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Notify and communicate with employees

Instant Notification

ALICE notifies employees when visitors arrive, check-in, or use the employee directory to call employees.

Text/Email/Slack Notifications
When guests check-in, ALICE notifies employees by either a mobile text message, Slack, or e-mail.

Live Video/Audio Call Notifications
When visitors use the Employee Directory, they can call an employee. Employees can receive video calls on their PC or a phone call to their Teams client, desk phone, or mobile phone.



Communications can be provided by the ALICE Cloud service or ALICE can use your existing on-premise or hosted communications server.

ALICE comes with its own hosted cloud communication service which is included at every ALICE subscription level at NO additional cost.

On-premise VoIP
If your company has a SIP-based Voice over IP phones (VoIP) system such as Cisco or Avaya, ALICE can easily route all calls through your existing communications system.

ALICE Receptionist serves as the receptionist for your office or building entrance. Alice greets visitors, provides information and quickly connects employees with visitors using audio or video calls. The ALICE Receptionist system accomplishes this following three simple actions:

Detect • Greet • Connect

Visitor Detection

With visitor motion detection technology, ALICE knows when a visitor has walked into its detection range and greets the guest with a prerecorded welcome video. 

Motion detection sensitivity can be adjusted to detect visitors close by or across the room.


Visitor Greeting

Once the visitor motion detection identifies a visitor entering the area, ALICE will greet the visitor with a welcome video. ALICE offers English-speaking ALICE Personalities as well as 8 other language options including Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, and Arabic.

ALICE video personalities
Choose from two AI Receptionist avatars.*

Customers can have a custom greeting created for their organization, ** or choose to record their own personalized video personality.

*Some language options use pre-recorded individuals.

** Additional fees apply for ALICE-made custom videos. No fees apply for customers who implement their own receptionist videos on the system.

Connect Employees with Visitors

ALICE Receptionist calls company employees and connects them with the visitor at the ALICE Receptionist kiosk in the building lobby. Calls between employees and visitors can be both audio and video calls.

Reach employees anywhere
Employees can be reached on any number of communication devices, including desk phones, mobile phones, soft-phones, and audio calls to Teams clients.

Employee Notification
When using the ALICE video client, the employee is presented with a live video stream of the lobby and visitor and can simply click on the answer button to be connected with the visitor in a 2-way video call.


Secure Your Lobby

Visual Verification
Employees have the ability to see and speak with visitors who are in the lobby before they go out to greet or “buzz” them in.

Visitor Image Capture
ALICE captures images of visitors, which can be reviewed and downloaded by company security personnel.

Lobby Watch
Employees have the ability to turn on the ALICE Directory
camera to remotely watch their lobby area from the convenience of their desk.



Reports are available for all visitors who check in with the ALICE visitor management system.

Visitor Logs
Reports include guest information, which employees were visited, when the guest arrived, when the guest left, and other information collected through custom questions or fields.

Call Logs
Reports are available for all calls made from the ALICE kiosk.
Reports include what employee was called, at what time,
and how long the call lasted.

Visitor Verification

Verify guests and visitors while alerting designated employees when guests are matched against screening databases during check-in.

ID Scanning
With the ID Scanning feature, ALICE is able to scan a guest’s government ID (Driver’s license). ALICE can validate the ID and use the information collected to fill in the check-in form.

Visitor Screening
With the Visitor Screening feature, ALICE can screen visitors against the US Consolidated and Private screening lists and prevent them from completing a self-check-in while alerting a designated employee that a visitor was found on the consolidated screening list.

Visitors can check-in using ALICE Receptionist as soon as they arrive, or pre-check-in using a PC or mobile device. Once checked in, a visitor badge is printed and notifications are sent to employees to alert them of the visitor’s arrival. Key Visitor Management features include:

Guest Scheduling • Self Check-in • Health Screening • Fast Track Check-in
• Verification • Notification • Induction • Badges • Visitor Surveys

Guest Scheduling

ALICE Receptionist offers a number of options for pre-scheduling guests and groups of visitors for faster check-in when they arrive at your building.

