyond COVID-19

Of course, the hope is that the COVID-19 pandemic will be over sooner rather than later. If this is the case, you’ll want to be sure your investment in a virtual receptionist system provides a good return on investment. In reality, this type of system was always expected to become common place in the lobby environment.

As technology advances, there will only be more reasons to purchase these intelligent devices.

Visitor Management Services

It can be time-consuming and unnecessary for a receptionist to deal with visitor management duties. They already need to answer the phone, direct calls, and respond to online queries. If they are too busy, they may not keep track of who is checking in and who has left the premises.

This can pose a serious risk to the people in the building, especially in an emergency such as a fire.  Therefore, it can be a great aid to have virtual receptionist software help them throughout their day.

When a visitor arrives, they can enjoy a friendly greeting as they check-in at the kiosk. You can set up an induction program, print visitor badges, and provide important instructions. There is even an employee notification system, so your staff know their client is in the building. 

Virtual Receptionist Security Measures

A virtual office receptionist can also provide many health and safety advantages for staff. The ALICE system can provide records showing that the user reviewed and accepted video instructions, or signed off on office health and safety policies.

Visitor photos can also help verify a guest’s identity. This means employees can go back in the visitor record and find out if someone was in the building at a specific time.

Visitor and Staff Links

There may be occasions when a client comes to your premises but does not need to go an employee’s office. In fact, this may be preferable to avoid the spread of infection. This doesn’t have to be due to COVID-19; it could be that a client has a cold or the flu and doesn’t want to infect others. 

In this scenario, they can use the ALICE Receptionist system to place a voice or video call to the relevant staff member. This means someone who is sick will not be walking throughout your building, possibly infecting many other employees.

Contact ALICE Receptionist Today

ALICE Receptionist is an industry leader in virtual receptionist services. Our full-service visitor management solutions help businesses reduce the risk to the health and safety of visitors as well as employees. With a range of customizable features, you can create the ideal user experience for visitors in a cost-effective manner.

Our software is at the cutting-edge of modern technology, and we take pride in providing our services to multiple industries. We look forward to discussing your requirements and forming a long-term partnership.

For a consultation and a free quote, contact the ALICE Receptionist team today.

Virtual assistant technology and adoption was already a $5.82 billion industry when the pandemic struck in 2020. According to a recent study, it’s expected to grow annually by about 28.5 percent between now and 2028.

Clearly, businesses see the value. In the following article, we’ll be examining the capabilities and the benefits of a virtual receptionist. Let’s begin!

What Can Virtual Receptionists Do?

The specific functions of a virtual receptionist are broad. What a system does depends on what you need. Some use their as a virtual waiting room by detecting visitors and offering basic greetings.

Others, patch calls immediately to the appropriate personnel. As this technology continues to develop, it will effectively reduce the administrative workload to nothing.

How Is ALICE Exceptional?

You can choose from several virtual receptionist platforms, but not all are created equally. The ALICE Receptionist system is engineered to integrate with many popular enterprise system brands like Siemens, Cisco, Slack and Azure.

It’s exceptional in how much it can take off the plates of companies to focus their talent on areas that grow the business. Some of the features include the following:

• Visitor detection and greeting
• Connectivity through tenant and employee directory listings
• Video/audio calls
• Induction documentation and videos
• Employee notifications
• Temperature checks
• Maps
• Forms

With the pandemic of 2020 forcing more contactless administrative tasks, companies expect more from their virtual tools. The ALICE Receptionist offers that along with a slew of additional benefits.

1. Use Your Talent in Better Ways

ALICE gives organizations the ability to do more with their talent. Take the healthcare sector as an example. Registered nurses are highly skilled positions that can be spending their time in better ways than collecting forms and entering data.

The ALICE Receptionist can take this fundamental and mundane task off the plate of these hard-working professionals so they can focus more on patient care. This can also reduce clients’ frustration who don’t have to wait as long to be seen.

2. Better Serve Your Customers

Many of the questions, concerns, and needs that customers have can be handled quickly without human intervention, playing phone tag, or waiting, as mentioned above. A well-organized, robust virtual assistant like ALICE empowers customers to find solutions to their problems more quickly through a few essential question-and-answer exchanges.

When customers can address their issues promptly, their frustration levels go down. When they’re unable to find solutions on their own, they’re more easily able to connect with someone who can help them, thanks to those employees being freed up from the mundane tasks that the virtual program is handling.

3. Handle Scheduling More Easily

Scheduling is another task that doesn’t require much interaction. What used to be possible only with a live greeter or guest interaction can now be done in seconds.

The employee benefit to this is that your talent doesn’t have to take time out of their core tasks for something that requires no specialized training. The client or customer benefit is that they can set up an appointment easily on their own time.

4. Add a Touch of Professionalism

Using the ALICE Receptionist to greet and interact with your clients or customers adds a professional touch to how they see you. Instead of wading into unfamiliar territory with an empty office lobby and a directory, or portal to your website, they’re immediately welcomed and shepherded to the appropriate channels.

This type of immediate care incorporates cutting-edge technology that presents your company as a forward-thinking leader in the business. As a result, more customers have a favorable impression of the services you provide.

5. Makes Customers Feel They Can Always Connect

Whether it’s a virtual check-in or a referral to the FAQ for answers to common questions, customers using ALICE always feel like they can connect. They won’t feel lost or confused with ALICE to guide them.

Constant connectivity gives the impression that you’re always open. This allows your business to work for you outside of “normal hours,” and makes clients or customers feel like you’re available on their terms, 24/7.

6. Problem Solving

Another key benefit of a virtual receptionist is something we’ve already mentioned but is nonetheless deserving of its own space: problem-solving. Your ALICE Receptionist can ascertain what your clients and customers need with a short dialogue.

From there, it can connect them to the right solutions that will quickly handle problems that might be described as “low-hanging fruit.” This clears out your workload, allowing human capital to provide the more specialized care that customers with advanced issues or questions require.

7. Conquer the Wait Times

The healthcare profession is an excellent example of how the ALICE Receptionist can ease frustrations. Medical facilities can get a bad reputation for wait times. No one likes sitting out in the lobby wondering when their name will be called.

It starts to feel more like “if” than “when.” Or at least, that seemed to be the case before reliance on virtual programs came into being.

Today, patients can check-in, as well as fill out appropriate forms, advance of their appointment.

8. Save Money

Installing a kiosk helps your clients and customers become more self-sufficient, while saving you money. It does this by reducing the amount spent on unskilled employees or overtime for skilled employees who would otherwise be forced to do unskilled labor.

Put a Virtual Receptionist to Work for You

Having a receptionist like ALICE comes with too many benefits to ignore. Suppose you’re in technology, healthcare, or any sector where your employees are tasked with too many unskilled jobs that could be handled with a bit of technological intervention. In that case, you should consider it for your company today.

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