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ALICE Receptionist interactive lobby solution. ALICE Receptionist was started 12 years ago. Our first software version was 3.0. Today (2023), we just released version 5.5. This version released included a mobile application. It’s amazing!

None of our competitors have our industry experience or our depth of feature functionality. We built our software one version at a time. This methodical business approach has made ALICE Receptionist the number one visitor management vendor for the government and manufacturing industries.

ALICE Receptionist Is the Market Leader!

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Our modern technology is 3-5 years ahead of any of our competitors. This is the primary reason we are prospecting many new markets.

We are often asked what makes the ALICE Receptionist a unique lobby management solution.

Unique Feature 1:
We have kiosks that are ADA-compliant for wheelchair access.
Unique Feature 2:
We are one of the few vendors that provide our customers with kiosks and wall mounts that are 32 /43 /55-inch. We also have two designs (landscape and portrait).
Unique Feature 3:
We are one of the few vendors with a solution that communicates through video and audio. Two-way communication.
Unique Feature 4:
We are the only vendor that communicates with your lobby visitors in nine different languages.
Unique Feature 5:
We are the only vendor with “motion detection” functionality. When the lobby visitor enters the camera’s eye, ALICE begins proving clear instructions. All other competitor’s solutions require the visitor to begin the lobby interaction. It’s intimidating and confusing for many older lobby visitors.
Unique Feature 6:
We are the only vendor that also has closed caption functionality for hearing-challenged visitors. Our interactive screens with large monitors are also helpful for hearing-impaired visitors.

Lastly, our solution makes an amazing first impression!

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