Scheduling a guest
To schedule a guest, simply send a calendar invite from MS Outlook or Google Calendar and .cc the ALICE Receptionist email account. You can also upload an entire list of guests using the .csv import feature. When using the .csv import, groups can also be defined in order to enable a group check-in once they arrive.

Guest Confirmation
ALICE sends email confirmations to your guests along with a unique code they can use to pre-fill their personal information before they check-in.

Previsit Check-In
Visitors can review materials ahead of their visit using the pre-check-in. From a browser on their PC or mobile device, they can verify their personal information, sign documents, answer survey questions, watch induction videos, review office policies, and more.

GuestList Import
Import a bulk list of guests for check-in at a future date. You can also specify which guest belongs to a group to enable group check-in. Guests who are scheduled can also have their temperature checked. If they have an elevated body temperature, they will be informed they cannot complete the check-in process and will be asked to reschedule with their host.

Health Questionnaires
ALICE can present a list of health and wellness questions to the visitors during the check-in process. If a user is flagged based off a response, they’ll be prevented from check-in in and asked to reschedule with their host.


Visitor Self-Check In

Guests who do not have a scheduled appointment can use the onscreen keyboard or scan a drivers license to complete the registration process.

Guest Information
ALICE collects information including Name, Organization and Contact number for each guest.

ID Scanning
ALICE can scan guest drivers licenses to collect and verify the identity of the guest.

ALICE allows companies to define custom fields to collect information from guests as part of the check-in process. Fields such as Citizenship, Email Address, and Phone Number are a few common examples.

Visitor Badges
ALICE prints self-adhesive visitors badges for each guest.

ALICE provides on-demand reporting on guest activity data.

Health & Wellness Screening

Our automated temperature checks and face mask verification features help companies implement COVID-19 related guest check-in and visitor registration processes.

Face Mask Verification
ALICE will verify that visitors are wearing a face mask during the check-in processes. If they are not wearing a face mask, ALICE will inform them one is required to enter the building.

Temperature Check
With Temperature Check, ALICE utilizes its thermal camera to scan the visitors and determine their body temperature. If the temperature exceeds the configurable acceptable temperature range, they will be informed they can not complete the check-in process due to an elevated body temperature.

Health Questionnaires
ALICE can present a list of health and wellness questions to the visitors during the check-in process.


Fast Track Check-In

Faster check-in for Registered Visitors, Return Guests, Scheduled Guests and Groups.

Registered Visitors
Registered visitors can Fast Track check-in by simply scanning a QR code or typing in their visitor code that was provided from the ALICE system.

Group Check-In
Groups who are checking in together can have one individual check in the entire group using a single code.

Scheduled Guests
Guests who have been pre-scheduled can Fast Track check-in using the appointment code generated by ALICE and delivered to them via email before their visit.

Pre Check-In Guests
Pre-scheduled guests can review materials before their visit using their PC or mobile device.

Guest Photo
ALICE can collect a photo of the guest as they check in. The guest’s photo is included on the visitor badge when printed.

Visitor Verification

Verify guests and visitors and alert designated employees when guests are matched against screening databases during check-in.

ID Scanning
With the ID Scanning feature, ALICE is able to scan a guest’s government ID (Driver’s license). ALICE can validate the ID and use the information collected to fill in the check-in form.

Visitor Screening
With the Visitor Screening features, ALICE can screen visitors against the US Consolidated or Private screening list and prevent flagged guests from completing a self-check-in. The system will alert a designated employee that a visitor was found on the screening list.


Employee Notifications

ALICE notifies employees when visitors arrive, check-in or use the employee directory to call employees.

Text/Email/Slack Notifications
When guests check-in, ALICE notifies employees by either a mobile text message, email, or Slack notification.

Live Video/Audio Call Notifications
When visitors use the Employee Directory, they can call an employee directly. Employees can receive video calls on their PC, or a phone call to their desk or mobile phone.

Induction Documents

Verify guests and visitors against screening databases during check-in while alerting designated employees.

Induction documents can be any PDF form that your organization may need visitors to review during the check-in process. If desired, a signature can be required.

Induction videos are useful for organizations who need to present safety information or other types of video content before visitors are allowed in the building.

Check-in Surveys
Custom check-in surveys can be created, with certain answers flagging individuals and alerting staff.

Acknowledgment valid till
Both induction documents and videos can be assigned a period for which the visitor’s acknowledgment is valid. If set, ALICE will not present the induction document or video to the returning visitor again until the valid date has expired. Acknowledgment valid periods can be set for weeks, months, and years.


Visitor Badges

Visitor Badges are printed for each successful visitor check-in.

Visitor Badges
When a guests completes the check in process, ALICE will print a visitor badge with adhesive backing. The visitor badge can include information such as:

  • Photo
  • Name
  • Organization
  • Host Name
  • Health Check Verification
  • Checked-In Date & Time
  • US Citizen Status

With the current worldwide coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, businesses are implementing lobby management policies and procedures to ensure employee safety as well as reduce the risk of an in-office infection that could affect both employees’ health and business continuity. 

ALICE Receptionist’s most recent update helps our customers by addressing coronavirus related visitor policies at different points in the visitor management process.

Social Distancing • Greeting • Pre-Check In • Check-In
 • Custom Coronavirus Information



Remote Communications / Social Distancing

Social Distancing

By utilizing video and audio communications between visitors at the ALICE kiosk and employees at their desk or at home, ALICE Receptionist enables staff to avoid unnecessary personal contact with visitors.

First point of contact
As the first point of contact with visitors to many buildings, ALICE Receptionist can play a unique role in helping our customers screen visitors with questions related to COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Seamless Remote Communications
Using ALICE Receptionist’s remote communications features, visitors and guests communicate via video call with employees in the building or working from home.  This helps eliminate or reduce unnecessary in-person contact with visitors

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ALICE Receptionist now offers COVID-19 Coronavirus specific visitor greeting videos.

Not Accepting Visitors Video & Message
The Not Accepting Visitors video gives businesses the ability to inform guests who arrive that, due to the coronavirus outbreak, visitors are currently not being accepted in the building. In addition to the greeting video, a visual message can also be displayed on the screen with this or other information the business can define.

Visitor Questionnaire Video & Message
The Coronavirus Visitor Questionnaire video asks visitors who arrive to at a building a series of questions related to the coronavirus. If they answer “yes” indicating they may have been exposed to the coronavirus, they are informed they will need to reschedule their appointment. In addition to this greeting video, a visual message can be displayed on the screen with this or other information the business can define.

Custom Greeting Videos & Messages
Customers can also create their own custom video greetings. See Custom Coronavirus Information for more information. ↑ Previous | Next ↓



COVID-19 Not Accepting Visitors greeting

COVID-19 Visitor Questionnaire greeting



COVID-19 Per-Check In Video

Pre-Check In

A Pre-Check In questionnaire video can now be configured to play when the visitor starts the Visitor Check-in / Registration process.

Pre-Check In Visitor Questionnaire
The Pre-Check In questionnaire video ask visitors a series of questions related to the coronavirus at the beginning of the check in process. If the visitor answers “yes” to any of the questions, indicating they may have been exposed to the coronavirus, they are informed they will need to leave and reschedule their appointment. They are also instructed that they can use the ALICE screen to contact their host and inform them of the need to reschedule.

Custom Pre-Check In Video
As with all of the videos used to greet and inform visitors using the ALICE Receptionist system, businesses are able to replace the pre-check in video we provide with their own customized video. This provides businesses the ability to present information to their guest that is specific to their business and guest policies.

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Check In

A coronavirus guest policy or questionnaire message can be displayed during the check-in process as part of the ALICE Induction documents.

Coronavirus Questionnaire
A new coronavirus visitor questionnaire induction document is now available for businesses to add to their ALICE Receptionist check-in process. This questionnaire asks visitors a series of questions related to the coronavirus. If the visitor answers “yes” to any of the questions, indicating they may have been exposed to the coronavirus, they are informed they will need to leave and reschedule their appointment. This questionnaire can be configured to require the visitor signature to affirm they have read the questions and answered truthfully.

Custom induction document
Businesses are also able to create their own customized coronavirus induction document to be displayed during the check in process. 

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COVID-19 Check In Induction Questionnaire

Custom Coronavirus Information

Businesses can include customized information about its policies or other coronavirus related information 

Custom Videos
As mentioned above, ALL ALICE Receptionist provided videos can be replaced by a customer with their own customized videos. This ability extends to the newly provided coronavirus related videos. 

Custom Information, Messages and Induction documents
ALICE Receptionist customers have always been able to incorporate custom content into the ALICE Receptionist visitor management software. Doing so allows businesses to personalize the visitor greeting and check in process. The ability to add updated guest policies, health and safety policies, or other information to be presented to visitors and guests is an integral part of the ALICE Receptionist system. That customization also applies to all the coronavirus information provided by ALICE Receptionist.

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Provide Information, Directions and More

ALICE provides the ability for interactive information. Since the ALICE screens are touchscreens, visitors and guests can fully interact with a multitude of content.

Features include:

  • Maps
  • Calendars / Events
  • Company directories
  • Employee directories
  • Department directories
  • Websites
  • Web pages
  • Custom HTML pages / forms
  • Local weather
  • Local transportation information
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Photo slide shows
  • Welcome messages
  • And much more…

What makes ALICE Receptionist the most comprehensive visitor management solution available?

ALICE covers all the key aspects of visitor and lobby management that companies are looking for.


Virtual Receptionist

  • Visitor detection 
  • Visitor greeting 
  • Employee notification 
  • Tenant directory 
  • Employee directory 
  • Video or audio calls


Visitor Management

  • Check-in / out 
  • Fast Track check-in / out 
  • Group check-in / out 
  • Induction documents 
  • induction videos 
  • Employee notifications 
  • Badge printing 
  • Face Mask Verification 
  • Temperature Checks 


Interactive Information

  • Maps 
  • Webpages 
  • Widgets 
  • Events calendar
  • Forms 
  • Photo slideshows 
  • Videos 

Visitor Management Software For Every Business

ALICE Receptionist specializes in transforming your current office lobby management and visitor registration system with an easy to operate, virtual visitor receptionist.

Improve Your Lobby Management
How you manage visitors and the sign-in system for your office is an important decision, especially when you have hundreds of clients and customers coming through your doors. First impressions can make a huge difference in how a customer views or interacts with your business. It is crucial to ensure that information is communicated without delay providing a seamless initial interaction.

That’s where ALICE Receptionist comes in. We provide a lobby management and visitor receptionist software platform that helps you easily register every person who walks through your doors. Upon entry, the visitor check-in process can help manage most of the repetitive aspects of the client/customer interactions improving communication and enhancing the customer experience with assured consistency.

Simplify your processes and gain confidence that your front office visitor interactions run smoothly with a visitor receptionist system from ALICE Receptionist.


Highly Visible, Communicative Devices

Today, most lobby management software systems are small and attached in some fashion as an afterthought to a fixture in your current lobby set up. There are options with iPads and laptop computers that let your office manager check people in and out available on the market today, but unfortunately, those options are difficult to use and can get overlooked. We usually find this equipment often becoming unused or forgotten.

Coronavirus in the Workplace

ALICE Receptionist is unique in the lobby management space by offering various highly visible devices such as floor standing kiosks and large screens that are easy to access and use for your team and, more importantly, the customers visiting your office. This offering makes the check-in technology easy to spot and interact with so visitors can freely engage with your business in an easy and intuitive format.

In addition to high-visibility devices, we incorporated video and audio communications between the ALICE kiosk and your team as a vital component to the visitor management process. Instead of just focusing on the automation of a check-in process, ALICE ensures things are running smoothly by keeping the human element ingrained in your lobby management. See our demo here (link) for a quick overview showing how our video solution taps your current employee team directly to improve customer communication!

Solutions For Every Aspect Of Lobby Management
Several different components make an effective lobby management system, and we have identified key elements to help ensure your visitor management system manages the essentials every day.

With ALICE, your visitor management system has the following capabilities:

No matter which of these functions stand out to you the most, we’ve got you covered. At ALICE Receptionist, we also know how complex navigating the world of lobby management can be, which is why we’ve created a system that lets you provide interactive information guests can fully interact with.

Common uses include:

  • Web Pages
  • Maps
  • Company Directory
  • Calendars
  • Widgets
  • And much more…

No other visitor management company is as connected when it comes to communication protocols. The ALICE Cloud service can provide communications, or we offer Enterprise ready integrations to communicate with your current providers seamlessly.

Examples include:

  • Cisco
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Siemens
  • Mitel
  • Avaya
  • Slack
  • Azure
  • And many more!

Whichever of these needs aligns with your offerings, know that we’ve got you covered with conveniently managing your lobby.

The ALICE Receptionist Process

Step One: Get In Touch With Our Team If you’re ready to transform your visitor check-in system, start by reaching out to our team. (link) We are available by phone, email, or contact form, giving you plenty of different options when it comes to getting in touch. No matter which method works best for you, we’ll be ready to help get you going!

When you first reach out, we’ll speak with you about exactly what you’re looking for and what your business does. This conversation lets us get a clearer picture of which services and packages might work best for your team. We’ll also allow you to ask us any questions you might have about our service, clearing up any items of importance, and preparing you for your new system!

Step Two: Receive A FREE Quote For Services
No one wants to dive straight into a contract without understanding the costs and benefits. That’s why we put together a 100% free, no-obligation quote for our services. After your first conversation with us, we’ll sit down and look at our data and start creating a quote for your business.

We know that every office is a little different, so we customize each package. That way, you don’t get charged for services you don’t need, and additionally, you don’t miss out on any potential opportunities!

Step Three: Setup & Implementation
Once you’ve signed your agreement, we jump right into action! We’ll put together your technology package and ship it out to your office. Every piece of equipment is shipped out as quickly as possible, ensuring you can get your new software up and running quickly. When the technology arrives, our team will get in touch with you to help you get everything organized and put together!

Usually, at this time, we receive questions about set up fees and potential training costs. We are pleased to inform you that at no additional expense to you, we assign a dedicated support agent who will remotely guide you through the set-up process and answer any questions you may have as you get everything working correctly. This resource will also be available to provide product training and help troubleshoot any issues that arise, ensuring you’ve been set up for success!

Step Four: System Launch
Now that we’ve set up your technology and it’s ready to go, it is time to get to work!

Once live, our support team is available to guide you through any questions and ensure that things are operating smoothly. Armed with tips and tricks and a collection of best practices we’ve assembled from clients over the years, you’ll find a great resource of information and assistance in your ongoing support team.

Know that you’ve got the ALICE Receptionist team on your side ready to help you with any aspect of your new lobby management set up.

We’re Your First Choice For Virtual Lobby Management Software
We’ve been serving clients in the USA and worldwide for years, helping them effectively manage visitors and keeping their front office running smoothly. When you decide to work with our team, rest assured that you have the full support of one of the top virtual assistant solutions in the nation.

Change The Way You Manage Your Visitors
Start running your lobby more efficiently, effectively, and productively. Reach out to the team at ALICE Receptionist to learn more today.


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